Singaporeans being shortchanged by....

To be a Singaporean is very tough and very expensive. From birth to death, it is a very expensive business all the way. Just ask how much it costs to prepare a child from conception to delivery in our world class hospitals, the prenatal visits to the specialists and consultants all costs a bomb. By the time a baby is born, it would cost the parents tens of thousands, in S$.

The next phase is the expensive milk power with special formula to make the baby grow up smart, to become not only an Einstein but also a star sportsman or sportswoman or an artiste. Of course the truth is that many would end up as security guards and food deliverers. And to make this happen, some already started teaching while the baby is still a foetus in the mother's womb. This would be followed by the most expensive childcare and pre school child development programme. The six years before school would not be cheap for sure.

The six years of primary school of intense pressure to get not only As but A stars to be good enough to be in the top secondary schools and Pre Universities. The tuition and ECA costs would be something the parents would be willing to bear to their best abilities. Never mind if the grown up child could not get a proper job but becomes temp.

And many would get into our really good polytechnics and universities, world class with world class fees. By the end of this journey, a few hundred thousands could be spent on the child from the rich families and not much lesser from the not so rich families.

Then there is this national responsibility to do 2 years of NS and reservist duties for another 20 years. Then there is this very expensive pigeon to pay for if one thinks of getting married, and the usual cost of living in this super expensive city.

The battle has just started. This super expensive young Singaporean is pushed into the deep end to compete with cheap and hungry foreigners that went through an education system, if there was one, or some fake education system with fake degrees for jobs. The cheap foreigners would be happy with anything, what more do they want when most of them don't even have a proper education or degree to start with. And they do not have to spend years in NS and to pay for the super expensive pigeon holes to live in and the high cost of living.

And they said the foreigners are more talented, willing to work for less, better than the super expensive Singaporeans coming from a super expensive education system and expecting to survive in a super expensive city with cheap third world pay or to compete with cheap third world half past six products.

Are Singaporeans being shortchanged? Is it fair for Singaporeans to compete with wildlife from god knows where with god knows what education that cost a fraction of what a Singaporean would have to pay for to start life as an adult? Is it fair to say everything is fair and square, Singaporeans have to be more competitive vis a vis the wildlife? How to, you tell me.

It is totally irresponsible to put our Singaporeans to compete with the wildlife in our home country without any protection or advantage but full of disadvantages. How could Singaporeans not gone jobless, unemployed, underemployed and eventually extinct, unable to compete in their own country with rules and systems that treat foreigners as equals to Singaporeans?

But it is ok. Daft and unthinking Singaporeans think the system is fair and meritocratic and the best man or woman, Singaporean or wildlife, deserves the job and pay he could get. There is nothing unfair to Singaporeans and those Singaporeans that cannot make it deserve to be losers, in their homeland.  Do not blame others, blame yourself for being not good enough, for spending hundreds of thousands to grow up, to get a good education and made to compete with those that did not spend a fortune on growing up and armed with fake degrees from dubious backgrounds and need only spend a fraction of what a Singaporean spent. And better still, no need to pay for super expensive cost of living that needs a comparable income to keep up with.

Thank you daft Singaporeans for being so understanding and dismissive of your own plight and taking responsibility for it. You deserve to be in this pathetic state of affair in your very own country.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ "Price is what you pay, VALUE is what you get!"

One thing we can agree about our quirky Singaporean culture: we love paying the smallest cost for the biggest value.

To quote David Marshall, arch nemesis of LKY and former Leader of Singapore: Singaporeans know the price of everything and the value of nothing, to which I take exception, because I maintain that Singaporeans are "value savvy", which is #1 Pre-requisite for a cuntry in love with materialism.🤑🥰🤑

Cost-efficient govt is a HALLMARK of Singapore. Govt contributes (spending) ~16% of GDP, compared with over-taxed Western welfare "democratic" First World Cuntries like Australia where govt activity contributes close to 50% of GDP.

It appears that our big expensive govt is actually quite SMALL when it comes to taking money off people...hence Singapore's enviable reputation of having some of the lowest taxes on the planet, and having the maximum economic freedom, now at Number 1 spot since Hong Kong which used to be #1 is "temporarily unavailable"🤓

Compared to other developed First World Cuntries Singapore still comes out ON TOP having a relatively LOW IMPACT on people's pockets when bringing up a family.

