the meek shall inherit the world

my rumbling continues. china and india are today a force to be reckoned with, all because of their own weaknesses. a hungry mass of humanity that prepares to work for a pittance. we pride our world best workers and wanted to be paid world best wages. that became our weakness. during the time of the japanese occupation, the weak and meek survived by being compliant with the power of the day. the heroes and fighters died. america today is being dragged to its own destruction because of its might. the weak islamic terrorists and arabs find strength in their weaknesses to take on the mighty americans and the world. the strong is weak and the weak is strong. what a contradiction.


Elfred said...

I can't help but comment on this.

This is largely a fallacy.

In every society, there are also people 'hungry' for success, just as myself.

We cannot attribute such weakness makes China stronger cos fact is, it's making China weaker albeit due to the huge potential, China's growing.

The one way we can see the real effect is by assuming China has peaked in such growth. Will such problems ensure a new peak or drag China down as the time bomb explode?

It's just as telling to claim thousands of beggars loitering on the streets, jobless, are making China stronger. Are you sure these are spare capacity or an ingredient for riots/revolts/unrests when the growth peaked somehow and people disillusioned with the future prospects?

If MM is running now in Singapore jobless alongside with bunches of people in ill fate...

...it's probably a new government will come about, but we can confirma mass scale riots.

In every built-up potential as such, remember always, what lacks is a leadership.

The weak remains weak till a leadership comes about and the nation may be strong or weaker again. See?

redbean said...

the growth and progress of a nation cannot be simply attributed to a single factor. sometimes providence or the act of god has more to it than anything.

china has not peaked and will take many years to peak. to think that china is overdue to collapse is a western dream. they have been hoping all this wild, making all kinds of weird and silly assessment and praying that china will collapse tomorrow. all their analysis are based on vested interest and their perceived biases.

the chinese people did not riot all these years when they were so poor and helpless. they are just standing up and seeing that there are lot of things awaiting them. would they riot and destroy everything that is going for them? of course there are many external elements that are instigating them to riot.

however, with their renew strength and confidence, the new chinese are getting more nationalistic and proud of their achievements. they are going through the same phase as the south koreans are going through and what japan had gone through. they will continue to make progress. their growth has touch perhaps only 10% of their population and potential.

the country that could implode is actually the usa. heavily in debt and financing a very expensive military machine and overextending itself across the world in military adventures.

history will run its own course and it is beyond man to change the course of history. this brings to the question, history makes man great or great man makes history?

Elfred said...

Emm... There were/are many riots unreported over the past decades. That includes a non-directly-related Fa Lun Gong disturbances which comes to the media.

Actually, all over China, farmers, retrenched and mine people do riots here and there at varied scales and levels.

You'd have to make that assumption to best understand the issue about your 'meek', which is what I mean.

Look beyond the media, Redbean. It's very important such hypothesis must have a reasonable support of understanding of the ground.

Both China and USA has their own economic problems. USA has debts, but the time is not yet for it to fall. As for China, it's experiencing a larger and larger depreciation rate.

The main commercial concern of China is pretty simple that they have adopted the same path to Capitalism as the KMT times. This is a huge scale problem onhold because, as Singapore does in another manner, it corrects itself by upholding what's wrong.

Which is the same as fighting unlawful mining by simply providing a legal permit to erase the wrong.

But the damage persist. And is already consolidating into the root of China, wiring up the time bomb along the way. It's sad, but true.

When's the last time you visited Shanghai? I was there a couple of days back, and the pollution is near unbearable level.

Implosion doesn't occur only due to debt, Redbean. ;D

redbean said...

china's problem is always huge. but wind back the clock to the early 1900s, pre kmt and ccp days. imagine the problem china had. china only existed in name only. no industry, no govt, no nothing. it was splintered, a nation broken up. their land were not theirs. and a bunch of vultures and hyenas hanging around eating away everything they could lay their hands on. with foreign troops on their land. lost of sovereign rights and rights to their homeland.

compared to what china is today? if they could over come the odds of the 1900s and build china to what it is today, they have the brains to overcome whatever economic problems that the west is harping about. peanuts really.

pollution in shanghai? how bad? would your white hanky turn black after a rub when you return to your hotel after an hours walk outside?

Elfred said...

If my white hanky would turn black, then I'd never have left the plane in the first place.

Indeed, the setting back then during the Japanese occuption after Rong Yu gave Qing up is not the same. But the way Chinese embraced capitalism back then and now was the same.

How one get AIDS and how one dies from it may be different but the essence is still the same.

In any case, I ain't wanna bother about China's political development. It's just a comment that is very kinda Elfredian in nature. The general issue behind China is it's at the starting footage, and it has made its choice... or the situation has gave it this choice which it'd have to handle itself.

There is this stink in the air in Shanghai, thanks to my sensitive nose. It's still ok in winter, but it's gonna be real problem come summer.

But so said, Shanghai's Xu Hui area is really more beautiful than Singapore's Orchard Road. I had no time to revisit Wai Tan this time cos have to fly elsewhere.

Beautiful... A beauty with many issues of its own. Maybe I might be able to get involved one day. :D

redbean said...

my dear elfred,
many years back this was what i was told to do and i did. my white hanky turned black. but it was not in shanghai. it was london.

londoners did not die of pollution and still kicking around. blair is still as healthy as anyone you know.

i don't think the air in shanghai is as polluted as london was.

Elfred said...

I simply don't find it anymore comforting that the kettle is blacker than the pot.

During which, Britain was enjoying the max of a industrial revolution. In a way, I hardly find it pleasing for Shanghai to be as polluted as London whereby you'd find the new buildings aging already and the Chinese ain't a race which will sing songs to commemerate pollution.

The issue here is that the huge growth based on cheapy-sleezy that carries with itself a bunch of side-problems cannot go on at this rate. Side problems in China, unless England, requires cleaning up cost. This is an issue because as stress level goes up under an autocracy management, as in Chinese histories, unrests will be romantised eventually symbolising by the theft of mountains and greens and the souls in the air...

This pollution in Shanghai will meet with louder and louder noises of concerns unseen of in London. It's very Chinese to point a finger at the state authority for (eg) corruption and lousy leadership using pollution as a... well, reason.

It's equally Chinese to try to circumvent problem hoping someone else would take care of it or the problem be gone itself.

So when these two state-of-the-art mentalities come together, you'd find something applicable in your understanding of Chinese issues.