raising cpf withdrawal age

what has raising retirement age got to do with raising cpf withdrawal age? keeping the people gainfully employed is the job of the govt and good for the nation. raising retirement age means we can retain more workers in the pool and be less dependent on foreign workers. keeping the cpf money is a totally different thing. the cpf money is the worker's money and there is an agreement between the govt and the people when this money is to be returned. by changing the rules and date for returning this money to the people is a breach of good faith and the written agreement provided in the cpf acts. amending the cpf acts does not reflect well on the sincerity of the govt. the people is beginning to lose their trust on the govt on this matter. the govt has no right to keep the people's money at their whims and fancy. the thoughts of changing the cpf acts again, and the union thinking of championing this movement will see a repeat of the time when howe yoon choong tried to raise the withdrawal age. the repercussion is grave. if the govt and ntuc think it is wise to try it again, only time will tell whether the people will go along with it. the ntuc, at the higher level, will try to push it for its own reasons. union leaders will have to go along. but are they really sold on the idea or deep inside they are strongly against it? they have to carry the people and the union members with them. will their members go along? will the people go along. we will see how far this top down, shafting into the people's throat policy will go. we will continue to hear that the ground is sweet and the people will support such policies. just wait for the straw that breaks the camel's back.

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redbean said...

with all the new conditions attached to cpf withdrawals, the minimum sum, medisave and the raising of withdrawal age, are the malaysians with cpf affected? are they still allowed to take all their money at age 55?

or are singaporeans again getting a worst deal than foreigners on this?