buangkok station, a white elephant's tail

there is no white elephant in singapore. and there is no white lies too. at best a glimpse of a white elephant's tail. the buangkok station will be opening soon. but to no credit to charles chong and his men. and he knew very well why. and neither will they claim any credit. the opening of buangkok has nothing to do with white elephant tales. but nonetheless charles chong is beaming widely. he could not hide his satisfaction. that at least people in his constituent will be a little bit happier. yeo cheow tong too has confirmed that the govt also did not pressure the transport company to open buangkok after all the excuses about lack of commuters and a guaranteed losing decision. now the transport company is willing to look further into the future, for good customer relations, and a little short term loss for long term gain. so the elephant tale has a happy ending. everyone is honest and sincere in what is being said. white elephants cannot be a meaningful way to convey a message or to get things done in this prim and proper republic. a commercial decision must be carefully thought through using commercial logic. forget about white elephants and white lies. and should the transport company continue to lose money, a simple solution is to impose a surcharge for all commuters entering and exiting from the buangkok station. a 50 c surcharge per trip will likely to do the trick.

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