This is how the Indonesians dealt with wildlife

https://twitter.com/i/status/1160094065313980417 (Video of wildlife in Bali)

An Australian tourist has been arrested after fly kicking a motorcyclist in Bali.
The damning video was uploaded to a popular Instagram account, @denpasar_info, and shows the Aussie man running towards oncoming traffic on Sunset Road in Kuta.

“A foreigner who went on a rampage in Jl. Sunset Road, successfully secured after trying to crash into a vehicle in the area,” the Instagram caption read.
As a motorbike approaches, the man jumps and kicks the motorist, who falls off his bike, hits the ground and skids down the road.
The same man then runs towards an oncoming car, which he jumps over....The tourist has been identified by 7News as Nicholas Carr, a 26-year-old apprentice builder from South Australia.
According to 7News, the man’s violent rampage allegedly included smashing a mini-mart window and a restaurant window, and assaulting a sleeping man in his bed.
The above is reported in Yahoo News. And here is a pic of the wildlife after being caught and looked like being well beaten by the Indonesians. This is the way to treat wildlife. Not to give them a peck on the back of the hand and let them free. Wildlife must be treated like animals. See how sweet and well behaved when he is tied up? No more monkey business.

This is something Singapore and Singaporeans can learn from the Indonesians.
Picture from Yahoo News.


Anonymous said...

This stoned WL roped and ready for an Indonesian jail.

I don't envy this WL's sojourn there.

But the WLs coming to Singapore are of a different species, more refined, so cannot use the same methods to punish them.

What would the international audience think if we rope WLs and haul them to jail like animals?

Anonymous said...

Yes, and please don't vote for the people who are responsible for introducing wildlife into Singapore.

Anonymous said...

It's rude to label people as "wildlife". Just because you don't like the government policy of letting hordes of foreigners into Singapore destroying Singapore society, depriving PMETS a livelihood, it still does not justify to use derogatory terms. It is like using the word cheena, or nigger. You don't like correct?
When others do wrong, don't follow them, OK?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 834am will sure be disappointed after the next GE!

Depend on voting? No use lah!

The masses will DIE-DIE-DIE-DIE vote for them!

So don't waste time hoping lah!


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ “Perception is Reality”

Singapore has been on a multi-decade onslaught to become the world’s Number 1 at as many things as we can, or stuff the govt reckons is “important” to The Singapore Brand.

The Singapore Brand has to be protected at all costs. The Singapore Brand is MORE IMPORTANT than the lives of Singaporeans themselves because people are replaceable (just get people to fuck more and throw a few “packages” with money incentives), but A REPUTATION once lost, is forever.

And I have always maintained, for the exact same reasons: The Nation and the future of the nation is more important than the comforts or dignity of a few silly Singaporeans. If the govt needs to sacrifice some losers for the sake of the nation, so be it...just do it, and be done.

Singapore’s PRISTINE reputation as a “global brand” makes it very attractive for foreign species to migrate over, build nests and foster offspring. In fact, the govt are themselves PROACTIVE in encouraging migratory species to populate the RICH OASIS and SAFE ENVIRONMENT of our unique ECOSYSTEM. Yes, we are home to many species of WILDLIFE---mostly local, but increasingly foreign.

In the past there were “natural predators” to wildlife. These were the APEX PREDATORS of our culture and society. Although they could be brutal and occasionally bully business owners into paying “protection” (a form of “taxation”...i.e. revenue earned for providing good governance/ rule of law), these sam sengs and pai kias were EXCELLENT in keep the wildlife in line….especially the FOREIGN wildlife, who would occasionally fancy themselves as SUPERIOR SPECIES and intimidate and physically assault the locals.

I've said this before: we need our street gangs back. What needs to happen is a couple of wildlife bullies be beaten within an inch of their lives, maybe cut off some "non lethal" body parts, video the "procedure" and upload it; make sure it goes VIRAL….
...and I guarantee from then on foreign wildlife will think carefully before assaulting or bullying locals.

And The Singapore Brand will be intact, perhaps even increase in value!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 834am will sure NOT be disappointed after the next GE!

