5G - The end of American dominance in IT

30 May 2019, the Brits have announced the installation and use of 5G network in 6 major UK cities with Huawei technology. This is the biggest confirmation of the superiority of Huawei's 5G and the biggest support for the most advanced IT technology of today and tomorrow. The strategic minded Brits have seen what is the future installed for them and the world and are rushing forward to embrace this technology with first mover advantage. The Brits are celebrating this historic moment with big fanfare. The Americans are shock into disbelief.

Britain is the first country in the world to use Huawei's 5G network, ahead of China. Once the customers have used 5G, they would not want to go back to slow moving 4G any more. There is no going back to Stone Age of IT. British EE telecom company is switching 5G network in 6 cities and another 7 cities on the way by another telecom company, Vodafone. 16 British cities would be connected in this phase of implementation.

This big step forward would not go unnoticed and the floodgate would be forced wide open in Europe with Germany, France and Italy not going to be left behind. They would not only want to join in the 5G race but would want to be one up on Britain. No one would want to be left behind. The rest of the world would follow suit and the walls built by the Americans would crumple faster than the time it took to build.

The Americans cannot stop the advance of human kind and would be in a dilemma, to follow or to be left behind are two options that would slap them in the face.

We are watching the end of an era of American world dominance and the beginning of a new era with the Americans playing the role of a reluctant loser frantically throwing everything it could to block this development, to hold back its allies from joining the 5G race, but in vain. The power of 5G is too formidable and desirable to refuse. Resistance if futile.

Never have the Americans been caught in such a pathetic and embarrassing and losing position, choosing to be left behind in their arrogance and silly pride and belief that they are still in control of the world.

Bye bye America, lightning speed. 5G is not going to wait for anyone, not for the Americans. The blocking of Huawei's mobile phone is only a tiny sideshow. Huawei's strength is in 5G and mobile phone is a small part of its business. Huawei is the way.

PS, Google, Wifi, JEDEC etc are reinstating Huawei's membership or reconsidering their earlier decisions not to do business with Huawei. The unreasonable banning of Huawei by the US is intolerable and hurting the business of many American companies and companies around the world.


Anonymous said...

In trying to stay number one by using vicious means to prevent another nation from progressing, Americans ought to feel ashamed of themselves.

Financial Times Martin Wolf described the Americans' efforts as unconscionable (unethical, amoral, immoral, unprincipled, indefensible, outrageous, preposterous, monstrous, wrong).

Anonymous said...

Rb, U.K. Is too far away from us. Can you write a piece on sg 5g development. I think sg is scared of offending the American so from press they are working with Nokia and Ericsson. Malaysia is working with Hua Wei, I am afraid we may be overtaken by the Malaysian soon.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Mahathir is very clear in how the world is developing and who is the devil, the primitive people killing people through wars. He will go for the winners and the moral ones.

Singapore has been sleeping with the devil for too long and unable to break out from this trap. Singapore will sink with the devil if it does not extradite itself from this trap quickly.

Yes, Malaysia is jumping into the China growth engine with eyes wide open. Singapore is still stuck with the Evil Empire with eyes wide shut. Singapore deserves to be destroyed for sleeping with the devil. A willing semi colony of the Evil Empire.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

"5G - The end of American dominance in IT"

No lah absolute motherfucking nonsense written by an ignoramus, who doesn't grasp the idea of "redundancy" (nor understands the IT HARDWARE industry) which is central to the thinking in I.T., since the whole damn world and everything in it is run by computers.

5G roll out in sleepy kampung like Graveyard-By-The-Sea Perth has already around 70% of the metro area covered by blazing fast 5G, the overpriced 5 G phone are walking out of the stores lah as everyone wants to connect and they don't mind paying a higher price for the handsets. No Huawei gear is used here as Australia was THE FIRST cuntry to BAN Huawei hardware in its telco networks. They banned it even before Trump became president.

Tech is a global phenomenon. Even if the USA "loses" it's top spot in tech, it doesn't matter because tech is very much spread out evenly with low barriers for entry for new players, and there are ALWAYS new players. It's come to the point that everything in our lives DEPENDS ON TECH somewhere in the causal chain, which makes it too DANGEROUS to centralize either in the production, distribution or control. Adaptation and change are very quick too, which is why prices start out very high but within a matter of a year or two, the fall drasrtically and within 5 or 10 years it is so cheap it's often just given away.

