More proofs on the Aramco refinery attacks

The Americans and Saudis are frantically generating more proofs that the attacks on the refinery were the works of the Iranians. The latest, dud scud missile found on the site and some of the debris have Made In Iran on them. You see, the Iranians are so stupid. They wanted to conduct a sneak attack on the Saudis, they did not want the Saudis to know, they did not want the Americans and the whole world to know it was the Iranians that did it and now got caught red handed, with Made In Iran on them. The Iranians forgot to wash their hands after committing a crime! Now, are these evidence and slips by the Iranians sound familiar?

Remember the attack on the South Korean warship Choenan? The Americans also found pieces of debris with Made In North Korea scribbled on them. Of course no one believed in the American fabrication of evidence. The case was quietly closed when the South Koreans found enough evidences that it was not the work of the North Koreans. Who did it? Who murdered the South Korean soldiers in cold blood? Silence, no one wants to know till today.

Then in the chemical attack in Idlib Syria in 2017. Within an hour the Americans claimed that the Syrians did it. In the attack on the Aramco refinery, Pompeo announced that it was the Iranians that did it within an hour. After a year passed, James Matthis confessed they did not know who did it. But the whole world knew who did it except the Americans. Why? And in this Aramco case, a few days later Trump facing the media said he thought the Iranians did it but still investigating and would find out more.

What did the above said on these few incidents? False flags, wrongful accusations, deceits? The fact that they did not know anything about the attacks said a lot about the attacks. If the attacks were airborne, came from across the border, the dud scud missile that did not explode to provide evidence that it was Iranian, saying it was a cross border aerial attack, actually said the whole thing was a hoax. Cruise missiles, drones and waves of drones, but no evidence. The radars did not detect any of them. No one saw them visually or heard them flying in the sky?

What did this prove? The radars not working, unable to detect, or the Saudis sleeping, switched off their radars, or no attack from the air, from across the border? They did not see anything coming in from the air. Period. If there was no attack from the air, the radars would have picked them up if there was, then where could the attacks come from? Could the attacks be just bombs lobbed over the perimeters of the refinery by Special Forces or mercenaries residing inside Saudi Arabia, hired just to do a simple job of blowing up the refinery? No need complicated and sophisticated drones and under the radar cruise missiles? The precision in the attacks said that the attacks were likely to be launched from just nearby locations around the refinery, thus not detected by the radars, not seen or heard by anyone when the cruise missiles or drones flew by in their long journey towards their targets. Do not be surprised when no drones or cruise missiles were involved in these attacks.

What more evidence do you need to tell another story? All the evidences so far is pointing to the attacks as a premeditated inside job to put the blame on Iran, just like the sinking of the Choenan and the chemical attacks in Syria. And the perpetrators of these heinous false flag jobs are all the same, from the same country. No prizes for the right answer.


Virgo 49 said...

Sinkieland had signed another 15 years of Naval and other military arrangement with UAssA.

The Americunts cannnot be the culprits behind the attacks or the instigators right?

Our capable leaders trusted them so much, muche as said by the Japanese.

That's why China had to even at a lost compromised with Mad Hater to built the ECRL.

Next step, they can persuade the Thais and Mats to cut the Isthumus of Kra. Sure MOT.

The Thais notorious for been traitous and Mats sapuloh dua sure OK. Just grease their palms. Also big revenue like the Suez Canal.

So that no fear of any blockade from the UAssA in the case they wanted to contain them.

UAssA running skunks will never believe that these Evil deeds are done by the Americunts.

Anonymous said...

What about a false flag attack on Aljunied GRC Town Council?
- is this even possible?

Anonymous said...

9.45am anon u asking to be sodomized by tuakee is it?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ All,

Given the facts (from various sources) so far and the nature of the Iranians---I'll refer to them as Persians, cos' that's who they are, culturally---it's becoming increasingly clear that they did it, and are capable of doing more.

Don't fuck with Persians. The Arab League will have the non-Arab world believe that all is good in the "united" Arab world. Well, yes, and no. The Egyptians an Iranians....there are some hardcore ones who don't like being labeled as "Arabs", as they are considered "less sophisticated" or "lower class". Historical SHIT tends to hang around thru the generations

Anyway, if you look at history, you'll know that the Persians are a WARRIOR RACE, and also fierce conquerors who fought won and lost but always fighting. Thy would bring trouble to foreign lands, no problem; conquer, rape, pillage, and plunder...no problem.

Whilst US-Persian relations go back to the mid-1800s and were mostly cordial and productive (oil), their ONGOING present-day fight with America goes back to 1979, when the Persians threw out the asshole brutal last Shah of Iran (Reza...the US puppet, brutal cunt of a dictator), installed Khomeini as Supreme Grand Leader (or whatever the fuck title they coined), stormed the US Embassy and took hostages which resulted in EPIC FAILURE on the part of the US when they attempted to rescue the hostages taken from the US Embassy in Teheran.

