it is time we cast aside our imitation psyche

singaporeans have climbed the mount everest, crossed the antartic, swam the english channel, etc to follow others in their great achievements, that we have arrived to challenge the world. we want to win the world cup. we want more medals in competitions. but all we did were imitations. we only follow the footpath of others. we are still not there if we dare not beat our own path and find our own ways to the future. why can't we shout to the world that a singaporean has swam from the southern tip of the asia continent to indonesia? we can start from changi to batam....singapore is at the southern tip of continent asia. or why can't we write a page for a man to swim the malacca straits or crossing the malacca straits? forget about feats like being banged or banging chickens. is cheap recognition what we craved for, that we are willing to pay for? lets do something of our own, something that we can call our own. they said we must make a difference. let's make it different.

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