church wants casino levy to increase

the national council of churches of singapore, nccs, wants the govt to increase the levy for people visiting the casinos to be raised from $100 to $300. their good intention to protect the people from gambling is commendable. they all deserves a place in heaven for all the good deeds they are doing to society. what would happen if another religion tries to play one upmanship and urges the govt to raise it to $500, then another religion does not want to be left out and propose a $1000 entrance fee? singaporeans are really blessed to have so many religious bodies so eager to look after their interests and welfare. whether they like it or not, whether they belong to any religion or are non believers, they cannot escape the control and interference of all these religious bodies. they cannot but be saved. does it matter if these religious bodies infringe into the rights of non believers? do non believers have a right to live a life as they so choose without the manipulations of the religious bodies? how can society or the world be a peaceful place to live in when everyone thinks he has a right to dictate his wills and beliefs on other people? with all the religious bodies trying to be 'i am holier than thou' or 'i am purer than you,' will the secular govt be influenced by such demands and in turn apply them to the general masses who did not know what hits them? can the churches just take care of their believers and pass their own church rules to be obeyed by their followers. and likewise all the other religious groups should also mind their own houses and keep them in order and not to impose their wills on non interested parties? i believe no one will have any quarrel with the church if it wants all christians to pay $3000, or with any other groups for whatever amount they want to impose on their followers. let every religious body be warned that not everyone likes to be controlled by people or religious bodies that they do not want to have anything to do with. let not this overzealousness be carried too far and lead to adverse condemnation from the affected people. perhaps the govt shall grant the wishes of the church and other religious bodies and let them decide what is best for their followers. the nccs' proposal shall be accepted and all christians shall pay a $300 levy. those who are not christians and who do not belong to any religious group shall pay $100 as decided by the govt.

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