So like angry monkeys in the zoo, Washington and Teheran have been slinging shit at each other for 40 years...and counting. The US and Iran have been engaged in a cyberwar for many years. Since you cannot show cyberwar on the news, it is not reported cos' it is not "worthy for news TV".

A while back the NSA, CIA and partners from the Mossad took out Irans nuclear program facility by STUXET---an extremely destructive piece of MALWARE (a worm). Fun Fact: Iran's 1st nuclear reactor was given to them by the USA in the 1950s. The US also supplied Iran with their first batches of enriched, weapons-grade uranium.

I think Iran may have "won" this round. Pompeo is making some noises. Trump has promised more sanctions. He keeps hinting at a "hot war", but Trump, being Trump is very very reluctant to go to war, especially if the re-election is only about a year away.

Iran is no "pushover". They have serious hardware, and being culturally a "warrior race", they will fight till the last standing Persian....no surrender. America will probably win due to military supremacy, but it would be a Pyrrhic Victory....which is so costly, it may well as be a LOSS.

The attack on Suadi's Abqaiq by the PERSIANS is a typical "Persian" move...like ANCIENT Persian move, i.e. get right up in your face and instigate some kind of HOSTILITY.

Masterful stroke...highly risky, but hard and effective. Trump is caught out. The UK, EU etc all caught out. They NOW damn well the Iranians (Persians) did the attack..., but all got NO BALLS to go hard, militarily. It's probably the best strategy....just make some noise, let it pass. Rebuild Anqaiq...which OLD and OUT OF DATE anyway.

Anonymous said...

It is so clear that the bombing of the refinery was an act of American Special Forces. Now they ganged up with all the white European powers to put the blame on Iran, the innocent party. They have not a shred of proof that it was the Iranians.

The attacker blaming the Iranians. And the stupid Saudis have no choice but to go along blaming the Iranians and they might end up blowing each country apart while the evil Americans look on the sideline and smiling at the stupidity of the Arabs being attacked and made to fight a war with an innocent bogeyman.

Of course the banana fools would always agree with their white masters, no need to think, because they could not think or too lazy to think.

Anonymous said...

Where is thAt WSG?

Calling for WSG!


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1231

>> Of course the banana fools would always agree with their white masters, no need to think, because they could not think or too lazy to think. <<

word substitution:

>> Of course the Loser anti-American fools would always agree with their racist anti-white arsehole bandit and cock-suck masters, no need to think, because they could not think or too lazy to think. <<

Done and Dusted. 🤣😛🤡

Anonymous said...

If the Iranians did it, and with the missile fragments 'purposefully' stamped with their calling card, why the hell did they frantically deny it?

If the Iranians did it, why the hell did the Yemenis fighting the Saudis, want to claim responsibility?

If it was a drone or missiles, why isn't the Saudi's multi billion dollar air defence system, bought from the US, not able to shoot them down? Putin was fast to put his salesmanship into work by telling the Saudis he is ready to sell them his version of air defence system, the S-300 or 400.

The fat clown, Pompeo, had the mother of the most ridiculous explanation that their defence system sometimes may not work. How many 'sometimes' does it need to fail in order to get a country flattened, depending on US patriot missile defence system. Lots of unanswered questions needing answers. But, as always, they will be able to manufacture excuses, like those video cameras outside Epstein's cell not working at the most coincidental moment.

All said, the whole episode smells of 911. Many believe 911 was an inside job in order to start a war with Iraq. With everything burned to ashes, except the passport belonging to Mohammed Atta, a Middle Eastern, that was the evidence they wanted the world to see. The Saudi attack could even be a false flag operation to start a war with Iran.

If missile fragments found with made in Iran signature means the strike was from Iran, then US missiles sold all over the world, and if used by Ukraine for an attack on Moscow, can the Russians claim it was the US that did it?

Trump is now preoccupied with trying to throw Ukraine under the bus by manufacturing evidence that Ukraine is trying to interfere in the 2020 US elections, thus distancing all the focus on Russia, which is now his good friend, with interference in the US 2016 elections.

Anonymous said...

The Patriot Missile Defence system did not fail. One possible explanation could be that they did not want those missiles and drone to be brought down, so that they can collect the missile fragments with the 'made in Iran' calling card to show the world.

Remember the fake evidence they produced before the Iraq war? They had photos of big pipes and claimed that those were for making nuclear devices. And they bombed a milk factory claiming it was making chemical weapons.

The US can manufacture shit and the lapdogs and poodles will believe it is pet food.

Virgo 49 said...

WSG won't be posting for a while together with the PAPies to reflect on their sins after just being scolded by this Greta Thunberg.


