Frank talks and evil schemes in Washington

"Trump praised U.S.-Australia ties on Friday.

The relationship we have with Australia is a terrific relationship and probably stronger now than ever before," Trump said in brief public remarks at the Oval Office ahead of his meeting with the Australian prime minister.

Turnbull told the news conference that he and Trump had agreed on new initiatives to deepen security and economic ties....."

Above is a comment reported by Reuters during the visit by Turnbull to Washington in Feb this year. The two leaders have agreed on a common stand to deal with China. The two countries have many similarities and common interests and both regard China as enemy Number One. They would like to congratulate each other for conquering and occupying native countries in Australia and North America and for terminating the natives to near extinction. And both would be sharing their European heritage, that they are white Europeans and they should work together against China. 

White blood is thicker than water, better than coloured Asian blood. They must have signed a blood pact, to be the rulers of Asia and Asians and would oppose China in every way they could, even to go to war. For starters the Australians would increase its incursions into the South China Sea. In the home front Australia would limit and restrict China's economic interest and trade with Australia. The latest attack is to prevent Huawei from entering the 5G mobile phone market.

Turnbull and Trump must be thinking that they have all the cards to play and the Chinese are hapless and would be pushed around and be beaten. Just wait for the Chinese to take counter measures. The time is near for China to stand up to these white supremacist and invaders and occupiers of foreign land and countries. And China has started to bash the Aussies. No political leaders would be allowed to visit China. China has stopped or cut down its imports of Aussie iron and other raw material. Being the biggest importer of Australian mineral resources, this stoppage has caused a big slum in the Aussie economy. Chinese tourism and students to Australia also went down drastically. Chinese buying of Australian properties also gone to zero causing a property crash. Australia went crying to the US, Japan, Europe and India to buy its products, but none of them could help as their appetite for such raw material are minimal. Even at greatly reduced prices, the Chinese refused to buy Australia.

Asians must be united against the neo invasion and domination of Asia and the rest of the world by the white men. It is time to stand up to the bullying of Asians. Not only Kim Jong Un has stood up, Duterte has stood up, Hun Sen has stood up, Aung San Suu Kyi has stood up, Assad has stood up, and of course Putin and Xi Jinping and many others in Asia, Africa and Latin America have stood up. The latest is Erdogan and his Turkey. Many countries in central Asia and Africa have shown their middle fingers to the Americans and the Europeans in the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) of China.

The days of European Empires and dominance is numbered. They are fighting to cling on to the last few footholds but not for long. The rest of the world are not stupid, though some leaders are still beholden to the evil Americans, the little USAs. There is a new dawn rising.


Ever caring govt scheming to help Singaporeans

Recently there has been a spate of caring for the people policies and schemes by the govt to help the people. And as usual, following every one of these caring schemings is how much more the Singaporeans have to pay or to cough out from their CPF savings. There are now 4 compulsory insurance schemes that Singaporeans have no choice but to pay.

Gan Kim Yong has floated the sugar balloon, to discourage Singaporeans from eating more sugar. The next policy change will be higher taxes on sugar and sugary stuff.  See how caring and frightening is the govt when they voluntary schemed in the name of helping the Singaporeans, and the Singaporeans ended paying for the schemes?

Josephine Teo has joined the fun, oops, I mean caring for Singaporeans. She now realised that Singaporeans are living longer, so must raise retirement age so that Singaporeans would continue to contribute to the CPF to have more money for retirement.  

"Minister Josephine Teo: Time to pay more CPF and increase Retirement Age
July 29, 2018
Claiming that Singaporeans are living beyond 90 years old, Manpower Minister Josephine Teo yesterday (Jul 29) told state media Straits Times in an interview that she will be raising the CPF payment rate and Retirement Age. The current Retirement Age is 62, raised from 55, while the current payment rate is 37%.
According to the newly-appointed “4G” Minister, Singaporeans will need to pay more CPF because they live longer:" thestatestimesreview

There could be many reasons why there is a need to raise CPF contributions and retirement age. According to the statestimereview article, it is because sovereign debt fund or is it sovereign wealth fund, is losing money and the hole needs to be patched up. Josephine's narrative is that people are living  longer, so must work longer and contribute longer and more to their CPF. Is this a linear thing, an unending thing? It looks like it. Singaporeans can be 80, 90 or 100 year old and still have to work and contribute to their CPF. Do you think this is ludicrous?

