US Biological Lab Created Virus Threaten The Whole World : PART TWO

     Since the end of the Second World War in 1945, the Americans and the British together with the Jewish Zionist had broad plans to bring the whole world under total Western rule and hegemony headed by the United States.

As I had pointed out before in two articles published in this same blog on 9th October, 2016 and on 4th February, 2020, revealing the horrendous plan of the Western countries headed by the United States to reduce drastically the populations of Asia and Africa through multiple means via toxic insecticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, chemical and biological weapons with  biological laboratories  genetically designed deadly germs and virus to infect populations, sanctions, trade embargoes, tariffs, monetary and currency manipulations to impoverish Asian and African countries and through outright  physical wars carry out either directly by the United States or through CIA instigations to foment wars among local countries in Asia and Africa to fight and kill themselves. These are hideous and monstrous plans of the US and the West which claim that the world is overpopulated with seven and a half billion people and most of which live in Asia and Africa which must necessarily bear the reduction. Thus in this matter of life and death white supremacists in the United States think they can  play god to decide the fate of Asians and Africans.

The United States has over one hundred chemical and biological laboratories in both US and and US occupied overseas territories and military bases geared to specifically producing only chemical, germ and virus for chemical and biological wars against other countries.

The present coronarovirus is produced in a military biological lab in Fort  Detrick, Maryland, USA, nearby a local military base. Over three hundred and fifty American military personnels who were carriers of the virus were sent to Wuhan, China in October 18th to 27th 2019 to take part in a friendly World  Military Games. Surprisingly none of the US participants won any medal. But they were energitically spreading the virus to the Chinese when they went on a wild spree visiting big splendid shopping malls and  big farms in the countrysides. About two weeks after the Americans left Wuhan in US military planes there was instant coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan as the two weeks were the hibernation period of the viruses before they broke out in full force. Soon the coronavirus spread out very fast and infected a lot of the population in Wuhan and eventually spread to Hupeh and the whole world.

For the US to claim ignorance of the severity of the Coronavirus and to claim that China delayed in informing  US earlier so that US was caught unprepared to fight the coronavirus epidemic is just all hubris and unbelievable. How can the US which fabricated the deadly virus claim ignorance and unprepared.

They have genetically fabricated the virus to attack only people with yellow skin genes especially the Chinese and of course they do not care if the virus also attack the Koreans, Japanese Vietnamese and other yellow skin people for to the Americans they will just insouciantly dismiss it as collateral victims.

However, by nature's will of cause and effect or karma or retribution, the wicked Americans were all too confident  and believe that their  lab designed coronavirus will not infect people of white genes like themselves and all white people of the western world. They have never been more wrong and due to their miscalculation the coronavirus epidemic have rebounced on them as will of God or nature with vengeance and fury to punish them for all their hideous crimes against mankind. So it is not as though they were ignorant of the severity of the virus and were unprepared for it but the truth is that it is because they were too arrogant and overconfident that the virus would not attack their kind that they would never be bothered to prepare. Thus it is nature's or god's willing that they must reap what they sow. Well, as the Chinese dictum says, " Man proposes but God disposes."

In the meantime while China was fighting desperately against the coronavirus epidemic the United States elites and politicians like Trump, Mike Pence, Pompeo, Peter Navarro and Wilbur Ross and US mass media as well as some other western countries mass media were watching at China's desperation with glee and even cast aspersions against China. They hypocritically claimed that China's  lockdown in Wuhan and the whole country as excessive moves by an authoritarian government, claiming that the excessive moves   had infringed on the people's right of freedom of movement. Western media dubbed China's locked down as a "breach of human rights." The New York Times criticized the Wuhan and Hupeh lockdown saying it came "at the the great cost to people's livelihoods and personal liberties." Behind all these hypocritical criticisms is the secret wish of the United States and some of its western allies like UK, France and Australia that China should take no  action  so that millions of Chinese will be killed down the destructive path of the deadly coronavirus.  They know that China is doing the right thing in containing the coronavirus but they are not happy because that is not what they want. They desperately hope the Covid-19 epidemic would destroy  China.  They disparaged China's political system and governance with deep intention to drive a wedge between the Chinese citizens and the Chinese government. However, their evil design would surely fail for the Chinese people are solidly united as one with the Chinese government and have strong faith in what their government is doing. The United States politicians and government officials  constantly disparage China political system and governance and hypocritically blame China's initial slow and delay response to the virus as resulting in the spread of the epidemic to US and the West.Behind all these wild accusations is the shameful intention to cover their own irresponsibilities, inefficiency and incompetency in dealing with the epidemic. Eventually China's much criticized measures are quietly adopted as standard practice in combating the Covid-19 pandemic by all western countries like Italy, France, Spain, Denmark, Switzerland, England and even the US and by all other countries in the world. Now as  the United States and its western allies are quietly and closely using the Chinese methods of fighting the pandemic they have to swallow their insulting rhetorics and earlier sinister criticisms against China.

