recognition and rewarding ns men

while the govt is reviewing the incentives to reward ns men today, it is still not too late to look from the very first batch of ns men who had made the greatest sacrifice and suffered the most under the worst of all conditions that all ns men had gone through. they are still around, having braved through those days of really tough training and almost inhospital conditions and terms of service. perhaps mindef can work out something to recognise all nsmen who have served the nation and offered the best part of their lives to the country. we are now a fairly rich country and can afford to be a little generous or even frivolous with our men who went through the whole works as dutiful soldiers and defenders of the nation. being frivolous is the privilege of the very rich. bill gates is giving his money away everywhere. our super rich are also doing so. and often money were given away without having to go through hard cold calculations. a rich nation too can afford to be frivolous at times. if we can spent hundreds of millions on parks just to beautify the landscape, it would not be asking too much to allocate $20 or $30 million annually to reward the greying ns men. have something for those who have completed all their ns commitments starting with those in the 50s. it will be seen as an incentive and something to look forward to in later years for the young ns men.

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