Kim Jong Nam – another untalented western report

A Reuter report came out with a new idea about the reason why Kim Jong Nam was killed by North Korea, that he was a CIA spy. The previous theory offered by Washington was that he was critical of the Kim Dynasty and thus an order to assassinate him by Kim Jong Un. How plausible are these untalented and biased western view, all with one central position, he was killed by his half brother.

One glaring point about Kim Jong Nam was his finance. North Korea is not a rich country and he had been living in ‘exile’ for so long outside North Korea and supposedly living a life of a rich play boy and gambler. This supposedly lavish decadent life style is not cheap and needed a continuous supply of cash. Where did he get his money? Even if he was useful to the CIA, but unlikely to be of much use as he was outside North Korea, CIA would not and could not finance this kind of wasteful expenditure. And if he was an outcast of North Korea, Kim Jong Un would not be funding him. But it was obvious that he had a lot of money to spend, meaning that North Korea was the likely source. No other country would support the wild spending of a non entity.

The two supposedly murderers of Kim Jong Nam have been released unconditionally. What happened, no crime committed? Know how silly Asian leaders are, and how they would love to kiss the ass of the USA, if they know that it was the act of North Korea, they would happily put the two suspects to death, to be in the good book of the USA.

For them to release the suspects is likely because they knew North Korea was innocent, and the whole allegation was fabricated. Very likely they knew that it was the work of the Americans. Thus released everyone to close the case.

The point is that Kim Jong Nam had a lot of money to spend…doing nothing? I still stick to the position that he was working for North Korea, for his half brother, to do all the money laundering to bring hard cash for North Korea to pay for their imports. He was murdered by the Americans just to put the blame on Kim Jong Un and to paint the latter as a cold blooded murderer. This is the only consistent story, kill Kim Jong Nam and blame Kim Jong Un, and smear Kim Jong Un.

What does it say when Trump called this ‘cold blooded murderer’ a nice chap, and willing to meet with him and calling it brotherly love? Because Trump knew that all the badmouthing and smearing of Kim Jong Un were the works of the Americans.

Of course our resident funny, sometime crazy critic would disagree as he totally agree and accept all the allegations made by the Americans, that Kim Jong Un is a murderer, a womaniser, a very bad person. He would not say any bad about Trump’s sexual exploits and groppings. The latest smear campaign was that several of the negotiators of the Trump Kim Summit, including Kim Jong Un’s sister, were executed only to withdraw the allegation when they reappeared one after another.

See how talented or untalented are the western reports, how reliable or unreliable are their so called objective and highly regarded main media, and stupid experts that were actually generating fake news and misinformation to manipulate the readers and published world wide in many main media as facts, as worthy news!

Are these main media so gullible or told or paid to report it? 

I hope by now everyone reading western media would treat them with high suspicion, that most of them are white lies, propaganda and mischiefs.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Too complicated,

Come, let me simplify so we can enjoy the “free entertainment” put on by stupid Nation States (which are humankind’s worst invention)

Presenting Spy Vs Spy.

Please lah, don’t give the CIA or James Bond all the credit. Humans have been spying on each other for THOUSANDS of years. Sun Tzu mentions the need for military intelligence. Ancient Egyptian artifacts reveal developments in espionage and statecraft.
Cartoons like Spy vs Spy reduce espionage to the comical absurdity our Social Ape Species developed so that one group could have an advantage over another group...aka Human Nature working just fine, in one of its unique entertaining ways

BTW I support any organisation which perpetuates white lies and propaganda. Gullible people are most prone to believing in such fictions, which often ruins their lives and eventually removes them and their BAD GENES from our species. Unfortunately murder is against the law, but let’s be honest, some people should just be KILLED for the good of the species. 🤡😂

Virgo49 said...

If the Western Media or the Americunts were to claim that Kim is killed because he is a CIA agent then they be shooting at their own feet.

In a way, they admitting that they are the World's worse scoundrels who kept spying and stirring shits on others.

Even have other nationalities spying on their own. Traitous lots like the ex South Koreans now acting as interpreters for that Dotard when he met up with Kim.

All three traitors who were now Americunts nationalities.

So how can they kept singing that Huawei is spying for China when they are the biggest culprits in the World.

Anonymous said...

The two women did not kill Kim Jung-Nam. Someone else killed him with VX nerve gas.

The two women were used as a decoy to throw off the police and the investigators.

The substance (VX nerve gas) that killed Kim Jung-Nam is more deadly than than the substance (Novichok nerve agent) that almost kill Sergei Skripal (former KGB agent turned Double-agent spying for UK in the 1990's and early 2000's).

If the two women (or one of them only) had applied the VX nerve gas on Kim Jung-Nam, how come they were not harmed or suffered from some side-effects.

The police could not find any trace of the VX nerve gas on the body or handbags of these two women at all. This shows that none of the two women had came into close contact with the VX nerve gas.

To me, it looks like the works of the CIA for the murder of Kim Jung-Nam. Saying that Kim Jung-Nam was a CIA operative is to throw off suspicion that in fact CIA was responsible for the murder.

Correct me if I am wrong.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Mahathir knew the truth and he is no stooge of the US. That is why Malaysia released the two women.

Possible he was killed by the CiA after the North Koreans found out that he was working for the US. They have to kill him to cut off links to the CIA. And blaming KIm was the most convenient and logical way out that everybody will believe. Or so it seems.