handcuff is a must even for minor offences

lionel de souza, a former police officer, still maintained that a crime is a crime and handcuff is a must. big crime small crime, seizable offence, non seizable offence doesn't matter. better to play safe than to let an offender run away. i hope he will suggest to mrt and the bus company to equip all bus and train captains with a dozen pairs of handcuff for each train or bus. all these fare cheats must know that they are committing a crime when they cheated and must be handcuffed to prevent them from running away. otherwise the poor policement will have to submit a report, subject to investigations and may lose his jobs. this is how serious an offence for a police officer for letting a criminal escape. and don't forget those drivers who went in to jb to top up their tanks but broken the 3/4 tank rule. these drivers must be handcuffed quickly in case they drive their cars into jb and don't come back. i am going to import handcuffs for sale to these companies and quote lionel de souza as an authority. i like this lionel. good for handcuff business. the next tourist attraction in this island will be to look out for minor offenders being handcuffed. there will be plenty of opportunities given the abundance of fine rulings in the island, spitting, chewing gums, kicking footballs in void decks, jaywalking or running across busy orchard road, etc etc and don't forget our professional visitors soliciting for business. is this a good insight to the thinking of our govt officers? kiasu and kiasi and the public pays the price for it. now i know where the term pgo originates.

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