frontpage headlines in the sunday times

two main issues covered the front page of today's sunday times. one on a survey of commuters using public bus services and complaining about long wait and over crowding. the next important and interesting article is about vietnam brides with a beautiful colour picture of three beautiful vietnamese ladies. and they were so beautiful that the same picture were printed again inside, another quarter page and a full page of news on them. for a moment i thought i was reading a tabloid, the sun or the mirror, or some easy sunday morning stuff. the transformation of a serious paper on weekdays into a light and easy read on a sunday is a good change. after all everyone needs a break. but no, the serious stuff are inside. what a twist. but on a sunday morning, it is better to start off with lighter moments like looking for a bride for sale or go bride shopping.


Anonymous said...

Is it really so difficult for young/ middle aged/ older men in Singapore to find a mate in your island State? I find it rather amusing that one has to venture abroad to find a wife. I have read somewhere that there ARE eligible ladies in Singapore, but for some reason or other the men and women of Singapore do not seem to click. WHY????????

redbean said...

most of those who go for foreign brides are either old, unattractive, divorcee/widower or not so well educated and finding their choices limited.

in a way singapore girls can be quite choosy and rather marry up than down. but if one is reasonably confident and pleasant, then it should not be a problem. plenty of beautiful and eligible girls around waiting to be hitched.

the foreign bride is an avenue for the desperate or those with not too right motives, and often a mismatch between a very old man or a very nasty man. but it is a bargain/risk between a country lass who are trying to get out of a bad situation.

hopefully the match ends up well.

as a foreigner, in your case very likely to be quite well educated, there should not be a problem finding a pleasant girl who finds you equally attractive. and this applies to eligible singapore men as well. good singapore men are always in demand and have a lot to choose from.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that. I wish all the eligible men and women of Singapore well. Hope they match well and if they do get together, the next endeavour is to get them to produce babies.

Btw, can you tell me what is a "longkang fish"?????

redbean said...


longkang is a malay word for drains. in the older days the drains are filled with guppies which as kids we used to collect for free. but these were the wild guppies. not the exquisitely bred type. so longkang fish is meant to be ordinary or may even be thrash.

if one refers to girls as longkang fish, then it is not too complimentary.

Anonymous said...

Ok, got it. I guess it is not too nice for men to call ladies longkang fish or for that matter, the other way round.

Thanks for the info.