illegal immigrants

the rounding up of more than a hundred illegal workers is only the tip of the problem. there could be thousands of them around. and the problem will be more severe with the days gone by. when they become hungry, crime is a certainty. the sickening thing about this problem is that it is so easy to solve. these are workers who need work and need an employer. without an employer they are dead duck. they are different from the freelancers who solicit for business in the streets. that is a more difficult problem. how to deal with illegal workers who need to be employed? go for the accomplice, the employers. jail them or fine them heavily. the social problems that these employers are creating can be very serious in the long run. the law must come down hard and swift on these irresponsible employers. when there is no employer, the illegal workers will have no work and must return home. it is so tardy and so unbelieveable that the problem is allowed to fester and grow in a city reputed for efficiency in solving problems.

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