changi prisioners are saved

it may be providence. joachim kang is reported to be very jovial and kind of happy in changi. his holy presence may be an act of god, to bring salvation to the prisoners and sinners in the gloom of changi prison. light has shine on changi.


Anonymous said...

Don't be stupid !! Kang was caight with his finger in the cookie jar. That and only that is the reason he is in Changi. I personally think he deserves all he gets and I only wish his sentence was more severe. Cannot forgive his greed.

redbean said...

hi anonymous,

don't take it too seriously with my comments. it was reported in the newspaper today that he seemed to be cheerful and very happy. ever during the days of his court appearance he never thought that he had done any wrong. he seems to be very comfortable with himself.

redbean said...

kang's stay in changi provides him with a good opportunity to repent and do some good for the inmates.