However, at this critical juncture of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic, the United States is still playing hard politics against China. US has been contriving all ways and means to destabilise China to bring China down. It planned, instigated and fomented the Hong Kong riots from February to late September, in 2019, it tried to stir up the world muslims against China on the Uyghur Chinese issues in Xingjiang, it consistently try to create troubles in the South China Sea by sailing its warships and flying its bombers close to Chinese islands and Chinese coastlines and it never stops interfering in China's internal affairs especially on the Taiwan affairs. Of late even though the United States is suffering the most severe COVID-19 pandemic attack, it still tries to stir up instabilities in the Taiwan Straits by signing the "Taipeh Act." which defies China's objective of a peaceful unification with the breakaway island. All these American plots and hideous acts to undermine China are doomed to fail. On the contrary it may hasten the end of the imperial Evil Empire of USA.

The epidemic situation is getting extremely severe in US and the western countries and instead of cooperating with China and other countries to fight the epidemic the US is bent on shifting focus of public attention to demonize China and to blame China for all their irresponsibilities, inefficiencies and incompetency in taking proper actions to contain the pandemic.

Both dotard Trump and his Republican party and the Democrats are utterly immoral and irresponsible. They would rather sacrifice cooperation with China and intensify conflicts to win elections. They are gambling with countless lives and the destiny of the entire human race.

The United States should reevaluate its China policy and put aside geopolitics to work with China to contain the fatal COVID-19 pandemic. Failing which all the countries in the world should hold the United States responsible for their current plight and disaster and appeal to the United Nations International Court of Justice to demand US pay them trillions of dollars in compensation.


Sunday, 29th March,2020


Anonymous said...

Did the USA expected that the Chinese would be able to bring the infection under control by
using very stringent methods like complete lockdown of Wuhan?

And the construction of two makeshift hospitals in ten days to help fight the outbreak must have sent the West thinking how is it possible that the Chinese can mobilise so much voluntary manpower to do that. I think that the USA expected that China would take a longer time line to control the virus and that may be the reason why Trump is so confident and fiddling while China suffers.

But the USA probably did not anticipate that their plan would really backfire and that the virus would come home to haunt the USA.

The homecoming of the virus now exposes the shortcomings of the USA healthcare system, which is failing big time. The same is happening in the EU. Of course these will be stoutly denied. It could only happen to third world countries like North Korea, Iran, Africa and some South Asia and South American countries.

Heaven has eyes indeed!

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with the white supremacists in the United States. The COVID-19 pandemic is raging fiercely like wild fire in the whole country and yet instead of concentrating on fighting the epidemic its elitist ruling class of rogues and scoundrels capitalise on the epidemic to demonize China. How will that help to save the country from the deadly coronavirus? How will that help to make America great again? It's just sheer madness.

Virgo 49 said...

USA is actually a Parasite Country which have her Wealth with the manipulation of other Countries.

Her Pertro Dollars on the Oil and their Military Weapons selling to others for creating Wars and turbulences round the World.

It's just a myth that they are a Number One country with only a few exceptional businesses that are ahead of others in technologies or such.

Besides, you can see their incompetence in even handling this Outbreak.

Every one and one of them thinking that they are one up on the other and no clear leaderships that are under someone's Agenda to cause havocs in the World so that they can enriched themsleves on the woes and miseries of others.

Anonymous said...

Dotard Trump, satanic eye Mike Pence, Pitbull Pompeo, money sniffing Jew, Wilbur Ross and Jewish demon and Chinese hater, Peter Navarro are all criminals who betray the trust of the ordinary American people. Also by their immoral behaviour and irresponsibilities and incompetency they have not only endangered the lives of the Americans but also the destiny of mankind.

