Andrew Yang for POTUS

Andrew is an outsider in every aspect of American politics, a non politician, an Asian, a young entrepreneur, a completely unknown. He is now ranked number 4 after several rounds of elimination in a contest to be the Democrats candidate to stand against Donald Trump, shoving aside more than 20 other more prominent candidates including senators and congressmen and women.

Many took Andrew Yang’s announcement to be in the race as a joke initially but are now having second thoughts. He is on the move, gaining more and more supporters and recognition as the race gets closer to 2020. There is still one more year to go and he is the only candidate that is gaining momentum each day. His latest prize is to raise $10m, $1.6m lesser than the third highest candidate in his third quarter fund raising, up from $2.8m. He is now behind Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

Andrew’s campaign is run under his most famous programme called Universal Basic Income, $1000 for every adult American with no exceptions. His followers, mainly young and internet and IT savvy, calling themselves the YangGang, wear a hat with the word MATH meaning Make America Think Harder. His popularity comes from his long list of policies to solve America’s problems of the 21st Century instead of the normal politicking of politicians. He is unmatched in this approach as his intellectual and grasp of the problems America is facing put the rest of the candidate to shame.

And his MATH games is going to bring very far. He has slightly more than 300,000 donors so far and this is a small drop in the ocean of 350m Americans. The number is in his favour. All Andrew Yang needs is 1m Americans to give him $10 each and he will get another $10m. As the campaign gets closer to nomination day, it is not difficult for Andrew Yang to pull in 10m Americans or more to donate to his campaign and push the amount to $100m or more in campaign fund. 10m million young Americans plus the Afro and Asian Americans and the rest of the Americans whose jobs are threatened by technology, the Americans that are living from paycheck to paycheck would push his supporters way pass his democrat contenders.

Andrew Yang is on the roll. The math said so. The numbers said so. The displaced and jobless Americans said so. He is going to make history. The Americans are going to make history, after Obama.


Anonymous said...

Andrew Yang is probably proofing one thing~ nothing is impossible or impossible is nothing to him.
However if he got erected he will hv to ensure everyone of the Americuns stomach got filled, nay , he can't cos the whites r juz the greediest on this world.

Unknown said...

The Whites will make sure Andrew Yang MUST NOT be elected or erected.

Anonymous said...

20 years ago.
With a million follar salary.
I was hoping for a person like Andrew Yang.

But all I got was Lee Hsien Loong.

And now, Heng Swee Keat.

Unknown said...

Money Politics Everywhere!

What is the purpose of getting into powerful positions in government establishment?

Ask the American politicians or any politician in the world today, and everyone of them will tell you that they are SACRIFICING themselves to serve the country and take "very good care" of fellow countrymen and country-women as well as country pumpkins.

The following fake/true story will show you what benefits political power can bring you. So, quick quick, join the political parties.

"Hunter Biden, the son of former United States vice-president Joe Biden, is listed as a director of a state-backed equity fund in China, but public records do not appear to support claims by US President Donald Trump that he used his father’s connections to secure Chinese capital for his investments.

President Trump on Thursday called on China to investigate Joe Biden, now a leading Democratic presidential candidate, and his son, alleging the younger Biden used his position of influence to secure US$1.5 billion in funding from the government-owned Bank of China for a private equity firm he was involved in and made millions in the process.

Filings in China’s National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System database show that Hunter Biden is listed as a director of BHR Equity Investment Fund Management Company, a company incorporated in December 2013 with registered capital of 30 million yuan, or about US$4 million at the current exchange rate.

The private equity firm reshuffled its board of directors on September 18, according to filings, but the younger Biden’s role at the company remained unchanged. All pictures of Hunter have been removed from the BHR website."

P/S: BHR stands for Biden-Hunter-Re-investment?

Anonymous said...

He is now ranked number 4 after several rounds of elimination in a contest to be the Democrats candidate...

I think that's the problem lah, being ranked number 4 and not number 1.

And unlike Obama, my gut feeling is that Andrew Yang will eventually be eliminated as Democratic candidate.

U know why?

Because there are many, many more Blacks in America than there are Chinese.

Some more ah, Chinese people will not necessarily vote for Chinese.

