execution of a drug trafficker

no one will have said with glee on the execution of a man, no matter what crime was committed. the execution of the vietnamese australian drug trafficker is no exception. the act, the law, the judgement and the coming execution are all impartial, transparent and well known. they are there exactly to serve such a purpose. otherwise there is no point having them. the mother's anguish, the australians are angry, the appeal lawyers are even more angry, and the australian prime minister is very disappointed. and hsien loong has to apologise for a diplomatic hitch. all because of a drug trafficker. will our relations with australia suffered because of a criminal? why is a crime taking centrestage in state to state relations? we are not disputing over our claim for christmas island nor are we disagreeing over national issues. and it even gives the impression that the australian is trying to bully us into accepting their positions because it is politically correct in their domestic politics to do so. whether it is morally right in this case is subjective really, but never wrong to plead for the life of a dying man.

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