Anonymous said...

The United States is run by Anglo-Saxon and Jewish Zionist rogues, crooks and scoundrels. They always capitalise on the calamities of others to make money. Instead of helping the millions of poor Americans the Trump's administration stimulus of a few trillion dollars will go into the pockets of the politicians and the big corporations and bankers, all mainly owned and controlled by the Zionist Rothschild Illuminati cabal to grab and buy back shares at the bear market. The trillions of dollars stimulus only make the one percent elitist crooks and scoundrels richer while the poor and middle class suffer in greater disastrous poverty.

Anonymous said...

Read about the Senator who downplayed the coronavirus, but sold a massive chunk of his stock holdings. This is the kind of people infesting the USA. Enriching themselves at the expense of misery of it's own citizen's sufferings.

Now, the US$2.2 trillion aid package is another eyewash. Sounds good, but much of it will go to the elites for stock buybacks, as what happens with the tax cuts for the super-rich. Maybe, this will result in another all time high on Wall Street and create another best economic performance in the history of the USA. Saving companies controlled by the elites and Trump himself is the motive, not helping the fight against the coronavirus.

Sit tight and watch Satan make America Great Again!

Anonymous said...

Wat goes around comes around.
It's like watching the movie Spiderman Home Coming shud juz come out as Virus Home Coming while China is experiencing Virus Far Away from Home.

Anonymous said...

Trump and his cohort of criminal administrators are still playing the political game of blaming China for the Covid-19. People like Pompeo, Wilbur Ross,Robert Brien and Peter Navarro are ill-mannered with derange minds to spread political virus of toxic remarks with the motive to blame and injure China and thus to damage China's image. Their slow action and inactivity have put the Americans in a very dangerous situation.

However some Americans have realized that Trump and his likes are just selfish, self-serving and self-aggrandizement and have no real interest for the welfare of the ordinary American citizens. They have now openly warned Trump and his administratiion to take decisive action against the coronavirous and that they don't care where the virus come from. They are no more interested in hearing Trump and Pompeo's blame game against China.

Anonymous said...

Tump is now actually like a cockroach without a head, jumping here and there.

First he talks of quarantine for New York, changes his mind the next day and back to square one. Nothing works, while the virus continue to spread. He and his sidekick continue to lie about PPE's, mask and ventilators being produced or are on the way. From where? They now have to force companies to make such equipment, but time is not on their side. Building a toilet only when you want to poo is not the way to go!

Anonymous said...

When they said China is their enemy, they are saying Chinese people are their enemies. Chinese people include all the Chinese outside China, including those in Singapore with different citizenship and nationality.

Theoretically if they are able to wipe out China because of their racist interpretation of the Bible and all the Chinese people either died out or left with a miserable few millions that could not do anymore harm to the white supremacists, like the native American Indians, how would they treat the remaining Chinese diaspora around the world, even if these are believers of their white supremacist religion?

Would they turn around and make them into laundrymen and cooks once more? Do the bananas and stupid Chinese believers believe they will be treated with respect and equals as a human bean without a powerful China standing behind them? They said history would repeat itself.

Anonymous said...

A simple reminder to the silly Chinese that believed in a white supremacist religion.

China is just a name of a piece of land and cannot be an enemy of anyone. It is the people in that piece of land called China that they are referring to as their enemies. And these people are Chinese, a race, a civilisation.

Are you a Chinese by race?

southernglory1 said...

Ultimately how the US and the West deal with the coronavirus pandemic compare to how China deal with it will showcase which type of governing system is best suited to serve the interest of the people and the country. Is America's capitalist democracy better or China's socialist democracy?

America is seen to be indifferent, irresponsible, foot dragging, inefficient,incompetent and political game blaming while the virus rages on and the people suffer in agony. Moreover the rich American capitalist government makes no provisions to look after the health of the common people. The US government's attitude to the common people is, 'you die is your own business.'

In China once the government found out the coronavirus was a new type and of great severity the leaders and the whole government machine waste no time in springing into instant action to fight and contain the virus. All affected victims are well taken care of with free hospitalisation. The victims do not have to pay for any medical tests, medicines or food while they are being treated in the hospital. The Chinese government bears all responsibilities for the victims inclusive of medical fees and charges,lodging, food and finance.

