Hong Kong - Protesters telling the truth?

Hong Kong protesters rally at airport to share 'the truth'

This is the statement the demonstrators occupying Hong Kong international airport are trying to say to the visitors. The kids claimed that Hong Kong is ruled by 'tyranny and police brutality'. Is that the truth? The world have previews of all the demonstration rallies and could see how violent the protesters were, I mean the kids. They attacked policemen and police stations, ransacked Parliament and govt offices. There were violence and rioting on the streets. These are lawless mobs, burning, beating people and policemen and destroying properties.

The fact that no one die was due to the restraints of the police. The protesters should be grateful to the police for their mercy.

Now, what truth are they trying to say? The truth is that Hong Kong is a tiny bit of China. China would not allow Hong Kong to go independent or break away. Period. A Hong Kong that is independent and under the influence of the West, would be a malignant growth, a cancer in the throat of China. This is never to happen at any cost, just like Taiwan would not be separated from China and to allow the West to use it to create mischief for China. It is impossible, a lost cause from the start. China would lock down Hong Kong if needed to, destroyed, but would never allow it to become a western base to undermine China's interests.

The rioting kids, and the lunatic adults hiding behind them, think they have the Americans and the West supporting them and they can run wild to wrestle Hong Kong from China. They think that world opinion would help them to win their cause.

The cost of this lunacy would be their lives and the future of Hong Kong as a thriving financial centre of China. 

Today, Hong Kong is dispensable. Everything Hong Kong does can be replicated and replaced by other cities of China. 

Today, China is not a downtrodden poor country easily invaded by foreign forces. 

Today, China is able to match the Americans in every way in a major war. 

Today, the Chinese people are united and the thought of becoming a colony and subjects of a foreign power is shameful, disgraceful and unacceptable.

When China was poor and weak, they stood up to fight the Americans and 22 countries combined in the war against American Imperialism in Korea and won. Today, China would turn Americans and another 22 countries, if the Americans could gather, into minced meats. What is 1m lunatics running wild in the streets of Hong Kong? China could pour in 2m volunteers to flood the streets of Hong Kong and suffocate the mobs with a snap of the finger, and the Americans and the West could do nothing about it.

These are the truths that the mobs need to know. They are disposable and dispensable gun fodder. The only way for them going forward is to migrate to their western countries of choice and be subjects of the western countries. Hong Kong does not need them and they have no place in Hong Kong.  Hong Kong is China.

PS. There is a general belief that the Hongkongers are street smart. So, do they believe that China would let Hong Kong to go independent when the stake is so high? Who managed to convince them, to con them to believe that this is possible? Even if a lot of lives would have to be put down, China would face it and do it to keep Hong Kong as part of China. Hongkongers could not see this hard truth and believe it could be otherwise because some Europeans or bananas told them so?

After a few life times of being controlled and indoctrinated by the West, the Hongkongers forgot that they are as Chinese as the Chinese in China. They forgot that they could rule themselves and run their own country but still clinging to be ruled by Britain and be slaves of the Brits.

Communism is bad, Chinese is bad. There is no successful democratic country in the world. The 'successful' western democracies were successful because of Imperialism and colonialism when they controlled and fed off from their ex colonies and exploited the rest of the world by unfair economic system. Today, without their ex colonies, one by one the western democracies are failing. The USA economy is waiting to implode. The European democracies are going bust one by one and China is stepping in to save them. What an irony. But stupid Hongkongers still could not see the truth.

The rise of China and the demise of the West is a certainty.


Anonymous said...

I was in Hong Kong recently and this is what I witnessed.

A courageous woman was pulling down a lennon wall on a street in Hong Kong and dumping the contents into a rubbish bin when she was surrounded and threatened by rioters. She said in cantonese:

"I am not afraid of you people. You are all good for nothing trouble makers. Where were you when the Japs attacked China and Hong Kong?"

The group of thugs were speechless. There were no answers.

These are the kind of useless thugs and hooligans running wild in Hong Kong and intent on destroying what their parents so assiduously built over so many years.


Virgo49 said...

British Foreign Minister shouted for an enquiry into their Instigated HK Riots.

What's baloney!

Own country in shits and recession and depression soon of their coming BREXIT and still wants to kaypoh.

Anonymous said...


Sg is the BEST-est!

Correct? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Hong Kong kids

Don't give up! You go, get your way!

Children, are the FUTURE.

I decided long ago
Never to walk in anyone's shadows
If I fail, if I succeed
At least I'll live as I believe
No matter what they take from me
They can't take away my dignity

Sing it loud, Hong Kong. Fuck your opressors off. Your future, your choice. 😂

imho said...

