profits from drug trafficking could go to osama

the drug trade is big business. afganistan was and still is a producer of drugs. who knows where the source of the drug found in nguyen tuong van. it could come from afganistan or bought from people working for osama. and the profit from the sale of this drug could end up financing the bali bombings or more bombings of australian parties in indonesia and, god forbids, australia one day. now, would the australians still be so vehement in saving the lives of drug traffickers?


Matilah_Singapura said...

You haven't proved that the profits from drugs are going to fund acts of terrorism, and specifically the profits of Ngyuen's act funding terrorism.

Therefore your conclusions alleging is irrationality is a non sequitur

redbean said...

no i am not proving that it is going to osama. i am just asking a few questions and suggesting that it could be a possibility. it is common knowledge that osama's finance also depends on the drug trade to some extent.

many things and events are linked and the full picture is obscured.

and if the bali bombers were actually financed by the drug trade, then it is comical and very tragic.