In the meantime the Chinese government takes instant actions to romp up the production of all the medical equipments required so that doctors and hospitals will never have to worry about the lack of supplies. At the same time President Xi Jinping and his government took decisive actions to lock down Wuhan, Hupeh and most of the country to prevent the spread of the epidemic. To this aspect they have achieved considerable success and the Covid-19 is more or less under control and the country is quickly returning to normality.

How is that of the US and the West way of serving the people compare to the way of the Dragon, China. The question asked is, 'How is the governance of the US-Western political Capitalist Democracy system serve the people compare to the governance of the Chinese Socialist system?"

In short the governance of the US capitalist democracy system is, "Government of the people, by the capitalists, for the elites."

And for China's socialist system, the governance is, "Government of the people, by the people and for the people."

So it is very clear the socialist system is best suited to serve the people and it should be adopted by all counties in this earthly world.

The US-Western capitalist democracy system is elitists, self-serving, destructive and adverse to the common people. It should be destroyed henceforth before it causes further trouble and damage to this world.


Sunday, 29th March, 2020

imho said...

its never white vs color people.
its about rich vs poor people.
the rich dickheads want to bully/ exploit/ hurt poor people so that they can stay rich.
racism is created by rich so poor fight poor - divide and rule.

Virgo 49 said...

That's Right Southernglory1

That's why those countries, so called Democratic countries Elites just feared that the peasant will finally wake up one fine day and they be losing all their powers, their WEALTH and everything.

Like in the 60s Sinkieland had to clamp down many strikes, protests in the name that these peasants socialists are bad.

Communism is bad. The Wealthy and Elites wanted to control and yoked them in perpetual slavery till today.

See, now even the Government had to exhort the Wealthy Mall owners and Developers to waive their rentals and other taxes so that all can survive the crisis.

Till now, any response?

Barisan Socialists, a breakout of ex PAPies members and MPs at that time already felt that the PAP had lost their ways and be opposition to protest against them.

But, they were demonised as Evil Party. A Communist infiltrated Party out to destroy Singapore.

Their greatest mistake in walking out of the Patilamwnt with their 13 MPs and left a void for the PAP to sweep every Elections.

At that time, China undergoing many upheavals and building by the Whites and they demonized them as violent people out to create troubles for everybody.

Also, the English Educated are in the Elites Stream with discriminations on the Chinese Educated as inherited from the British.

That's why Nantah partly suffered their fate by the English electrocuted bananas.

At that time, Chinese Educated were mostly deemed as lower caste and discriminated by many in many areas of employments etc.

Now, the wise Whites wanted to learn Mandarin and those who stayed in China for long times knew that their own is inferior to the Chinese System.

Virgo 49 said...

Should be China undergoing many upheavals and BULLYING by the Whites.


Anonymous said...

In the United States people are not diagnosed as patients of COVID-19 because they either have no opportunity to be tested or they just cannot afford the testing. Their democratic government has forsaken them.

Anonymous said...

In Asian countries like China, Japan, South Korea, Iran, Malaysia and Singapore patients are tested free of charge and the same goes when patients are hospitalised.

How come in the US and all the western countries being so wealthy and glorious they still have to charge their citizens for testing and for hospitalisation. Is it their governance is for the welfare of the rich and notorious like Trump, Pompeo, Mike Pence, Pelosi, Peter Navarro, Wilbur Ross and the likes of their clique are more important than the lives of the common people.

It is really a shame, disgraceful, intolerable and unacceptable that western democracy system of governance treats the people with derision, disrespect, contempt and without dignity. The American citizens must rise up to overthrow their exploiting evil capitalist democracy system and install a socialist democratic government.

Eagles Eyes. SG

Virgo 49 said...

Actually, frankly speaking..Corporations and companies which made their billions and millions in the past should NOT be granted subsides from tax payers MONIES to bail them out.

Olden days Chinese businessmen when times are good and they made profits kept their profits and earnings for a rainy day or storm when times are bad.

Where in the World the Govt of the day bailed them out of troubles.

Their Management and their share holders must cough out their own capitals to bail themsleves out.

Why let them kept their profits and WEALTH when others with no benefits had to save them?

Anonymous said...