Have you seen the costs in Australia? You think wat...free this and that? KNN, even though taxes are lower now, they are still HIGH. Where got free? Pay until arsehole koyak lah!!

Same with Canada, UK, the EU...and the USA where the vast majority of the population lives paycheck-to-paycheck and don't even have $400 (four hundred kachang puteh dollars yo!) put aside for "emergency".

You fuckers need a reality check lah. Better count your blessings instead of thinking what a lousy deal you are getting. The "deal" you get in Singapore is about THE BEST you'll get anywhere on the planet.

Why do you think Singapore leads the world in the number of YOUNG, FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT, EARLY-RETIRED MILLIONAIRES? Having the govt allow you to keep most of what you earn is a huge FREE KICK lah!

Wake up your ideas lah, ungrateful cibai-faces!😜

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

One thing we can agree about our quirky Singaporean culture: we love paying the smallest cost for the biggest value. Matilah

Really? Paying hundreds of thousands for an education to earn $3k or less or be temps when third world people paid a few thousands for a poorer education but come here to earn what a Singaporean gets or more?

Getting value for money? Who is getting value for money?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

So...what's the alternative? a better alternative with actual BETTER long term outcomes?

If you think education is expensive, think how much it will end up costing you WITHOUT a good education!

Virgo 49 said...

Wah piang, locusts and scavengers and hygenas and leeches got to counter to further conned the dafts and unthinking.

High Costs of living been artificially inflated by the Papies and their cronies in cornering all the dafts.

Dividends and bonuses for their stake holders and share holders.

Full of greed that they have high rentals in malls, hawkers centres that fleeced their people.

Made mu day that these blood sucking REITs and their developers lost billions in fleecing the people.

As the saying goes Win a hundred times and just bust in one time.

Keep it up till you are all bankrupts.

You farkerd deserved to be fleeced for your non actions.

Anonymous said...

// Getting value for money? Who is getting value for money? //
- redbean

PAP lah!

PAP government getting very good value from Singaporean slaves.

PAP government give chicken wing to Singaporeans today.

Tomorrow, PAP can take back the whole chicken.

Very good value.

Anonymous said...

Aiyah, Sinkies juz love Hello Kitty fads lah no matter how poor or rich u r. Anything got long Q they juz go lah. Anything got discount they go for it lah. So coming election the ruling party will win again juz by rolling out come goodies these Sinkies will juz vote for them, it's greediness is no cure & stupidity r unthinkable in this planet.

Anonymous said...

#Don't Be Conned By Propaganda!

The value is false and fake while the high cost is real. Everything is artificially jacked up to generate income for the government and pay for the extremely high rewards for the ruling elites, their spouses and children occupying top positions through thinly-veiled nepotism (suppressed through threats of lawsuits).

Price of cars is artificially and exorbitantly inflated 3 times (due to import taxes) to generate revenue for the government under the pretext of limiting the vehicular population.

Price of HDB flats is artificially inflated based on prevailing market price instead of cost of building plus profit.

Price of fuel (especially petrol and diesel) is artificially inflated through heavy taxes).

Cost of government is artificially increased to satisfy the superiority complex and integrity-phobia of certain greedy leaders who said without $million salary they cannot talk to foreign leaders with dignity.

Virgo 49 said...

Cannot talk with dignity without millions dollars salaries then why need TOILETS breaks when cannot even countered a simple rebuttal from the WP?

Anonymous said...

Talk so much for what? Waste time!

This is Sg. Sg is like that.

I said many many many many times before. Don't blame the pap!

Why? Very very very very simple! If pap is really really really really no good, vote them out!

But the masses continue to DIE DIE die die die die die die vote for pap under ANY/ALL conditions.

Hahahahahaha....You know what.... at most the masses will only TCSSssssssss and kpkbssssssssss when they are unhappy!

After that only lan-lan lan-lan lan-lan! Nothing! Nothing! Nothing!

The masses are all very very very very kwai kwai kwai kwai type. We are no My, HK and the West!

This is Sg! Correct?

Anonymous said...

Light is a combination of seven color

When goes thru a prism.

Anonymous said...

Everything is expensive, 60% to 70% daft Sinkies asked for it in every election.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1033am is 1o8% correct!!!

Anonymous said...

next GE may be more.... 74.9%-79.9%.....

