channelnewsasia forum. totally lack of humour

i was so amused by ntuc's call to employers to be innovative and to design more jobs that will pay more to the workers that i placed a post on the subject in the channelnewsasia forum. in my post i suggested to employers to create more jobs with titles like president, senior vice presidents and vice presidents for workers and of course with good pay. and the workers need not do much except to smile, shake hands and take pictures with visitors. as expected, after locking up my post pending approval, it was released with the above censored. don't they have a little sense of humour? maybe the censorship was done by a machine. and it is so stifling. imagine in a public forum you have to wait for hours before your posting is vetted and cleared for publishing. it is the worst example that singapore needs. it tells the world exactly what press censorship and freedom of expression is all about in the republic.


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