Throughout histories, there were numerous rebellions. Those that succeeded will be called revolutions. Its normal that at some point people will rebel because those with power abused their power. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Who wanna rebel if everyone has nice house, car, job and family? The politico class always bully the peasant class irregardless NSEW, skin color, race, religion. Its pollies vs peasants everywhere.

Anonymous said...

I think the police should arrest more of the mob as currently they think there is no cost involved doing all these silly things holding USA flags and singing. They should be put in jail together with the tuakee and let the tuakee sodomize them jialat jialat then see how tough are they then😰

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ "outdated thinking" 1108

>> I think the police should arrest more of the mob as currently they think there is no cost involved doing all these silly things holding USA flags and singing. They should be put in jail together with the tuakee and let the tuakee sodomize them jialat jialat then see how tough are they then <<

This is EXACTLY WHY the young people are rebelling. It is against this type of outdated, very "cheena", bastardized version of Confucianism.

Thankfully the bad ideas of previous generations die along as the perpetrators of those ideas get older less significant and eventually VANISH forever.

Young people of HK, you need to HOLD THE LINE, just long enough for the old fucks with bad ideas DIE and disappear for good.

What would Bruce Lee do?

Anonymous said...

Matilar u old silly fucker. Why don't u go hong Kong to demonstrate in the front line and not act like CIA to be at the back. I hope u Kena arrested and as a small botak, if u Kena sodomized by the tuakee don't think u can last so u may die in jail with a broken ass. Knn think about it u motherfucker.😀

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

"Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ "outdated thinking" 1108

>> I think the police should arrest more of the mob as currently they think there is no cost involved doing all these silly things holding USA flags and singing. They should be put in jail together with the tuakee and let the tuakee sodomize them jialat jialat then see how tough are they then <<

This is EXACTLY WHY the young people are rebelling. It is against this type of outdated, very "cheena", bastardized version of Confucianism...."

There is nothing outdated about this kind of thinking. What do you think the Americans are thinking, the Brits and Aussies are thinking in their threats and attacks at China and the rest of the world?

Only silly bananas, with no country and no ancestors and no pride in their own race would think this is silly. The protesters are loonies, shameless traitors to their motherland and to their ancestors.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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imho said...

Communism is like imperial rule. Democratic (fake or not) is the only way forward otherwise will see rebellion after rebellion and many more will suffer. China has went thru many rebellions and many have mati. Angmo long time already understood that making people think they have a say (vote) in politico process will minimise rebellion. Democratic is a perception.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

Nah mate. We won't be around that much longer. Our bad old ideas will DIE with our generations. Gone forever, the way it is supposed to be.

The kids will have their way. They have better ideas. Fresher. New. Untested. ie.: Experimental. Hong Kong has a culture of street fighting. And western values.

Bruce Lee was a banana. 🤣

How Bruce Lee and street fighting in Hong Kong helped create MMA

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

imho said...

Communism is like imperial rule. Democratic (fake or not) is the only way forward otherwise will see rebellion after rebellion and many more will suffer. China has went thru many rebellions and many have mati. Angmo long time already understood that making people think they have a say (vote) in politico process will minimise rebellion. Democratic is a perception.
August 12, 2019 1:10 pm

This kind of thinking is so naive. The reality today is that China has made Communism successful, or more accurately Socialism with Chinese characteristics successful and a model for the new world. The western democratic modern is failing and the West know and desperately clinging to a dying system. India is an excellent example of a failing democracy. And the fiction of democratic right is just a perception only daft could not tell the difference.

China has gone thru many rebellion and the only successful rebellion that made China rich and power is this last rebellion, Communism and Socialism. If China would to go the Indian way of democracy, China would still be the Sick Man of Asia and the West would love China as their poor cousin.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, other kids may have refreshing ideas, but not the loonies in Hong Kong.

As for Bruce Lee, he was a banana but he has pride in his Chineseness and in being Chinese. He went back to find his roots in Hong Kong. He went back to Hollywood to tell the West that he was Chinese, 我是中国人. And the angmohs respected him for it, to be proud of who one is, of one's origin and civilisation.

Even LKY was a banana that turned to acknowledge that he was a Chinaman after all. Remember how he dressed in pride the Chinese jacket to tell the world that he was a China man too. Not like some silly shallow thinking bananas dunno wearing what and proud of what?

Anonymous said...

China should come up with new ideas on controlling the protesters/rioters. Tear gas and rubber bullet are outdated, maybe effective only for westerners but not HKers.

