escape from paradise

just read this infamous book about all the infamous people mentioned. one startling revelation is the amount of ongoings in the legal profession that is quite embarrassing. wondering why nobody try to sue the author to redeem their image and reputation. big names and big companies were dragged into the spotlight for less than honourable dealings which nobody thinks will ever take place. do they, or is it all fictions and imaginations?


Anonymous said...

Escape from Paradise was checked out by three lawyers prior to publication. The Singapore law firm of Rodyk & Davidson threatened a lawsuit, but never took action, other than to scare Singapore's booksellers into removing our book from their shelves. We sued Helen Yeo, head of Rodyk in the Federal Court for the District of Arizona, but were unable to compel her to appear as Singapore is not a member of the Hague Convention making it virtually impossible to effect legal service upon her. It is all on our website.

Escape from Paradise

redbean said...

hi anonymous,

i enjoy reading the website and the book. are you may or john?