is badawi facing a mutiny?

an innocent spark caused by a mobile phone camera is raising a flame. will it continue to burn and overturn the govt of badawi? or would he be able to hold his ground and fire the mutineers? when the humiliation of the chinese national was exposed, badawi immediately sent a minister to china to explain that it was not a govt position. not soon after, a deputy police chief said it was standard police procedure. and yesterday a deputy security minister came out to defend the police force and challenge anyone to bring the issue to parliament. he even went to the extent of asking foreigners to go home if they are not happy with the police mistreatment. after badawi and najib had made their stand, now a junior minister openly stood up in defiance of their position. what does it mean? in malaysian politics, the politicians are very street smart and will not make silly statement or take silly position like this. either someone mighty is behind them or there is a ground shift to challenge badawi. an apparently minor misconduct of a police constable could now turn into a huge fire.

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