general election - the image of invincibility

there was a time when a grc was as good as won the moment a minister's name was entered for the grc. and after the walkover, all the new mps were be so jubilant but lamented that they would love to have a contest. big names like lky, choktong and tony tan were sure win tickets. and so were the names of several other ministers. this image of invincibility seems to have lost some of its glitters. today, only a handful of ministers are still able to carry this badge around. hsien loong, chee hian and george yeo are the few countable safe bets. wp better stay clear from aljunied and george yeo. for the rest of the new ministers, they have yet to develop that kind of authority and aura around them. all of them are still finding their footings and will have to fight for their own rights to lead a grc. they are yet to become the sure win candidates, wearing the badge of invincibility. then we have the proven ministers who have jaded or are fading away. with some controversies and controversial decisions and policies, some appear quite vulnerable and may lead to some unexpected results, provided of course, the oppositions are able to put up some respectable challenge. this general election is going to be fought with many new faces and new challenges. all the old myths and paradigms, and all the things that were taken for granted will now be seen in a new light. the old belief that you can hang the pap badge on anything and it will be elected no longer sounds convincing anymore. this could prove to be a watershed election, a change that is waitng to happen.

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