Depend on voting? GOT use lah!


So you are NOT wasting your time hoping lah!





Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 855

You'll find that most Asian cultures, are non PC. Which makes them more honest than the "fake nice" cultures of the current fucked up liberal, SWJ, "offended" culture in most western democracies.

Be thankful that we can still use the words "nigger" and "cheena". Be thankful we can still call people FAT and hopefully motivate them by negative reinforcement to do something to decrease their chances of premature death.

When we use hard language---what is referred in today's Idiocracy Culture as "hate speech"---there is no ambiguity as to what our feelings are at that moment.

I'm all for emotional honesty.

Fuck everyone's feelings. Suck it up motherfuckers!

Anonymous said...


U are very very innovative! Very very good!

U are 108% correct!


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 8:55am,

I used wildlife to refer to wildlife. There are migrants that are good people, talented people, and among them are also wildlife like this animal caught in Bali.

If you are not a wildlife, you don't have to be so sensitive. I am against importing of wildlife.

Anonymous said...

Introducing wildlife into Singapore is good if the locals become the hunters.

But if the locals have been trained as domesticated and tamed animals, then they will become the hunted and suffer greatly under the strong paws and sharp teeth of the savage, predatory, foreign scavengers.

The Singapore Brand is well-known all over the world as a Subservient, Disciplined, Obedient, Kiasu and Kiasi Society. Therefore, imported foreign wildlife, irrespective of whether they are from the 3rd world or western societies, already know that they can come to Singapore to be HUNTERS, PREDATORS AND TERMINATORS. That's why the Open-Legs and Offering-Asshole Policy is already taking its tolls. It will not only bring temporary benefits but also great disasters to the basic fibres of the society as a whole. It is destined to fail miserably, like many other important short-term fire-fighting policies introduced in the last three decades.

The desperate import of foreign wildlife (especially the black cobras, black panters, black ants, white vultures and eagles, yellow rattlesnakes, brown hyenas and grey flying foxes) is a result of the success of Depopulation Family-Planning Policy and the Graduate Mother Privileges Policy in reducing local talents to such an extent that became detrimental to the survival of the nation. Period.

Two wrongs cannot and will not make a right. They second wrong will only amplify the first wrong. Not solving or correcting it.

Importing wildlife from the dark wild jungles of backward environments is a sure way towards unforeseen circumstances that will bring numerous long-term disastrous ramifications.

The only viable way towards increasing a cohesive and harmonious local workforce is to increase, train, educate and equip the local population. Monetary incentives (presently glaringly insufficient) and a good work-life balance (presently only paying lip-service) are essential to help in increasing the local birth-rate. In addition to these two key factors, persistent, continuous and vigorous education to change the mindsets of local mentality, that has got used to small family units, must be implemented.

The Ministry for Education has to work hand-in-gloves with the Ministry for Social Services, Ministry for National Development and the Ministry of Women Power in order for this to succeed. No ministries can be left alone to ensure success. Therefore, the PMO should monitor, coordinate and supervise until the local birth-rate is seen to be increasing steadily over a period of ten years

Natural progression is always superior to artificial expansion. There is not easy way out. No short-cut to heaven, no matter how clever you are. Artificial intelligence is still artificial! It's not real.

Anonymous said...

Rb, u gave wrong advice now. In sg if you hantam the wife life like what they did, u go to jail while the wild life walks free as a victim lar. May be can sodomize him instead of beating him but then it's a disgusting act not many will want to do leh

Virgo 49 said...

Wah, preaching Ya Sow?

One fine day kena sodomised and rape and beaten by Wildlifes then will shout more polite terms Bastards,Motherfuckers etc.

For years these bastards wildlifes been terrorizing the Asians. Being more docile and maganimous.

So they thought still can kick and Punch them as sand bags.

The farking Brits, Aussies are the Worst kind.

Being imperialists and convicts.

Never kena these Wildlifes will preach it's impolite to call them such.

See coffins then shed tears.

The Foreign Trashes of these Whites and Black ants are just as bad.

Sinkies been practically eunuchs UNDER the Papies.

