the nccs' proposal

the nccs' proposal to make all singaporeans pay $300 instead of $100 for entering the casino is pure arrogance and selfish interest. if they want to make their believers pay why must they drag in all the non believers and people of other religions into their scheme? for many years, religious groups and other non govt organisations have been imposing their values and beliefs on innocent singaporeans without the public knowing what hits them. they have been articulating, canvassing, pressurising and influencing public policies and decisions and have got away with them at the expense of the ignorant masses. the public must stand up to such arrogance and abuses of privilege positions to affect their lives and to their detriment. they must not allow any interest group, for whatever preconceived values and ideas and beliefs, to dictate policies to affect them without their consent. it is an infringement of the freedom and rights of the individuals and the citizens. the message must be clear. no interest group, no matter what their guises, can be allowed to dictate things that affect people outside the group.

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