the opposition is coming to town

a big battle will be fought between the opposition and the pap in this coming general election. it can never be a better time for the opposition to make a dent against the pap. a new leader at the helm, a new team, social unhappiness, questionable policies that affect the people badly, will make a difference to the result this time round. the opposition so far can be seen to be able to put up a credible team to contest a grc. whether there are more decent and respectable candidates in their drawers is still unknown. but sylvia lim and a few of the new faces are credible enough to contest and win a grc. provided they do not try to crash against a solid wall. and no stupid cranks. on the side of pap, one can easily count a handful of weak ministers, the fading stars, that will be easier target to strike. not george yeo in aljunid. george is still quite a respectable leader and has many good years to go. the opposition would have to strategise their battle carefully and hit at the weakest grc to gain that sought after comparative advantage. it will be healthier for the politics of the island if a couple of grcs can be won by the opposition.

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