conducting search on female private parts

there are rules and regulations on such a search on a female detainee. and the search can be quite thorough. but before such a search is conducted, there must be good reasons to do so. without strict procedures and authorisation to conduct such searches, it can easily be abused. who is to decide when and on who should such a thorough search be warranted and on what grounds. and making detainees doing ear squat and hoping for things to fall out of female orifices is totally disgusting. it can only happen in primitive countries and in the mind of primitive people. all national tourist agencies should warn their female travellers that such a thing is happening in malaysia, and a standard police procedure.


Anonymous said...

Malaysia is my birth country. I have a fondness for Malaysia and the Malaysians. However the treatment a few bad apples gave to the Chinese tourists was unforgiveable. There can never be any justification for this sort of behaviour. The Malaysian PM must take firm action on those responsible and also those who informed the press that ear squat is a standard procedure.

Malaysia is truly a beautiful place to visit. People in general are friendly and hospitable. Let us weed out the bad apples and let the world see that this kind of behaviour will not tolerated.

redbean said...

i agree with you. the beaches and islands along the east coast are superb. i played a lot of golf all over malaysia and met a lot of friendly malaysians. it is always the politicians that are the jerks, instigating, saboing, distorting until the two people become like enemies.

redbean said...

now another top cop also came out to defend the act. it is not that there is no laws for body search of female suspects. i believe singapore also have such laws.

but it is the implementation and the abuse of authority that is in question. you do not force every female suspect to be stripped naked and do a ear squat. it is like a doctor making a female patient strip when her complain is only a cold.

but these very thick people could not understand or pretend not to understand and will stubbornly try to defend their misconduct. it is provided by law so it is ok to do it. case close.