The fairy tales of eternal economic growth

People are suffering, people are dying, entire ecosystems are dying, ‘We are in the beginning of a mass extinction and all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth.’ Gretha Thunberg

The above quote is what this young girl said in her speech on Climate Change at the UN. Do they sound familiar? Anyone can relate to her words about economic growth? Who does not want economic growth? In this little island, everything is about economic growth, growth at all cost, because if you don’t have economic growth, how to pay million dollar salaries to the employees? And how to have easy economic growth? Grow the population by importing all the wildlife you can find to fill up every inch of earth on this island. When they are here, they need to have housing, services, food, cars, entertainments etc etc, ie they need to eat and consume goods and services. All these activities adds to one thing, economic growth!

But one problem, their activities would also lead to higher uses of plastic bags and plastic straws, and these are not good for climate change. So we must all work very hard to cut down use of plastic bags and plastic straws. Get it?

In Greta Thunberg’ speech she gave a scathing attack on world leaders for betraying the young people through a lack of action on climate change. She added. ‘You have stolen my dreams and my childhood through your empty words…The eyes of all future generations are upon you. And if you choose to fail us I say we will never forgive you.

How can the world leaders fail them when they are working so hard to provide better life for them through eternal economic growth? Is there a contradiction, is there a lie? Economic growth is the panacea of everything good in life, the more growth the better, never mind if it means stuffing 20m people in this little piece of rock. It is good.

When Adam and Eve were the only two living beans on earth, there is aplenty in everything, fresh air, food, green forests, no plastics, little waste and all the natural resources for the two beans to enjoy. Now the world’s population is 6b and growing because world leaders need more human beans to increase economic growth. Soon there will be 7b, 8b or more people sharing the earth, consuming all the resources, eating all the fishes in the ocean. Poisoning the ocean with plastic waste, nuclear waste etc etc. Temperature rising.

Not to worry, it would not happen to us. Don’t listen to this Greta Thunberg. She does not know how good economic growth is. You want your HDB flat to be worth $1m? If your answer is yes, you must want economic growth. You must want 10m, 20m people in this island. Please support the no holds bar immigration policy to bring in more and more people, then we can build more and more properties to house them, more shopping centres, more hawker centres and food courts, more reservoirs, more power stations….and more plastic bags.

A lot of serious thoughts have been put into this formula of more people equal more economic growth. No one can deny economic growth. Let’s go for it, Greta Thunberg or no Greta Thunberg. We know what is good for us, the residents of this little piece of rock. And we will share this piece of rock with more wildlife, the more the merrier.


Virgo 49 said...

That Dotard Trump pooched pooched that little girl's speech as rubbish.

Our Great Leaders also wayang because Erection is round the corner that they must bear a responsibility to our young.

But at same time bringing in million to crowd the Sinkies like living rats with all the human waste and toying the idea of you living underground.

Those also money worshipers who took delight only multiplying their monies and in the final analysis converted them into HELL monies would love the economic growth at all costs and don't give a damn of what's will happen even to their next generations

Lucky, I have no generation to suffer thus.

MOT, KAPUT all will be dead with these unthinking selfish creatures

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Uncle RedBean.You need not to worry anymore liow lah due to your aging factor. When this ang moh gal said is fairly true as human beings r on the edge of another mass destruction of it's own kind, she warned the leaders "How dare you?..& all u all can think of is economic growth.." There need to be a balance of the Environment vs Economy or else everything will juz like wat she said mass extinction. When humans beings unable to co-operate to come out a better solution, then let it be lah? Probably, another humans species will take over us some day. Already the scientists speculated in the not so distance future homo sapiens will become AI Homo Optimus (a cyborg or alien creature) as scientists see no hope for the human race so it's better to tramshumanize or be 'ship' over to other places (Mars) or live underground lah.

Anonymous said...

Hi all

Yes! We want our population to grow to 18.8M!

I'm VVV sure that we can easily hit 6.9M well B4 2025!

Yes! 18.8M! All new buildings 1oo storeys high!

Yes! 18.8M! A global cosmopolitan city state where people from all over the world want to come here!

This would be sg in 2088! 18.8M! 18.8M! 18.8M!


Anonymous said...

@anon 9.02am

By that time, it will be really Sinkapore low lah ho boh.

Anonymous said...


Without money & economic growth, Greta wouldn't even be able to be given the money & air flight (contributing a few tons of CO2 to atmosphere) to come over to New York. Don't think she'll ever want to use a raft made of recycled materials & use own muscle power & wind power to spend 6 months to cross the North Sea & Atlantic with 20% survival chance.

Or the upper scale fashion clothing she wore to give her presentation. Or the expensive makeover, hairdo & makeup --- many of which contain chemicals & tested on animals previously.