The world will have 5G with or without "original" players. The tech world adapts quickly. Money, big money is to be made, new patents are to be filed, traders are waiting to trade the shares...plenty of SELF INTEREST driving the dynamics.

However, I am going to wait a bit. I am not convinced that the radiation is safe. 5G uses short-wavelength electromagnetic radiation (EM), i.e. higher frequency( than 4G), which is in the IONIZING area of the EM spectrum, "Ionization" is a process when hi energy radiation "knocks out" electrons from their orbits, altering the physical structure of matter.

In the case of human cell tissue, knocking out electrons from the atoms which make up DNA can cause cancer. So I'm going to hold off buying one of those handsets and putting it next to my ear or carry in my pocket next to my balls, until studies indicate that the risks are acceptable. ☠️

Virgo49 said...

Huawei and Dubai signed an over sized 5G contract. The order is close to 50 billion yuan, and in the next 5 years, it will be the world's leading 5G project for Dubai network construction. To celebrate this moment, the King of Dubai decided to put a 3-minute exclusive advertisement (1 million US dollars) for Huawei's latest flagship mobile phone P30 for free in the first tower of Burj Khalifa, and ordered all the surrounding buildings to be blacklight. Once again, this advertisement was given to Huawei by the King of Dubai for free.



Anonymous said...

All RF radiations and Microwave radiations, irrespective of high band or low band, or very low band (worst of all because they behave just like invisible creeping thieves undetectable in short period of time) cause damage to healthy living cells. Tests carried out on plants and animals proved beyond a doubt that they alter, damage, maim or killed the plant and animal cells when exposed directly (located close to the source of radiation) over a prolonged period of six months to two years.

When people tell you that they have tested and it's fine. Never believe such irresponsible company-sponsored mouth-piecem. They are criminals who ought to be put away from the human race. Because of money, they will say and do anything. Such people have no moral nor ethics, nor laws.

Anonymous said...

Sinkieland has "secretly" banned China's 5G and obstructed the import of 5G equipment. As such, Sinkies will not enjoy the 5G technology of China.

Sinkieland may adopt US approved 5G technology (not from China) in a latter time.

The present Huawei phones being sold in the Sinkieland market are still 4G technology.

Temasick Ho's-ding controls everything in the private sector.

Unknown said...

The Rising Power of China's Blue Water Fleet?

A Task Force of Chinese warships, comprising 700 troops and three vessels, sailed peacefully into the Sydney Harbour while the Australian PM was visiting the Solomon islands and during the Shangrila Dialogue being held in Singapore, when the Chinese National Defence Minister was present.

The vessels were the Kunlun Shan, a Yuzhao class landing ship; the Luoma Lake replenishment ship and Xuchang, a modern frigate that is believed to be fitted with surface-to-air missile and anti-submarine missile system.

It is understood that the Chinese Naval Task Force has been going round the world, to various ports of call over a relatively long period of time. Perhaps, as a prelude to something bigger, to immitate the U.S. exertion on freedom of navigation?

Would China be able to match the US in military power? No. I doubt so. Not in the next 20 years.

Anonymous said...

The tech world will have to adopt 5G sooner or later. Not just for smartphones, but for every other thing in our lives that has to do or depend on technology. Even the US that talks and propagate so much negative image about 5G, is going to adopt 5G in time.

The present much ado about nothing about 5G is really a ploy to pull back Huawei and allow Ericson and Nokia, among others, to catch up. Then the gravy train will pull along nicely with everyone on board when the time comes.

Of course the one out in front has all the advantages - the market being the most important. And it is good that there are others catching up because that is how innovation improves. And consumers benefit. Without innovation, no matter how big the company or name is, it will loose and disappear, like Kodak for example.

Anonymous said...

Matilar, Knn u know 5g or not? As a 5g engineer, I know you know shit. Even if you out your phone nearby, your balls will be fried too.

Unknown said...

Humans Are Both Clever And Stupid Simultaneously

Humans' cleverness invent and create new technologies to help themselves to do work faster, more efficiently and more productively.

Humans' stupidity think that those technologies and scientific advancements they invented are useful and help them make tons of money; and so they neglect the accompanying long-term negative-effects. They even pay lucratively to specialists, scientists, researchers and advertisers to write only positive reports to debunk the truths so that the millions of idiots in the streets will buy and use their products.

