is japan a modern day colony of usa?

after the americans were forced to vacate clark air base and subic naval base by the filipinos, they held on tenaciously to the last two military bases in east asia, in korea and japan. the realignment of us-japan military alliance and the greater freedom for american troops to be stationed in japan, have given the impression that japan is becoming a forward base of the american empire. the japanese people have been reported to be angry with the new move. the proud and nationalistic japanese may find it hard to swallow, that a once empire maker, is now relegated to the status of a semi colony of the usa. and the american nuclear fleet will now be a common feature in the sea of japan and american soldiers' presence in ginza and shinjuku will also become a common sight. will there be more angry japanese protest to this alliance when japan allows itself to become an extension of another nation's military reach into east asia? long gone were the days when japan was fighting to be an empire. it is now a part of another empire.

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