australia: the new drug capital

seah chiangnee wrote an article in littlespeck revealing something that many people did not know, that australia is now the new drug capital of the world. many australians have been arrested across the world for drug trafficking. it is no longer the golden triangle or afganistan. who knows poppy fields are cultivated in the australian outbacks. the australian govt has been very firm and stringent in protecting australia from all the diseases of the world. they have one of the strictest quarantine system in the world. they have practically kept everything bad abay. but drugs? well it is something else and they need to look carefully at their backyard. they do not want another opium war, this time with their indonesian neighbours do they? the proliferation of drug traffickers of australian origin is something that the world did not expect. but it is taking shape. the new breed of drug traffickers are not asians, but yes, australians. the hair dresser corby is not the only australian arrested in indonesia for drug related offence.

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