foreign talent policy. govt said it is a right policy

the govt is still sticking to its gun that the foreign talent policy is a right policy. wong kan seng said again that issuing of prs and citizenship to foreigners will continue to boost the declining birth rate. on the other hand many singaporeans think that the policy is wrong. it hurts their pockets in terms of employment. the govt has come out with a small shift in this policy by changing a little on job opportunities for the foreign workers. to this, many singaporeans are not interested. they are more concern with decent and better paying jobs given to foreign talents instead of low level jobs given to foreign workers. who is right? the coming general election will tell. if the people are really hurt by this policy, the govt is going to pay dearly at the ballot box. if the govt is right, then they will continue to be in power and continue with their policy on foreign talents. the people now has a chance to protest or confirm what they want or what the govt wants.

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