comcare fund update

about $9 mil have been given out to help 20,000 needy families. this works out to about $450 per family. just wondering what $450 can do to help a family in need and for how long? are their problems solved by $450? if that be so, then their problems are very minor. families in financial difficulties are unlikely to get away from their problems with $450. why can't the comcare administrators deal with the problems on a longer term basis? i reckon most of them would probably be able to ward off and be relieved of their problems with a $10,000 grant and only for one year, unless there are other means like employment and income to keep them going. tackling hardship problem must be done more thoroughly and as a package. i must still amused to think that 20,000 families were helped by $450 each. if that be the case, we don't really have any problems at all. and we don't need a $500 mil comcare fund. let's be serious in helping people who are in need and don't treat them like we treat beggars on the street. throw them a couple of dollars and all is well.

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