comcare has $500,000,000

the govt has given comcare an initial fund of $500 million. and this will be increased to $1 billion. now this is not a small sum of money to start with. assuming that there are only 500 families in trouble, comcare could give them $1 mil each and make these 500 families instant millionaires and very happy. or if there are 10,000 families in trouble, each family can receive $50,000 and most of their living expense problems will be solved for the next 10 years if they spend $5,000 a year. we are indeed a very rich nation and the money in comcare sure can help many singaporeans who are facing financial difficulties. if comcare simply close their eyes and give out the money at $50,000 a family, there will now be 10,000 very happy and grateful families in singapore. guaranteed support for a good, benevolent and compassionate govt. the fact that with so much money and nothing heard, no statistics to say how many have benefitted from comcare, it appears that not many people are benefitting from the govt's generosity. it will be good and timely for comcare to quickly hand out the money and show some figures on the good they have done for the people in need.

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