In Thailand they feed these Wildlifes to the Crocs.

Or chopped off both their arms and limbs wrigging in the sand.

Or in their prisons carrying a cement ball in chains.

Anonymous said...



Unlike 99.99999% of you who only TCSS or keyboard warrior or lip service....

So far I'm probably the only one here actually putting hard earned $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ into those places / countries that you all are praising or talking about.

I'm all about supporting high potential for profits. :)

Over the past 2 years, have been building up investment positions in Indo, Peenoi, Viet, mainland Cheena, and Hongkie. Would love to have some in Burma & Cambodia but markets too closed & illiquid. Viet market is already a challenge.

These few months will be good to continue scaling in & building up positions in SE Asia & E Asia. So far still keeping my overall allocation to these places small ... currently only about 10%.

My main allocations are still in the tried & tested War Stocks, Tech & Dividend Aristocrats.



Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...


You sounded like managing the funds in GIC or Temasek.

Anonymous said...


You are indeed an expert and a rare local talent!

Our GIC and T need you!

How about offering your services?

I think soon they may invite you to lim kopi!

imho said...

This is what all elites want the people to do : HATE (other races, religion, cultures), so that they can continue to screw the people (left, right, top, bottom) and cover their incompetency. Silly people always fall for this trick.

Anonymous said...


Aiyoh ... you talk like we're in 1985!! LOL!!!

Pls larr, as a stockbroker you shld know better. With low-cost online brokers covering international markets & vehicles like ETFs covering various countries, regions, continents, commodities, trading/investing strategies etc, it's no rocket science to invest or speculate internationally.

Just more ways to die cock stand for those who treat markets like casinos!! LOL!!!

But the main reason why stockbrokers & remeisiers have become endangered species & dying out.

@Anon 11:28am,

Like I said, even some of my ordinary friends/acquaintances achieved more investing success than me. And banks wouldn't even hire them for so-so $100K-a-year jobs (which are genuine peanuts in S'pore banking industry).

No, I'm just managing my own small 7-figure portfolio --- enough to generate sufficient income for a small family. And TH & GIC & the govt definitely won't give a fuck about me LOL!!!

And that's the way I like it --- unknown nobody to the authorities.


Anonymous said...


GOOD for you!

All the best!


Anonymous said...


You are so smart. Can share what war stocks you have now or not? Don't pull legs, please.

Anonymous said...

Top Office,
namely the Prime Minister's Office,
unfortinately is staff by the Most Inefficient and Useless jiakleowbees in Sin.
Lucky thing is that they are likely the People to send Sin to where it belongs.

Anonymous said...

Indonesia can well afford to do that, but Red Dot will be crucified by the Whites if they do the same.

During the 1998 anti Chinese riots in Indonesia how many Chinese died, but what did the West raise any protest? Now there is a lot of noise about the Rohingya issue, the treatment of Muslims in Xinjiang, the purported brutality against the Hong Kong protestors by police and how cruel the regime in China and North Korea has been.

How did Jeffrey Epstein died in prison in a country that is supposed to be the torch bearer for democracy? How can his death be an attempted suicide, when all the while he had been asking to be transferred to another location, knowing perhaps that someone had the ability to infiltrate the prison and he will not survive in that place? Now the main witness to all the crime connected to him is gone and other witnesses have been sent this sober message that they may end in the same manner, if they should come out to point fingers at all the perpetrators.

In American history, many who offended the elites or attempted to bring them to justice have all died in mysterious circumstances. Everybody knows Epstein will somehow die in prison well before it happened, because the system is such that the rich can pervert the law, the powerful can influence Judges, and material witnesses more often than not end up dead or disappear from the face of the earth altogether. Judges can even disappear if they offend the dark side and Presidents have been assassinated for going against the deep state.

Democratic principles exists only for the very rich and powerful to use, and the system had been used against the rest of the population. If you think the system works in a fair manner as compared to communist states or dictatorship, you are mistaken.

Anonymous said...

if WSG Kena invited to lim Kopi he habis liao cause once they see through his lies he will be thrown in with the tuakee and the tuakee will sodomize him jialat jialat liao😀

Anonymous said...