The truth is that microwaves affect all living cells, especially the reproductive cells - especially the sperms and human eggs (ovum) that are not yet form in the testicles or ovaries.

The DNA of these sperms and eggs are in the blood stream that circulate around the body unprotected, while those in the testicles and ovaries are produced from the radiation.

What Will happen to those non-protected DNA of those Sperms and Ovums still not yet formed when exposed to continuous bombardments of microwaves? The effects will not be instantly felt by you. It is your descendents who will have to endure the physical or mental defects due to the effects of the radiations.

In time to come, humans will be exterminated by the technology they created:

1. Nuclear bombs.

2. Neutron bombs.

3. Microwave radiations.

4. Genetically modified products, e.g durian, apple, orange, corn, soya, grapes, potatoes, tomatoes, wheat, etc.

5. Chemically treated water.

6. AI robotics.

Unknown said...

Typo errors: Replace para 4 with The following:

The DNA of these sperms and eggs are in the blood stream that circulate around the body are unprotected from the radiation, while those in the testicles and ovaries are protected.

Anonymous said...

5G facing obsolescence. Now R&D into 6G already.

Too Smart Becomes Stupid said...

Malaysia will jump onto the bandwagon of China's advancement because Malaysia has not reached First World. So too is China.

Since Singapore has already reached First World status, it does not need to follow China. Singapore should follow First World US of Asses and continue with 4G networks.

Singapore should not follow India also. India is still Third World. If Singapore imports too many 363rd rate talents from Third World India, Singapore will inevitably revert to Third World Status. And that will be tragic.

How to become a Smart City when your leaders are too smart until they become stupid? What makes them become stupid? Two ingredients:

1. Too easy life - no competition in their career paths; plain sailing, success guaranteed.

2. Too much money (OPM) to spend.

3. Too high salary and lucrative easy bonuses.

4. Group-Think leads to in-breeding.

5. Fear of losing their comfortable, easy and lucrative job, status, fame and position, therefore dare not challenge the stagnated status quo.

6. Having a citizenry of obedient, subservient and cowardly characters that keep voting for status quo.

Those are the main reasons why very smart leaders can become stupid. Stupidity by choice not by design.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Radiation risk 611,

Sure, there are many things about tech which are dangerous to human biology. Cars are a danger to human biology, as are planes, and junk food, as well as a lifestyle...and they all, have tech---a lot of tech---embedded in there somewhere. However, we still use these things because without tech, no modern life as we know it is possible. Therefore we set parameters of what the acceptable levels of risk are, and modify our use of tech and the design of the technologies to fall within those "acceptable limits of risks".

The idea of just shutting down everything or banning all GMO foods---just because "they pose RISKS"--- will END modern civilizations in horrible ways. People love their smartphones, social media, and freedom to shop, eat and "create experiences". Without tech, none of these are even remotely possible. We're stuck in it. No way out. The only way is forward...radiation, Frankenfood, synthetic bio-organisms, "grey goo" from nanotechnology...whatever.

@ Bring on the 6G, 717

Yes, research is continuing and gathering pace with 6G. Reason: the growth of AI. 6G networks will be specifically for AI, and AI to AI communications (you can imagine the huge amounts of data).

I look at some of the young Blockchain engineers and early adopters out there. They are in their mid to late 20s, and are completely conversant with the technology. By 2024 (5 years) they'll be in their thirties and have grown their nascent blockchain startups into "brand names" that don't exist yet.

So we'll have huge growth and ADAPTATION of:

1. AI and Deep Machine Learning
2. 6G network technology to handle the vast amounts of data used by AI and their Deep Machine Learning (also have vast Data Pools by then too, there will be new ways to structure data, and new ways to use UNstructured data...and shit we haven't even thought about yet)
3. Blockchain---used by AI for "smart contracts" and "proof of work".

The new economy will be base on Blockchain, and it will DWARF the real world economy for many reasons, but one I find quite funny: AI will be earning and p[aying each other for "work". and it will be some kind of token....like Ethereum or what.

So you calculate lah....this kind of "buying and selling" done by AIs with each other will occur billions of times a second. How much do you think this economy will be worth? 🤑

@ 344

>> Matilar, Knn u know 5g or not? As a 5g engineer, I know you know shit. <<

I doubt very much you're a 5G engineer. Nice try bro 😝