Rohingyas – Evil men and women at work

Evilness in this world can come from men and women in white, wearing a halo over their heads and claiming to be doing the right thing and the good thing. The Rohingyas are victims of these men and women in white robes. They are being herded back to be raped, beaten, slaughtered and butchered by their ‘host’ country.

No, the Myanmese are not the evil ones. They are doing what is needed to rid their country of a people that don’t belong, cannot belong and cannot get along with the rest of the Myanmese. The Rohingyas have no place in Myanmar. Their religion and way of life are acrimonious and in conflict with the Myanmese. They were not supposed to be there but due to political reasons and persecution.

The Rohingyas are not to be blamed. The Myanmese are not to be blamed. Both of victims of the people in white robes. The ultimate reason for a long and endearing peace without more discrimination and bloodshed is to separate the two people that are as good as oil and fire. Put them together and they would burn and self destruct.

Why is it that the people in white robes, the so called angels of peace, the ‘good’ people, the caring and compassionate people, insist of shafting the Rohingyas into Myanmar to be discriminated, attacked and killed, and not to countries that have similar religion and way of life, with people that would accept them and willing to live with them? Why aren’t Bangladesh be taking back and resettle the Rohingyas in its own land when they would blend and mixed with the same people and live as one people?

Resettling the Rohingyas in Myanmar is like resettling the Jews in Israel, a cancer to the Myanmar that would fester and grow over time and would invite more cruelties and atrocities between the two people. The solution for a better life for the Rohingyas is not in Myanmar. The Rohingyas know this and refused to go back to Myanmar where tragedies would be repeated on them and their children and the children of their children.

For God’s sake, for goodness sake, shoot the men and women in white first, for insisting in prolonging and perpetuating this tragedy on the Rohingyas. Their fake solution is no solution. Their intention is evil to the core. They are planting the seed of hate in Myanmar for Myanmar to be engulfed in racial conflict and strife forever. The Rohingyas are their pawns to cripple and destroy Myanmar. The Rohingyas can be killed, discriminated and suffered in Myanmar is non issue as long as they achieved their goal to bog down Myanmar in perpetual war with the Rohingyas.

If the world wants to save the Rohingyas, the last place to put them in is Myanmar. We are all witnesses to the evilness premediated by the men and women in white robes in sentencing the Rohingyas to an endless torture, suffering, tragedy and painful death.

Evilness has its root it fake good intention in the guise of human rights.


Anonymous said...

Actually this Rohingyas issue has been in Myanmar for a long time already. It's not jus only a matter of different faith,culture or racial issues or human rights issues, it's a mixture of all theses issues which r complicated to handle, just like the HK,Taiwan issues, all these takes lots of time, effort & wisdom or great wisdoms of the countries leaders to resolve these issues. Not even the whites or elites of the western world can resolve these issues. It will be a while to leave it or await for the "Chosen Ones" to send to this earth to solve the matter, Rohingyas may need a Moses like leader to lead them to a Promised land, probably not in Myammar or Bangladesh but maybe to China or India, let's see the coming of a Messiah.

Anonymous said...

Rohinjas are migrants from East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) and India. They moved from these two countries to anywhere that they could live peacefully, mostly in Burma and Thailand.

However, two incidents of rape in Myanmar's women have angered the locals. What happens today is the result of the two brutal rapes by Rohinjas on the Local Myanmese BUDDHIST WOMEN.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Turn Up The Volume

As I've indicated before, the tried-and-true method of bringing an end to this sort of "hostility" is to have a good old fashioned RACIAL or RELIGIOUS WAR

In fact, I encourage people from either side to start attacking and murdering each other, and wherever possible to include families, especially children in the slaughter.

C'mon Burma, you can do it. You can start a civil war. And to the dear Rohingya people: please embark on jihad as commanded by your Pedophile Prophet, peace be unto him.

Asia is one place where you can still find opportunities to incite violence based on ancient and historical hatreds and bigotry. People don't really feel guilty if they hurt or kill people of another culture which has conflicts going back hundreds or thousands of years. We Asians, love, and are SLAVES TO OUR HISTORY AND TRADITIONS.

So yeah, find a race or religion you hate, and do what your ancestors did: remove the vermin, forever.

Violence is effective! 💪👍

Anonymous said...

Breaking: YouTube blocks 210 channels from China . They accused China of coordinated propaganda broadcast of videos on the Hkg unrest. Huh. Whatever happened to freedom of speech? Isn't YouTube an open platform for individuals to do videos and exercise their rights of opinion? Remember USA accused huawei of working for the Chinese government. But now YouTube (and Facebook and Twitter) are also working for the USA govt!!! YouTube can now censor ANYBODY of speaking up (against the Hongkong Protestors) to be"Chinese propaganda". This whole attack on China is obviously also coordinated by USA. Congratulations Donald Trump, you are winning your dirty war.

imho said...