Hi 4.02pm

Don't say like that leh.

WSG is really an expert!

WSG is a real rare local talent.

Very very very difficult to find!

Wish him well!


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

If all the investors were like WSG, all the stock exchanges would have to close shop.
He buys one stock and kept it for more than 10 years. Yes, all the remisiers would also go out of business. He is a really looooooong term investors.

The best place for him is to manage GIC and Temasek, then our CPF funds would have gone up a few hundred times.

Anonymous said...

No, I'm just managing my own small 7-figure portfolio....
WSG 12:04 pm

7 figure on the low or high side? Or mid point?

If it is low side, say 1 or 2+ million, many ordinary Sinkies like me already achieved it (and all in cash, excluding CPF) through just only savings and FD. No need more risky investments.

And I consider myself an ordinary Sinkie doing an ordinary job with above median income. I am sure there are a lot more such Sinkies. PAP did not get 70% votes for nothing, u know.

Anonymous said...

If all the investors were like WSG, all the stock exchanges would have to close shop.
RB 7:40 pm

RB, u need to take WSG's comments with a pinch or even a tablespoon of salt lah.

Some of these commentators could well be potential IMH cases, or those who had been released from IMH. LOL

Anonymous said...

Some commentators are like wildlife on the internet, spewing vulgarities every time they talk.

Like that how to treat them seriously?

Knn said...

Wsg just needed to be sodomized to come to his senses

Anonymous said...

@Anon 7:47pm

Ehhh pondek don't talk cock lah. Last I checked with SingStat the ordinary Sinkie earns less than $5k gross monthly (don't count employer cpf).

You need to save 50% of your salary for almost 30 yrs in FDs to cross the 7-figure mark. The majority of people will take longer than 30 years becoz their starting pay is below $4k.

All readers here (including you) will likely take at least 50 years of continuous working & saving in FDs to hit 7 figures.

The challenge is to achieve 7 figures in cash before 45, fully paid property, and still have enough in CPF to meet the minimum sums (for 2019 is $233,200 for minimum sum + medisave).

Having full CPF acts as minimum life support if your investments or business or job fails --- at least you'll have basic $1400+ lifetime income plus C class health insurance.

Your FD method is OK if you want to work until 60++ (and have discipline to save half your take home pay).

Or if your salary is $20+K.

Otherwise it's a failure strategy for average ordinary Sinkie in his 20s or 30s.

Virgo 49 said...

Well said Matillah. Agreed with you the last part of having our Samsung or Sam Sengs beat the wild life within an inch of their life and have a Viral video of cutting off their limbs arms just like one Thai or Chinkee video on a wild life before assaulting or bullying our locals.

That will put them in place

Anonymous said...

12.23am u be the samseng lor and go cut off their precious instead f asking others to do. Then Guess what, the police will tangkat you and put u in jail for the rest of your life. If unlucky put together with tuakee some more Kena sodomize for life. Think about it before u doing all these silly thing and listen to Matilar who will enjoy reading the news when u get caught. I really silly dumb ass😀

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> And that's the way I like it --- unknown nobody to the authorities. <<

You added that, almost like an after thought at the end of your post. To me, this is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing. Be quiet, under the radar, don't alert anyone especially the govt. Never reveal anything, unless you use anonymity or a fake id.

The average TCSS Singaporean can't do that. Die die, they MUST show off their wealth...because why? Fucking FACE, that's why.

Should substitute the word EGO for FACE. "Lose Face" means ego pechah. "Give Face" means ego kena stroke until shiok shiok.

Once a Singaporean makes money, dun worry he/ she will announce it to the world!

Virgo 49 said...

You have not lived thru our yester years of the 50s and 60s of how our Samsungs oops Samsengs Water Margin Heros "protect" our kampong and houses from wildlifes from other kampongs and countries.

Also, many of these protectors if did not protect your ah kongs and ah ma's during the riots, many of you would not be here today.

Anonymous said...

That shall be the Glory of being smart and rich.

What other virtue or value is there other than self aggrandization ?