mindef has spoken on melvyn tan's case

mindef takes a serious view on ns defaulters. and melvyn is still liable for ns and had been dealt with under the law, fined $5000. presumably melvyn is still a singapore citizen and that's why he is still liable. does it mean that he holds two citizenship? thought i read somewhere that he is a british citizen. assuming that a young man has denounced his citizenship and taken another citizenship, presumably he would no longer be liable and thus not be affected by the enlistment act. so someone before reaching 18 denounces his citizenship, he is free from our ns liability. and he could come back anytime as a citizen of another country, even work and stay here as a pr. this is a route that some might take. another possibility is for him to come back, say in his late 30s or 40s and reapply for a new citizenship. of course assuming that he is now world renowned and a prized talent. i think the state will welcome him with open arms as a new citizen. but for the less talented, they might not be so welcomed. as the case for dual citizenship, not sure if this is accepted by our govt.

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