There are too many people and rotten rulers need to get rid of some people. This kind of thing happening every now and then thru wars, diseases, toxic water etc. The solution to climate change is depopulation. Be happy our gov with usa is good otherwise sinkies may be the next.

Virgo 49 said...

Worldwide Refugees caused by the Men And Women in White. Or white faces.

With their still never ending crusading minds.

However, Sinkieland MWIWs now start wearing half red or half black.

Instead they encouraging Refugees to take over the locals and kicked them out so as to entrench their power base.

Daft local sinkies to join the World Refugees Movement soonest.

Anonymous said...

For the sake of retaining power, the Dishonourable One sold off his father, mother, brother, sister, nephew and sister-in-law to the docks.

Selling off the loyal citizens/voters is small change.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 12:50pm

Don't blame him --- he learned from the father & mother hahaha!

Anonymous said...

His own father and mother also treated their fathers and mothers badly?

Anonymous said...

Though Rb stated not to Attack other poster or he will remove the post. But I still want to post this. Matilar u are real motherfucker to preach this sort of thing on murder and violence as if it's lots of fun till u are the victim of it. Imagine your Mother, Wife , sisters and daughters get violated in front of you and they also sodomize u jialat jialat in front of your family. How u feel then. Knn u are real Motherfucker and I wanted ti spit at you, pui.😰

Anonymous said...

The Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan are all of lndian Race.
Unfortunately and sadly they splitted because of internal strifes after their Colonial Master, the British was not able to contain them anymore as its power waned.

The Internal Strifes got worse as the lndian Race divided themselves by Castes and Religions.
Mainland lndia claimed by the Hindus. Pakistan and Bangladesh by the Muslim Indians and Sri Lanka by the Buddhists. Pockets of Christian lndians all over in all the different countries of the Splitted lndian Race. The Rohingya lndians was stateless and settle at Nyanmar(Burma) which belongs to the Burmese which is of a different race.
whatever strife and conflict the lndian Race have amongst themselves should NOT be blamed on any other Races
the Indian Race Themselves.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Wecan feel sorry for the Rohingyas but we must feel sorry for the Myanmars. They have no reason to want to be caught in this racial conflict. Their culture and religion are anathema to those of the Rohingyas. They should stay out of each others way.

The people trying to shaft the Rohingyas into the throats of the Myanmars are very evil indeed. Even the Rohingyas knew that this is a fake solution and they rather die where they are at the moment than to be pushed back into Myanmar.

God have mercy on the evil people trying to fix up the Rohingyas and the Myanmars. Strike them down with lightning, not the Rohingyas or the Myanmars.

The Myanmese govt must be strong and not be cowed by the evil people to accept the Rohingyas into their country.

Anonymous said...

there no brotherhood and sisterhood between the Bangladeshi and the Rohingya via Race and Faith ?

There should be Nexus via the Two Commonalities.

Anonymous said...

If Muslims from Bangladesh (East Pakistan) refused to accept their fellow Muslim brothers and sisters into their country, that drove them out in the first place, how can the UN force a Buddhist country to allow these same Muslims into their midst, knowing from past experiences that they will not be able to adept and assimilate themselves into the Myanmese society?

Anonymous said...

What is the ulterior motive of the people who sit at the top of the UN Secretariat? Or are they people without brains?

Anonymous said...

Why is the UN keeping silent while Turkey deports the Syrian refugees? And probably expose these refugees to certain hardships, sufferings and inhuman treatments, and certain death?

Anonymous said...

If I am not wrong the Rohinnga were from Bangladesh and ago long longt moved over to the south side of Burma where few people lived. In those days border control was rather fuzzy (imagine no GPS) and lax. The Rohinnga did not give trouble so they existed in pockets of wasteland so ulu and far away that the govt of Myanmar could not bother. As time passed their population increased, and border check became more strict. But it was difficult for mynamar to extract them as they claim they have been there for so long and nobody asked them to leave so they felt they have rights.. Bangladesh do not want them either because these are large number of poor people with nothing to contribute to an already impoverished country. In this instance I don't think it is the USA want to meddle with their usual divide and conquer antics. Mynamar has little strategic significance to USA. There is no one to blame, not even the UN. This Rohinnga issue is very difficult to solve, both sides are wrong. It is no point to blame the USA or condemn the UN.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Singapore can bring all these hungry foreign talents here to do jobs Singaporeans did not want. No need to look further and the consequences when they stay and breed. It would add to the vibrant multi culture and religion and racial composition here.

Win, win, win and win formula. Can raise population and raise economic growth some more.

Virgo 49 said...

Singaporeans can then rent out their rooms, flats or condos and just cook their stocks and shares daily and no need to work.

Those with 200$ or 300$ old NEA hawkers licenses can also rent their stalls at 2 to 3K to the new hawkers just like our Capital Land Developers Malls. They also become big time REIT owners and no need to work.

What's a talented thinking government we have.

Singaporeans really good lifes all as planned by our hard thinking government.

Think they deserved their million dollars salaries as proclaimed by HO Ching.