i am the light of the world

in the darkest hours of human civilisation singapore stands out like a shining light. when humankind is running out of ideas to save itself, when terrorism and inter racial strife find no solution except to kill and destroy, singapore is offering to the world an ingenuine solution. a racist blogger, one who showed hate and contempt to another race, was found guilty. and the solution to remove his hatred is to make him do more community time with the community he hates. the immersion with the other community will help him understand better and make him hate lesser. it is time the world listen to this shining light. we have the answer to the problems of the world. all the arabs/muslims who hate americans must be sent to the usa to live with the americans to understand the americans better. all the americans who hate the arabs and wanted to kill them shall be made to live with the arabs to understand the arabs better, and they will change their mind. and husbands and wives in a bitter struggle to divorce, lock them up in a hotel room together for two weeks and they will reconcile. more time together, more familiarity will lead to more understanding and acceptance. the americans did a grave mistake by locking up those iraqi prisoners in guantanamo prison. they should put them on parole and attached each one of them to live with an american family. after a few months they will love the americans and their way of life. we are the light of the world.

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