Don't believe, just ask Chee Soon Juan who lost the Bukit Batok by election in a Chinese majority SMC against a PAP minority Indian candidate.

Anonymous said...

Don't believe, just ask Chee Soon Juan who lost the Bukit Batok by election in a Chinese majority SMC against a PAP minority Indian candidate.
10:32 am

KNN, why Chee Soon Juan become collateral damage again?

Virgo 49 said...

That's true Anon.

Because Chinese people seemed themselves to be very Smart and Smug..In reality they are one of the dumbest who does not unite among themselves as a Collective Interest.

Instead they feared their own more and sabo each other.

Deemed themselves oneupmanship on the other same race and creed.

Fine examples Sinkies, Hongkies and Tawiankies

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ vote for the necessary character

Trump has the necessary character to clean up SOME of the moneyed interests and shit in Washington. The man is IMMUNE to any scandal or controversy. His life is an open book of amoral and possibly illegal behaviour…. everyone knows he's no Saint, and his adoring fans not only accept the fact, they LOVE it.

Trump needs another term to further DISRUPT the world. Day after day it's been a blast since he took office. Ongoing comedy show. He's a showman, and he's delivering in SPADES. 😂🤣

Andrew Yang would make a good leader and has the SMARTS to kick America up the ladder and make it a better cuntry.

But if he doesn't make the nomination, DON'T BLAME THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

Instead, blame the RACIST, AGENDA DRIVEN DEMOCRATIC PARTY. They tried to kill Obama and failed. They buried Bernie Sanders, and succeeded. Andrew Yang will only make it of Clinton, Pelosi and Warren (the Dried Up Vagina Trio) "approve* him.

Virgo 49 said...

Dotard Trump no hew this Andrew Yang.
Debates cannot speak like the Indians.
No gift of the gab and cons

His main rival is Joe Biden..just as he brought down Hillary Clinton in the last Election, he is doing again to Joe Biden which he is a bigger threat to his Next Term reelected Presidency.

The Rest Sanders, aiyo Heart attacks sama sama Sinkie puah pee kuahs leaders no fight lah.

Izabeth Warren. Voters had seen the anarchy by TsaiIngWen of Taiwan, Theresa May of UK and Carrie Lam of HK.

No way they vote for them.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Frog Outside Glass that the Whites will make sure Andrew Yang does not get elected.

Firstly, Obama is different because he had a much larger base of Afro American voters, while Yang's Chinese base is minute in comparison, as Anon 10.32 mentioned. Who are his supporters is still unknown. Wait till he becomes the frontrunner and they will start digging out dirt on him, I suppose.

Secondly, being Chinese, I do not think he endears himself to the Whites or Blacks. What is he going to do if the tensions with China escalates beyond Trump? Obama had no such political baggage to counter, so the Whites have been less concerned having him as President.

There are much more elements at play besides the US Whites and Donald Trump. Beware of the British influence, who provided all the fake evidence on Iraq.

Anonymous said...

Excused me RB, I'm NOT Andrew Yang fan. Never believed in "FREE" nor will I accept "FREE" monies. I rather pay than get FREE. Andrew Yang more or less buying votes.

During the last erection I voted for Green Party Dr. Jill Stein. However, this erection I'm voting for Tulsi Gabbard. She may not win but she believe in non intervention or regime changes. She a Congressman from Hawaii beside Virginia State Senate Richard Black visited Dr. Bashar al-Assad in Syria. The only thing I dislike about her - she belong to the Democunt party.


Anonymous said...

RB Oops!

Forgot mentioned I continue to donates starting this year keeping her in the debates... Tulsi Gabbard wiil be on the 4th debate. Her first debate she screwed Kamala Harris - most likely another aunty Obama Uncle Tom's Cabin


Anonymous said...

RB excuse me OT

Wanna see a beautiful and intelligent lady? The Elephant In The Room: An Update On China



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Andrew Yang's parents were Taiwanese Chinese migrated to Canada to become professors teaching in Canadian universities, and made it good even for their second generations.

Of they had migrated to Singapore, Andrew Yang would probably become One of the thousands of middle-rank civil servants.