And when she's 18, she'll be thinking of "being independent" and renting her own apartment in the city --- thus contributing to hundreds of tons of CO2 (modern building/infrastructure construction is one of the WORST polluters in history).

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ it's all in the mind lah

Every govt voted in has no choice but to deliver, or "appear to deliver" economic growth, or they will subsequently lose their mandate to govern, making way for another bunch of clowns to come in and run the show.

So like it or lump it, we're stuck with economic growth = good, no or reduced economic growth = bad. And it is. The level of employment is correlated with economic growth. More growth means more people in full-time employment. No one likes to be unemployed and voters who are, have reasons to vote against the incumbent govt.

On Greta Thunberg. How lovely it is for her to live in a world where she as a kid has a PROTECTED RIGHT to protest (peacefully) and speak her mind, SCOLDING the highest offices in the world, no less.

As I've indicated before, anyone over the age of 35 should fuck off and "retire". and let the kids run the world. Today's top Millenials are way ahead of any of us old cocks. Their brains fire faster, they are embedded into their tech (and vice versa), they are like a race of "hybrid humans"...so fuck it lah, let's all relax and hand everything over to these energetic and intelligent youngsters.

The kids have it going on. And so there is NO NEED for adults who disagree with Greta to GET NASTY. I hold the same attitude as DJ Trump:

"She seems like a very happy young girl looking forward to a bright and wonderful future.
So nice to see! "

But any people can't leave it alone...they say "Trump insulted Greta" 😳 Huh? WTF?

The kids can take care of the arguments now. For every "Greta" out there, there is a "Soph". Here is SOPH on GRETA (Soph is younger, but way, way smarter)

Anonymous said...

The deception about economic growth forever and GDP growth at all costs is like the deception about eternal life. Both are preached by charlatans who have selfish ulterior motives.

Anonymous said...

Seven Facts About Climate Change that are 100% True - Part 1/2

President Trump and his surrogates are once again spreading falsehoods about climate change.

When the President of the United States denies the truth about the dangerous reality we face, it's disheartening, to say the least. But the best way to fight back is with facts, so keep these seven climate change facts in mind no matter what falsehoods the Trump administration tries to spread.

1. Climate change is real and man-made, and there is overwhelming scientific consensus that this is true.

Human-produced pollution is causing climate change that is dangerous now and will become much more dangerous in the future if we do not act.

NASA, the National Academy of Sciences and every major scientific organization recognizes this.

Indeed, 97 percent of climate scientists worldwide agree that climate change is real and driven by human activity. In the scientific world, that is consensus.

2. All major climate change reports are thoroughly researched and based on the most accurate, up-to-date science.

For example, the National Climate Assessment (NCA) report was developed and written by NOAA, NASA, the Department of Defense and experts and 10 other agencies. It was based on the most up-to-date scientific literature and matches the conclusions of thousands of other scientists around the world.

The report includes the latest attribution studies for Hurricane Harvey, which made landfall and devastated parts of the U.S. in 2017. Studies cited in the report show how human action made the storm about three times more likely to happen and increased Harvey's rainfall by at least 15 percent, with a best estimate of 38 percent, based on data culled just since Trump took office.

3. Climate change studies are transparent.

Climate change reports from major climate science institutions around the world are entirely based on thoroughly peer-reviewed scientific research, are further reviewed by external experts at various stages of development and are often even publicly available in draft form and open to review by the general public.

For example, the NCA report's development was open for review at every step. The rough draft was open for public comment and the authors were even required to respond to every public comment. The report was also reviewed and endorsed by major scientific institutions. Every statement in the report is meticulously documented with sources and citations.

4. Addressing climate change will strengthen the economy.

Working to stop climate change can drive economic growth, while unchecked climate change is expected to have dire economic consequences.

For example, Citibank estimates the costs of unchecked climate change at more than $40 trillion by 2060.

Meanwhile, more than 4 million Americans now work in wind, solar, energy efficiency and other clean energy jobs — far more than the 160,000 who work in the coal industry — and experts estimate that investing in revitalizing water infrastructure in the U.S. could generate 1.3 million more jobs.

Anonymous said...

Seven Facts About Climate Change that are 100% True - Part 2/2

5. Climate scientists are underpaid — or not paid at all — for their work.

Scientists often volunteer their time to write climate change reports.

For example, the authors of the NCA report did not receive compensation for writing the report, and academics who are usually tasked with writing climate reports — such as earth science and environmental studies professors — generally make less than their peers in the humanities or social sciences.

6. Federal climate change reports are credible because they are written by scientists, not politicians.

The NCA authors, for example, are not Trump appointees, but impartial, independent civil servant scientists whose work is not directed by the politicians but by the facts.