Just a brief recap of the most poignant words from her:

"All you talk us about monies and eternal economic growth."

To LHL brought in millions that Singaporeans are out of jobs and you idiots recommended that we live underground like tunnel rats.

Whilst with your millions you stay above ground in bungalows to breathe the haze, oops fresh air.

And Sinkies have sex in small places.

Think JT should try having sex in a tunnel underground.

Virgo 49 said...

Oops forget to add he like the Thomas Cook already sunk and declaring his bankruptcy to the Official Assigne.


Anonymous said...


So far this year till 23rd Sep, my combined War Stocks alone have added another US$400K profits to my total portfolio.

In addition very good profits also from Tech, AI/Robotics, Medical Equipment, Ahneh stocks.

As mentioned many times before, I've taken some profits off the table & my Cash Warchest is now roughly US$600+K.

But still have WAY OVER US$1M still invested. HUAT HAAAARRR!!!!!

Anonymous said...

If this conman invested $1m and profit is $400k, his gain is 40% ROI.

If his investment capital is $800k, $400k profit means 50% ROI.

Real or bluff?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

To Matilah, everything the Americans said must be true. There is no such things as false flags. Even WMD in Iraq is also true. Because the Americans said so.

Please don't argue with him. Don't waste your time.

Anonymous said...


Congrats... very very very HUAT for you!

Anonymous said...

@Anon 4:44pm

Hahaha!!! You must be newbie on this blog!!

Otherwise you know that I started serious stock investing in 2000/2001 all the way till today.

Along the way, I probably injected about US$500K .... when I was still actively employed. I only worked for 20 years .... retired at 44.

If I continued working till today, I could have put in another US$400K or US$500K.

My invested portfolio as of 1st Jan 2019 is WAY MORE THAN US$1M .... so the US$400K profits year-to-date is definitely less than 40%. LOL!!

Total ROI over the last 19 years is a few hundred %.


Anonymous said...

How does a person carry out a false flag attack on Aljunied GRC Town Council?

Anonymous said...

Warren buffet or George Soros should be bragging 24 hours a day about how much they made from the stock market, but they are quiet. Maybe they are not as good as our self proclaimed Ah Huat. The best there was, the best there is and the best it ever will be!

Continue blowing!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

George Soros lost a few billions when he attacked Hong Kong Exchange during the Asian financial crisis. He did not learn his lesson and tried again during this recent protest by selling short again. The HKE suspended trading on his short positions and he could not cover even when he wanted do.

This time he lost another few billions. Looks like his luck is running out on him.

Anonymous said...

The word is 'luck'. So seasoned, so informed, so well connected and yet got burned. So, it is not smartness , but luck, like Trump.

Trump's luck must also be running out soon. But he probably made quite a pile as President, using his position to play the market with his comments. Not only that, they joked that the greatest threat to the national security of the US is his mouth.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 738pm

People like Buffet & Soros are too well known & their positions are too big. They don't like to say anything until many months later, else it will just cause artificial price moves that can spoil their plans to sell or buy.

Anyway you can follow large investors like Buffet in US markets because every quarter they have to declare their stock holdings to the regulator & is publicly accessible. But the info can be up to 3 months outdated.

Whereas nobody knows me & my holdings are relatively small fry. So I can even tell you my stocks (provided RB don't delete my comments) without worrying the price being affected.

Anyway this is a TCSS blog so when I'm bored then I can just talk some cock.


Worst Stupid Guy (WSG) said...

What about false flag attack upon the UK Parliament by Boris Johnson?

What about the false flag attack upon Daftland's Parliament to white-wash oneself from accusations of alleged abuse of power, where/when the material witnesses cannot be present to provide evidences and where the accused cannot be cross-examined by professional judges, prosecutors and lawyers?

What about collusion and conformity by persons of political interests, instead of national or global interests, to uphold the false flag presented to the daft and unaware public in general?

Questions and questions left unanswered or are un-answerable, unless, of course, if there is a Higher Power to investigate deeper and uncover the tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but that tooth (that did not speak the truth).

In the case of UK's accidental PM Boris Johnson (Boring Son of the John), there is Higher Power in the name of The Supreme Court.

In the Daftland, there is no such Higher Power because of the will or willingness of men of integrity to willingly and openly surrendered or abdicated that Higher Power, expected of them, to the prevailing wind of unchange/status quo.

Therefore, false flags must be judged by the COURT OF PUBLIC OPINIONS, instead of Constitutional Courts. In such a situation, too many cooks or crooks cannot spoil the soup. In fact, the more cooks or crooks the better. The saying goes:

"It takes a thief to catch a thief."

So, if there are millions or even billions of thieves catching a few hardcore thieves, chances are that these hardcore thieves, even if not caught/arrested, will be exposed - naked like an emperor without clothes.

I stand to be corrected. I hope the case of false flag(s) can be rested.