Anonymous said...

shall die in a slow agonizing ugly death under the PAP Regime.

There is no doubt about it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Uncle Redbean, Speed here. You are a little harsh and unforgiving to your own countrymen and countrywomen. Life goes on......

Anonymous said...

.....but they still die die die die die die die die vote for pap....why???

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Speed, just sharing that Singaporeans are being shortchanged, not being harsh on them. Just to wake them up from their slumber.

imho said...

what to do? they voted for lky many years ago.
i only voted once in sg n voted oppo but was asked to go since then.
only time can tell what will be the destiny of sinkies.

imho said...

i think many young sinkies will migrate and the elites will bring in more migrants as someone needs to pay tax so they can spend and have income.

Anonymous said...

Becos majority r wat the old man once said - Dafts lah ho boh?
When the coming ge still status quo, it juz double confirms tat.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Redbean, Singaporeans have been shortchanged for so long, it has become a normal way of life. Singaporeans are so accustomed to this way of life they have accepted this as norm. Next GE, with a few sweeteners, they will forget the little discomfort and vote in the same government. They slumber on......

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1214 pm is also 1o8% correct!

Yes! The new normal!

Anonymous said...

The Younger Singaporeans shall be savvy like the Hongkong Youth as MS sees them.
must have understand the Youth very well and knows what they are capable of.
Have faith in MS, the Expert on Human Behavior.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1232

Eh, dun misquote lah. You're reading too much into my shared opinion :-P

>> The Younger Singaporeans shall be savvy like the Hongkong Youth as MS sees them. <<

OK, here's a thought experiment. Given that the young Singaporeans are well-educated and many already know that they have to be responsible for their own future...they are making their own way in life, starting early. As a result, a growing proportion of them are becoming wealthy at younger ages than previous generations.

So you have a growing number of rich, young Singaporeans. So ask yourself this: Do you think they will put up with any attempts by the PAP to "bully" them? I don't think so. I think they will have more power over the govt, and the PAP will have to change to accommodate the shift in societal dynamics, or the PAP will cease to be in office. SIMPLE AS THAT.

HK youth are different...they are more "spirited" and the issues they are fighting are not the same as the ones faced by the young people here in Singapore.

>> Have faith in MS, the Expert on Human Behavior. <<

Please don't. You should never trust anything you read on the internet. Make up your own mind, form your own theories and opinions.

BTW, *everyone* is an "expert" in human behaviour. We naturally read faces, and body language, and tone of speech. We can tell hostility and friendliness. We know that if you want something, the best way to get it is to offer something of value. We know we can trust our friends more than we can trust others, and we know we can be WRONG and get our backsides played. It's not "rocket science" lah.

Anonymous said...

@RB, @All,

Expensive & high cost is RELATIVE CONCEPT.

Prices & cost of living rises to the level that the mass average population can bear or tahan.

The fact that some (NOT all) prices in Sinkieland are "high", AND YET majority of Sinkies are having living standards higher than 80% of the world means one thing ---- Sinkies can STILL AFFORD to live, work, play, fuck in Sinkieland.

If you can't afford --- it simply means you're WAY BELOW average. Simple as that!

Contrast to places like Afica or India or northwestern China where cost of living may be "low" but yet majority of people can only afford the shit life.

Just because a minority of a minority of below average Sinkies make the most noise about high costs & expensive living, you people swallow the whole thing.

RB & 99% of the people on this blog have fallen into the classic psychological TRAP of exposure effect or familiarity principle.


Anonymous said...

Talk cock like sing song!

Anonymous said...

DBS Bank has confirmed that photos circulating online of a vandalised bank was a DBS branch in Hong Kong.

“The graffiti on the branch in Hong Kong was cleaned off as soon as it was discovered this morning,” said a DBS spokesperson on Thursday (Nov 14) in response to queries from TODAY.

The online photos showed that the graffiti included vulgarities directed at Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and Singapore’s ruling party, the People’s Action Party.

DBS did not specify which branch in Hong Kong had been vandalise.

Almost all DBS ATMs in HK have been vandalized. That's why DBS could not specify which one???

Anonymous said...

70% of sinkies keep voting for PAPies. That means majority are enjoying life & don't find it expensive lorr! 30% vote for Oppo means that only minority of sinkies are losers who cannot afford life in SG! Tio boh?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

With the mindless attacks on Singapore's properties and maybe Singaporeans in Hong Kong, the Singapore government must take a stand and forbid Hongkongers and Hong Kong money from parking in Singapore.

