is it honesty or being helpful?

once i left my set of keys in a pouch in the toilet of a macdonald restaurant. it did not take me more than 10 minutes to reach the carpark and return to the restaurant after discovering my forgetfulness. the keypouch was not in the toilet. i checked with the restaurant manager if someone had found it. he replied negative. i thought anyone finding it would either hang around for a few minutes in case the owner returned or would have handed it to the restaurant manager. that was the most reasonable thing to do. i got a phone call the next day. fortunately i left a name card inside the pouch. i had to make an appointment with the founder and drove all the way to his office to get my keys and pouch back. deep inside me i kept wondering, this guy must have scooted with the pouch the moment he found it, thinking that there could be some valuables inside. or maybe he was hoping for a reward for returning it to the owner personally. for he did not make any attempt to inform anyone at the restaurant. though i said a big thank you and feeling appreciative, till today i am doubting his honesty and sincerity. shit, he could have saved me so much time and trouble, and taxi fare going home to get my spare key for the car...if only he had just left the keys with the restaurant.


Anonymous said...

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redbean said...

very singaporeans in approach. just ban and problem solved.