let's do something before they messed up ecp

suchen christine lim in an article to the today paper forum is calling for a mass protest against the hideous work and money going to be spent on east coast park. she is calling for all nature lovers who want a nature park to be a nature park and not some monuments to stand together to protect the park from being destroyed. she shared the idea that we need oasis of quietude and serenity for the people to escape from the rowdiness and stress of a congested city. we really need to protect our environment and retain some natural features before our money centred mind and perception change our natural features into something else. our relentless pursuit for a 8 million population will leave us with nothing except concrete structures. phuket and bali do not need any theme parks or humanly created imitations of disneyland to attract the visitors. neither do we. we love the parks as they are. a visit to the east coast of west malaysia will easily wow any city dwellers on the beauty of wide expanse of sand and sea and greenery.


Anonymous said...

I am so happy to hear that there are still some people in Singapore who think that retaining the ECP as it stands is a good idea. However, from past experience, I feel that once the Singapore Govt's mid is made, nothing will deter it from its objective. You can protest until you are blue in the face, ECP will be developed as planned.

redbean said...

to make a decision and not to waver is seen as a virtue, like soldiers. yes, don't expect the people involved to change. definitely cannot bow to public pressure. just like the buangkok station. the white elephants did not change anything. the change by the mrt to open buangkok was a business decision.

also like the nkf. all of them stuck to their guns that durai did not do any wrong and deserved the $600k. and they still believed in what they stood for. to change and back down is unthinkable.

Anonymous said...

We live in a very exciting and fluid era and I am pretty certain that uncompromising attitude, owever unpopular, will soon come to its demise. Public opinion does count, after all, we do live in a democratic society.

Hope more people will voice their opinion on this issue.

redbean said...

it is all a matter of timing. at one time nothing wavers. now it is wavering, no matter how hard they tried, things will happen that will make the shift.