In January 2019 when China notified the World Health Organisation of the coronavirus outbreak and warned every country to take precaution, the west especially US treated China's warning with derision and Trump and his evil cohort like Pompeo, Mike Pence and Wilbur Ross even called China's warning a hoax. They laughed and ridiculed China and tried to damage China's image.

Now with the COVID-19 attacking USA and the western countries with full force and tremendous severity, it seems they are no longer laughing but crying only for help.China being magnanimous and for humanitarian reasons have sent out not only tons of medical aids but also medical specialists to help many western countries like Italy, France, Spain, England, Switzerland and Germany besides helping many other Asian countries like Iran,Iraq, the Philippines, Malaysia and a few more others.

It seems Trump had asked President Xi Jinping for help. But since the American elites and government officials keep on disparaging China, the Chinese people will not be happy if China sends help to the US. Chinese help to USA would then be like throwing pearls before swine.

So China, please don't help the evil empire less it comes back to attack China and the Chinese people.

Political observer SG

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Agree. The Chinese people will turn against their govt if they dare to offer help to the shit stirrer USA.

Anonymous said...

It's not proven yet that the Chinese PRC people dared to go against its CCP govt if China ever help UaSh in the coronavirus.
If its bziness deal or tariffs wavers or in some kind of an exchange or benefits like 5g tech, why not China do it for humanity sake? Maybe China would think it's a threat to their security, so may not help them but it show China lack of magnanimous leadership. On the other hand if China help its arch enemy UaSh on this virus crises, probably China will hold as the World's Leader in the future ( UaSh eventually will lose leadership in World's arena). It will be China's turn to lead the World into the 21st century & beyond after this virus saga.China will emerge strongly as the World's Leader in time to come.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Here we go again...

None of you fellas understand the biology at play.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

China's govt will acquiesce to Trump. And the people won't revolt.

Redbean will be proven wrong. And some of us will make a lot of money.

Anonymous said...

I thought someone said the Chinese people will revolt a few months back, seeing how the Hong Kong people are fighting for democracy. How come so fast the change of tune?

Anyway, the USA is still top of the world, coronavirusly, militarily, economically, while Trump's rating is still sky high. Trump will lose face if he ask China for help. After all, Trump is very confident of winning, having told his followers he is winning the battle against the coronavirus.

Anonymous said...

Death by Drone: America’s Vicious Legacy in Afghanistan

As the United States prepares to leave, thousands of killings remain unprobed, and Washington refuses to talk about them.

Ordinary Afghans say it has happened to them many times and never—not once—has it made news anywhere outside Afghanistan. Last November, an American Reaper drone targeted a group of villagers in the mountainous area of Afghanistan’s southeastern province of Paktia and killed seven of them. Paktia has long been home to Taliban militants, but local residents say all the victims were civilians, including three women and one child. They had gone to the remote area to graze their cattle and collect wood. Suddenly, they were dead.

“Nobody wants to listen to us. I doubt that the murderers will face justice one day. God is our only hope,” said Mohammad Anwar, a resident of Zazai Aryub, a district in Paktia. The perpetrators he is talking about are sitting far away in one of the many U.S. military bases where drone operators are working from.

According to Anwar, who is related to the victims, some families lost their male breadwinners, as often happens after such attacks. “They are desperate. Their future is very uncertain,” he told Foreign Policy in a phone conversation.

Anonymous said...

Yes, nobody understands biology here. Only the incestuous foul-mouth CIA Agent, Matilah Singaporura, knows everything in this world.

Does anyone, except RB, believe him?

Virgo 49 said...

Right Anon.

The PRCs strongly believed in their Govt whatsoever decisions that they made.

They knew that the present Govt is for the people and whatsoever decisions they made will be for the good and wise decisions.

So, do not think they will protest against them.

Anonymous said...

RB, this sneaky, slimy Matilah is working very hard to demonize China again while you are asleep at 3:54 am.

China's counter-intelligence agencies must be alerted to track down this CIA agent

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ya, the racist white Australians would one day be chased out of Asia if they continue to practise their white supremacy in the region.

Europe is being overtaken and populated by the Middle Eastern and African people, and also from India.

America is being taken over by the real Indians that Columbus set out to find.

White Australia would have no where to run, no where to hide after this pandemic is over.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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