adil hakeem tops psle

adil hakeem is not a flash in a pan. many brilliant malay students have done as well as him in the school examinations. no doctoring of their grades to make them look good. the achievements of these malay students tells simply that they can make it in the toughest environment without a crutch. they have levelled up in the face of competition. maybe mahathir may want to relook at his formula of levelling down, with the assumption that his bumiputras cannot compete and must be helped, even with the doctoring of their exam results and quotas for university places. the new elite of the malay world is mushrooming in the little red dot, fighting for a place in the brave new world like everyone does.


Matilah_Singapura said...

The sooner the collectivists like Mad Hatter and Lee Cane You... and other idiotic irrational politicians (thugs and gangsters all) start treating people on an individual basis, is the day the sky will fall.

People succeed because of the causal nature of things. Everything occurs because of the causal nature of the universe.

The individual must choose his behaviour in congruence to causality - only then can he transcend irrational collectivist constructs like race, religion, political leanings, culture, tradition and upbringing.

redbean said...

you are getting to sound like a taoist. the nature of things and the tao of things.

i still believe that there is some order in how nature works and how things happened. there is a chinese saying that man proposed but nature disposed.

when the time comes, everything will fall to places. when an empire is to rise, all the things and events will happen to facilitate its rise. when it is time to fall, everything will go wrong, no matter how hard they try.