It's worth noting that fossil fuel companies fund climate studies too. In peer-reviewed climate studies by Exxon Mobil from 1977 to 2014, 83 percent acknowledged the reality of climate change, and that it is caused by humans.

7. Climate change reports consider a wide range of possible future scenarios.

Major climate change assessments from reputable scientific institutions — such as the U.S. government’s National Climate Assessment and the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s special report on different levels of warming — consider a wide range of future conditions, from the use of advanced technologies that remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, to escalating emissions from the absence of climate action.

Help stop Trump's environmental rollbacks.

Progress on climate change isn't all Trump is trying to stop.

Despite their claims to the contrary, the Trump Administration is trying to gut Obama-era clean water and air protections that are responsible for our air and water getting cleaner.

With your help, we can continue to fight for clean air and clean water, and to curb climate change, regardless of what Trump says and does.

Trump is so obsessed with ill-will against Obama that he is bent on destroying the Obama legacy by undoing all that Obama has done, irrespective of whether good or bad.

Trump is obviously driven by his hiden strong White Supramacist mentality that he simply cannot accept the good works done by the one and only Black President of USA.

If you care for your future generations, help stop Trump's attacks on the climate rules set for the good of America and for the world at large.

May the Earth exist for every sentient being instead of for the rich and powerful! Help us God!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ all, wise words from George Carlin

Only self-righteous pompous ASSHOLES are the ones who scream "save the planet". The planet is fine...it's been here 4.5 billion years. The PEOPLE are FUCKED!

Relax, use plastic straws and plastic bags... one day we, our species, is going extinct!

Anonymous said...

@Anon 11.11am

Probably Dotard might be impeached or not get re-elected on the next erection. If he get re-elected, the world will be even more an exciting place towards mass destruction of it's own kind.

Anonymous said...

Like I already said before: Anybody who is spending more than $600/month in SG is already contributing to global warming & excess pollution. Relax lah. Just live your life as long no immediate harm to others.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1139am and all, please worry not worry not.

Everything will be fine.

Anyway everyone is just passing by this planet.

Life is indeed very very very short!

Just enjoy while you still can!

Just do it! Don't regret!


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ World's Biggest Ego

He's gotta be one of the hardest working self-promoters in the history of politics.

It's on...impeachment? ...nah dun worry...let's go 2020 Keep America Great!

Anonymous said...

No one is greater than President Donald Trump in the History of the US.
Americans should make him their President as long as he is able to work for them.

Anonymous said...

‘We are in the beginning of mass unemployment of Singaporeans, and all you do is vote for PAP, and their CECA Indians, and their wayang subsidies."

Too bad Gretha Thunberg did not say this about PAP.

Anonymous said...

Dracula also has many diehard supporters and suckers who followed him. So is Satan.

Virgo 49 said...

Right Bro.

One Anon forecasted SinkingLand by 2088 will have 18.8M.

No need 2088. Just 2020 ENOUGH.

Sinking Land will have the same happenings like in HK.

Just 5.7M enough. Just wait and see. MOT.

Sinkies mass unemployments will just suck thumbs and blame their bad luck.

The Wild lifes will be like the Hongkies when they are been RTS.

That's why Hongkers preferred Matland properties than Sinkieland.

For when Sinkieland became like HK, the same scenario will affect them. No where to run.

Matland, protesters in KL go Melaka or Pahang.

Luckily got a sanctuary there in case ...


Anonymous said...


Some said that HE is coming!

HE is coming!


Anonymous said...

True or not?

PAP's CECA Indians.
Cumming for your daughters soon.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3.51pm, don't play play. HE can punish you! Hahahaha.......

Anonymous said...

True or not?

First they come to take your job.

Then they come to take your daughters

Anonymous said...


Heaven Can't Wait said...

@ All

There are some good comments.
There are some critical-thinking.
There are some so-so comments.
There are some shallow-thinking comments.
There are some negative comments.
There are some unthinkable comments.
There are some no-thinking robotic parrot-like comments.
There are some dirty vulgarity-infused comments.
There are some blood-suckers' comments.
There are some Satanic comments.
However, all are just comments that carry no weight and no s8significance. They are just meaningless rants and grunts of a people going extinct soon, very soon.

Anonymous said...

Climate change players are of three kinds:

Those who do not have the power to change, are those who will clamour for change.

Those who do not want to change for selfish reasons, have all the clouts to influence those who have the power to change.

Those who have the power to change, will not make the changes in order to pander to those who have influence over what to change.

How can the world be saved? It is too late for that!

Anonymous said...

Tell me which Pathogens change into

A harmless organisms?

Anonymous said...

Only a major disease that will k/o half the world population can slow climate change. Climate been changing before dinosaurs time. Even in planets where that is no human being, climate change took place and destroyed those planets.

Anonymous said...

A climate zealot will want 90% of world population dead. Thats the problem.