Anonymous said...

Their water cannons are still undergoing road trials while Hong Kong is burning!

The usually capable Hongkis are suddenly so inept.

Bring out the water cannons, with identification dye and tear searing jet water delivering kickass knockout power and we'll see how long the madness lasts.

Finally, let out the PLA riot control professionals who has been training so hard since the handover and see how effective they are. The rioting boys and girls will be crying for their mamas.

Everyone will be back in school by the following weekend after the walloping.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

One poor girl already blinded by rubber bullet. Hope this is a lesson for the ignorant fools to understand that this is no play play. People can get killed or hurt badly.

All the parents must be worried now.

Anonymous said...


Ok lah, still got another eye mah. Moreover still alive, still got 2 legs 2 arms. Relak lah.

Anonymous said...

The girl from I read is not caused by rubber bullet. It was by something else . There are video circulating
But not confirmed. The Press as usual blows it up and the rest was taken over by the the Pro American/British
Rioters. There was hardly any report on the petrol bomb a policeman was attacked. Bias reporting by media’s
is common also in HK.

Frog Outside Glass said...
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Frog Outside Glass said...

Hongkong - Soft Has Failed, Hard Must Result

Present Situation:

The Hongkies Government has been too soft. Carrie Lam only knows how to carry "lampa" but does not know how to govern. She had better return home and be a good housewife and good mother instead of a lousy politician. She has disgraced Hongkies, not only based on the last 100 years history under the Evil British Empire but the Chinese people within China's six thousand years history.

The seemingly innocent and peaceful protesters have become emboldened by her inactions and wrong actions, and they have become lawless, uncontrollable and wild. From peaceful processions to violent riotings, ransacking the sacrosanct Parliament, the Police Headquarters, the Chinese Liaison Office (meaning Embassy in foreign terms), stopping buses and trains. Demonstrating in the International Airport in an unruly manner and got pilots and airport ground-staff involved. Attacking and injuring the police. Desecrating the national flag and carry foreign flags of USA, UK and Canada. Denouncing and disgracing own national anthem but praise and sing foreign national anthems.

From wanting to stop the bill of extradition from being passed to wanting full democracy (i.e. demo-crazy). From wanting full democracy to wanting independence from China. From wanting independence from China to wanting to continue to be a Colony of UK. Such traitorous demands should be stopped without any more negotiations nor show of restrains. Only hard and realistic measures can stop this madness from going on and on.

HK Economy:

Week after week, these lawless rioters (no more protesters) rampage on without respite, interfering with businesses and daily life of commoners. It has been going on for the last two months and become more and more violent, outspread and wild. How long can this go on? What about the other Hongkies? Won't their livelihoods be affected? Don't they want the peace that have enjoyed before? Or they also condone such behaviour - which they claim is for the future of Hongkong? What if Hongkong's economy collapsed? Is it for the future of Hongkong?

Psychological Warfare:

China's Central Government should not do anything except to station more troops near Hongkong in case foreign interventions are envisaged. Let the Hongkies destroy their own city and destroy their own livelihoods.

Another two months of such disgraceful behaviours, lying, rioting and resorting to violence will see the Hongkies economy crumbles and the businessmen and secret societies coming out to take revenge. The police should just declare curfew and layoff their hands and standby to watch. The government should close down all the hospitals and public amenities claiming that nobody wanted to work in such a dangerous situation.


After that Carrie Lam should be replaced. Whoever takes over can then declare a state of emergency and request troops assistance from China's Central Government. The troops should go on house to house arrest during the curfew hours. Do "cordon and search" together with the police. Make arrests of all the leaders, disloyal policemen, disloyal civil servants and revolting lawyers and judges. No stone should be left unturned.


Make sure all oppositions are 100% wiped out. Set this out as an example for all other cities in China and in the world to see. This is a tiny price to pay for the long-term peace, prosperity and progress of a Nation of 1.5 billion people!

China's Central Government declares the "One Country, Two Systems" approach has failed miserably. Then absorb Hongkong into the mainland's system - the Only One System That Works For the last 75 years.

The Only One System that has brought 600 million people out of poverty within a very short period of 35 years - a remarkable feat that no other country, not even USA, has ever done so in the history of mankind ......

QED (Quite Easily Done)

Anonymous said...

Good and Practical Suggestion.
Hongkies should not be treated any differently from the Mainlanders.
They deserve no privilege.