Watchers Of Injustices said...

UK Supreme Court Rules: PM Cannot Tell Parliament What To Do

The President of The Supreme Court, Justice Lady Hale, has read out the court's judgement that the decision to prorogue - or suspend - Parliament was unlawful.

Here are some of the key points.

The Supreme Court has drawn a clear line in the sand that a prime minister's executive powers in this most important area of how and when Parliament opens and closes are now curtailed - for ever.

The Supreme Court has underlined that the government and prime minister are the "junior" partners in the British constitution - that Parliament is the "senior" partner - and the junior cannot tell the senior, which acts for the people, what to do.

The Supreme Court is underlining that if there is an exceptional use of executive powers by the prime minister that infringes on parliamentary democracy, judges have the power to intervene.

During the case, the prime minister failed to provide any evidence to the court about his intentions - there was no witness statement.

This contributed to the Scottish Court of Session's inference that he had an improper purpose - and the Supreme Court's scathing conclusion that the highest court in the UK has seen no evidence to explain what he was doing.

In its last submissions last week, government lawyers argued that the prime minister retained the power to decide how and when to recall Parliament - and even to "re-prorogue" it.

The 11 justices have unanimously rejected that plea.

The Supreme Court was set up to resolve the most complicated legal and constitutional questions of the day - and in this judgement it has shown it is not afraid to tread into matters that judges in previous eras would have feared to have been too political.

And this is why this judgement is so important for the future of the British constitution.

Anonymous said...

But PAPpy parliament can tell you to suck their cock & you will happily do it!!! Hahaha!!!

In fact tell you go do NS & die also you will do it willingly!!! Hahaha!!!

Ask you report to camp for ICT also you will fuck off your family & your work & YOU WILL DO IT WILLINGLY!!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!!

Our parliament BESTESTEREST in the WORLD!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous @ September 25, 2019 12:26 am:

/// But PAPpy parliament can tell you to suck their cock & you will happily do it!!! Hahaha!!!///

You must be talking through personal experiences and laughing at yourself.

Congratulations for being awatded THE One And Only PAPpy's Cock-Sucking Expert!

Anonymous said...

But all the guys here kuai kuai obey parliament & do NS & go for ICT & do annual IPPT leh .... So means all guys here are cocksuckers!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous @ September 25, 2019 1:44 am:

/// But all the guys here kuai kuai obey parliament & do NS & go for ICT & do annual IPPT leh .... So means all guys here are cocksuckers!! ///

But you are still the One-And-Only PAPpy's Cock-Sucking Expert down here! Congratulations!

The US, Taiwan, Israel and many other countries also have conscription laws which the citizens have no choice but to follow.

The NS Law in Singapore is the same. Every male 18 and above has to follow this law of compulsory conscription.

So your logic is twisted logic of a twisted demented mind due to sucking too many PAPpy Cocks.

Congratulations once again, PAPpy's Cock-Sucker!

Anonymous said...

The Anon at 1226 am and 144am needs to be sodomized by all the NSFs and NSmen.

And since he loves to be a cock-sucker, let them shaft all their Cocks into his throat.

Anonymous said...

Anybody make guns out of NS personnel needs to be sodomized by all the NSmen, X-Men and Aids-Men.

Anonymous said...


@ 8:01 am:

Anybody make fun of NS personnel needs to be sodomized by all the NSmen, X-Men and Aids-Men.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ dementia must be slowly setting in, Redbean:

>> To Matilah, everything the Americans said must be true. There is no such things as false flags. <<

Nonsense. Where did I say that? I said given the facts, it's becoming clearer the Iranians did it.

Of course, there are "false flags". False flag attacks are "bona fide" tactics for statecraft. Several states use it for political and strategic gain. No surprises there.

However, I don't think this Iranian thing is a US-led false flag. I could be wrong, but then so could anyone else too.😉🤓

I'm not wedde3d to any of my opinions. If I'm wrong, I cut my loss...no emotion either.

>> Even WMD in Iraq is also true. Because the Americans said so. <<

Redbean, you are a LIAR. I never said that nor ever implied anything about WMD or the American position being taken as "true". I say again, Readbean ☛☛ you ☚☚ are a LIAR..

You LIE to gain a few cheap brownie points...as if it is some "advantage" over my OPINION (it's just an opinion)...which shows everyone how at the core, your character is probably rotten, stinking, like a 3 day old used tampon left floating in a blocked toilet, mate.



Some time ago we had a back-and-forth. At the time I was still out of the market, except for my retirement accounts which are handled by "professionals". I had a look at the iShares ITA---US aerospace & defense ETF, got in at 200. So far, so good. Today, it's 225 and hit a high of over 230 nearly 2 weeks back. 👌🏽👍🏻

War Stocks? FUCK YEAH!