Or would Singapore be us money face and continue to welcome them after being targeted in Hong Kong? Singaporeans in Hong Kong better be careful.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

70% of sinkies keep voting for PAPies. That means majority are enjoying life & don't find it expensive lorr! 30% vote for Oppo means that only minority of sinkies are losers who cannot afford life in SG! Tio boh?!?!?!

November 15, 2019 6:02 pm

You think so? Many of them are pretending to be enjoying life, pretending to be rich but actually living from paycheck to paycheck. Some come here to earn $2 per post.

Anonymous said...

Especially PAP IBs paid by PA's funds thru GrassLoots Organizations. That's what some people think. But no evidence. Maybe when Oppo takes over the government, evidence will come forth?

That's why Accountant-General every year finds discrepancies and irregularities in PA's funds?

Anonymous said...

Fuck PAP
Fuck Lee Hsien Loong

Anonymous said...

WSG and Matilah Singapura move in the same circle as the Pappies- way up in the clouds. They are "natural aristocrats" and have nothing but contempt for the majority of us who are stuck down to earth. To them we deserve it if life is a struggle as the fault lies entirely with us and us alone. No Empathy no compassion.

Anonymous said...


Short-changed? Singapore is like that long ago already. During LKY time. You could be part of the LKY apparatus that helped him short-changed the whole people, from top to bottom, from own loyal old guards to Opposition leaders like Lim Chin Siong, JBJ, Franco's Seow, et al.

And short-changed is too gentle a word to use. It is called BULLY. Big fish eats small fish. This happens everywhere. Even in the Primary Schools canteen. Everyday, the Primary One kids are short-changed by the Aunties and Uncles who operate foodstall in the school canteen. The still-don't-know-how-to-count primary one kids gave $2 to buy a bowl of noodles priced at $1.30. They never get back 70 cents change. When parents go and confront the stallholders, they standard cover-up excuse has always been, "Oh, too busy, I forgot!"

You see, adults cheat small kids in school. Even teachers bully their students. It happens everyday. This has become a culture from kindergarten onwards until NS, until University.

Even in social media like your blog. Any regular reader here can easily single out the big bullies here.

You get the drift?

It's 3:40 pm here in the States. Cheers!. DD.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Rb, can you advise the best Indian universities for my Son to enroll in as he is now serving NS. I agreed no point wasting so much money in TOP Uni here and thereafter no jobs.

Anonymous said...

Suggest your son follows in Ramesh Erramali's academic footsteps.

But I think your son also must be able to speak Indian ... orherwise JP Morgan (JP Mohan) will not be able to understand him during the job interview.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Good advice 9.22am. Just follow what the CECA Indians do and you cannot be wrong. Your son would surely be armed with many degrees and become a CEO of MNCs or GLCs.

And DD from the States, welcome to the blog.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure DD is in the States?!?!? His time is off by 1 hour .... DST has started there already.

A lot of fakes on this blog! LOL!!!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 114

>> To them we deserve it if life is a struggle as the fault lies entirely with us and us alone. <<

No, the "fault" might belong to someone else...you can and will at some point have your life fucked by "other people" However the responsibility to fix your own shit is YOURS, regardless of whose "fault" it is. Your life, your business. You die, Your business.

>> No Empathy no compassion. <<

I save my empathy and compassion for those whom I THINK deserve it. Not everyone is worthy of compassion and empathy. For e.g.: how much empathy adn compassion are you willing afford to the serial killer who has just killed your entire family? I would say NONE.

>> Matilah Singapura move in the same circle as the Pappies- way up in the clouds. <<

Actually no, definitely not. The whole idea for me is to be independent and (reasonably) free. Yes, I know several "connected elite". But that just comes with networking...GuanXi, which in my view is The Number One skill you need in a place like Singapore.

imho said...

actually sg is not bad. at least still have jobs. delivery also can make $3k. compare to people in other asia, africa and south america cunty, sinkies are more fortunate.

Anonymous said...

Actually not bad. When the garment can provide hundreds of thousands of good jobs to foreigners and still can provide jobs to Singaporeans as grab drivers, food deliverers, what is there to complain about?

Be grateful that you still got jobs, better than no jobs.