In fact,
the Hongkies should have been put under more control and surveillance due to their long administration and exposure to the angmos.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Frog Outside Glass,

Morning, think you are too harsh on Carrie Lam. She is doing exactly what you expect of her, let Hong Kong rot. The West have been watching the situation like a hawk, waiting for bloodshed to say, another Tiananmen. Very likely she has been told to just hold the position, defend but not attacking the rioters. Let the rioters get wilder, run a rampage, burn and kill, let the world see how ugly and violent are the rioters.

Then world opinion will change. The silent majority Hongkongers would also rise against the mobs. Then PLA can come in and wipe them up.

I think that is the plan and Carrie should not be blamed for being too soft and inaction. China is waiting for all the masterminds hiding behind to expose themselves before pulling in the net.

Anonymous said...

Give some people enough rope and they will hang themselves with it, sooner or later, goes the saying.

Frog Outside Glass said...

12,000 para-military police are conducting anti-riots drills in Shenzhen.

Hundreds of armoured vehicles and tanks are now deployed in Shenzhen city area.

China is getting ready to move in sooner than later.

When the HK International Airport has to close down for three days and thousands of flights cancelled, this means the situation has come to a decisive critical point.

I strongly believe that by now China and the HK Governments know who the masterminds and instigators are. If not, then their intelligence agencies must be sleeping.

If Carrie Lam has been a strong and wise political leader, there would not be a protest in the first place and if there was a protest, she would not have allowed it to develop into the present state of chaos. She would have nipped it at the bud (or butt). The fact that she came out to opely apologise twice means she is really weak. A strong politician will never apologise, even if she makes a mistake of giving orders to kill a few hundred wild demonstrators who injured the police and desecrated the national flags.

What Carrie Lam is doing now is to follow the orders from the Central Government. Her hands are obviously tied. She does not think independently in the interests of Hongkong. This is called "carry lampar". Not competency and efficiency.

Anonymous said...

Remember we had long discussion here many moons ago.... You once working for SXXCO and me Lockheed. We might a possibility had met sometime in the 70's, anyway the situation in HK not good. The Americunt determines regime changes in HK and China. My opinions’ China should let HK die a slow death while replace HK with Shanghai and Shenzhen. I was in HK for 2-yrs, back than still under British colonial ruled thing were just as bad and expensive. My schoolmate and I rented a small toilet behind the house with two bunk beds (top & bottom) for about HK$300 in Tsim Sha Tsui Kowloon.

Here something might interest you....

A Rare Insight into CIA operations in Hong Kong


Hard evidence: US subsidises violence in Hong Kong


Senior bullied in HK Airport


Cheers JC

alak said...

Just saw a clip on the Online Citizen reinforcing the biased Western reporting that the Hong Kong Police are aggressively pursuing the protesters. To be fair, any footage should show the complete picture of unruly mobs running wild and not just focus on the police response.
In similar situations in the West, the police would use maximum force to quell the riots and restore order quickly. Just like in the 1972 Bloody Sunday Massacre in Northern Ireland, when a protest march turned ugly and the army stepped in after the police failed to control the riots. British Army soldiers shot 28 unarmed civilians, fourteen of whom were killed outright. And in the 1992 Los Angeles riots, thousands of US Army soldiers and Marines were deployed and authorised to use deadly force on the protesters.

Anonymous said...

Who Is Bias Yo Who?

A mainland Chinese tourist has been sentenced to 4 weeks' jail for defacing the US consulate in Hong Kong in response to so-called foreign meddling in anti-government protests.

Unemployed Qin Jing-jun, 37, tried to spray a slogan in Chinese on the front gate of the US Diplomatic Mission in HK.

The Judge dismissed the defence lawyer’s claim that Qin had acted on a momentary impulse

Qin had pleaded guilty and he said he did it to show his discontent against so-called foreign meddling in the city’s recent anti-government protests.

Qin attempted to spray “China will prevail” in Chinese on the front gate of the consulate on August 18, HK's Eastern Court heard.

But he was intercepted by a security guard before having the chance to spray the word “prevail” and was subsequently arrested by a police officer who arrived on the scene.

Why nobody was arrested, charged and jailed in such a speedy sense of urgency in th last two months of rioting, damaging of public properties, attacking and injuring the police, rampaging the parliament, beseighing the Police HQ and many other police stations, creating havoc in the International Airport resulting in closing down the airport for two days, illegally stopping public buses and trains, defacing and destroying the national flag, belittling the national anthem, damaging the China Liaison Office, etc.?

So, really, who is on which side? Are the HK police and judges in China side or on US side? Is HK part of China or part of US?

Who is bias?

Unknown said...

Tell that to the Iraqis.