I have another hypothesis. Singaporeans really don't have much money left in their CPF for retirement and the oldies are more vulnerable. Why?

Think of where their CPF money is going and how much left for retirement. A 3 rm HDB lease holder would have to cough out something like $500k from his CPF. Those in bigger flats would have to cough out more. Then there are 4 compulsory CPF insurance schemes to pay for, and maybe more schemes coming. Then the hundreds of thousands in jail house rock under the various minimum sum schemes. The oldies, if they are going to live longer, would be in dire straits with not much money left in their CPF for retirement and also to pay for many more caring schemes to help them to live to 100 years and have money to spend. I recap the last two points on the need to raise retirement age and CPF contributions, money not enough to retire and not enough to pay for more compulsory schemes.

Going forward, not only those in the 70s and 80s would need to work, they would need to contribute more to their CPF. Can you believe this? People in their 70s and 80s, on paper can live to 90s and 100s, must continue to work and to contribute to their CPF for their retirement, when the unpredictability of life could mean they could die tomorrow?

But this is besides the point. The important thing is that these people elected their representatives to scheme up more schemes to care for them. And the people they elected are doing exactly that, to appear to be very caring. How can you fault anyone when open mouth shut mouth says he/she is doing it to help the daft, the helpless and the unthinking? Well, er, since everyone is so mediocre, the immortals, if not the natural aristocrats, must help the mediocre right?


Turkey - This is what would happen to an American crony

North Korea, Iran, Venezuela and Turkey are all victims of American coercion and sanctions. Their economies are held at ransom for not willing to do the bidding of the Americans and become their cronies or proxies or little USAs. And why are the little USAs not standing up to object to the American bullying of these countries? Because being little USAs they are being spared and so happily kept their mouths shut. Compare the harm done to these countries to 'devious' China being accused of manipulating countries to be pro China.

The Gang of 4 in Red Dot (in China when they said Gang of 4 they showed all 5 fingers) also kept very mum, not whispering a word. But they were very vocal and even took centrestage, like a great duty to warn the Singaporeans how  'devious' China was in manipulating countries to be pro China.This influencing of a country's policies is commonly done in the diplomatic circle and is something very normal, like the media publishing fake news to influence the thoughts of innocent readers. In diplomatic affairs, everyone involved is fully aware of such activities and only a very silly govt leader would be influenced without knowing it or being forced into being influenced. It is fair game that Singapore as a state also indulges in. So what is the fucking big deal about a country wanting to influence another country through diplomatic and official means that it is necessary to use the loudspeaker to tell the people? What is the real motive and agenda behind such an act?

And we have the evil Empire openly and aggressively threatening countries, imposing sanctions and coercion on countries to do its bidding, threats of war, but none of the Gang of 4 would dare make a whimper. Are such aggressive coercion acceptable to the Gang of 4 and so there is no need to warn the people about it, no need to say anything about it, and perhaps better to write love letters to the CIA like Najib hoping to be spared by the evil Empire? Or for good measures, just be a lap dog of the evil Empire, be little USA and be very safe from being attacked by the evil Empire.

The fate of Turkey, once a lap dog of the Americans but now wanting to be more independent to drive its own foreign policies, is there for all little USAs to see and to learn. Any little USA that thinks that it can change course, not to do the bidding of the evil Empire, will suffer the same fate as Turkey, North Korea, Venezuela and Iran. This is a warning that Singaporeans must take note of. Once you slept with the Devil, you cannot run free again.

Would the Gang of 4 think it necessary to warn the Singaporeans of the evil American Empire? Turkey's economy is going to be ruined. Its currency the lira is under attacked and lost 20% over a couple of days. For the year it has lost nearly 50% of its value. Turkey is at the verge of a collapse. But the pride of the Turks, not to become semi colony of the evil Empire, is seeing President Erdogan standing up to the Americans, not to be cowed or oppressed. They would turn to Russia and China for help. Erdogan is calling on Europe to stand up to the bullying of the evil Empire. He is warning them that everyone of them would suffer the same fate as Turkey. He is encouraging them to drop the American dollar and trade with other countries using their respective currencies and not be held at ransom by the evil Americans.

The evil Empire has been using all the levers of force to coerce countries to do its bidding for decades since the end of WW2. It is not going to let up. It forces little USAs to go to wars unwillingly, to fight in the Middle East and the little USAs pretend that they were doing it willingly. It forces little USAs to take sides in big power confrontation for influence and domination. And little USAs quietly just do the bidding of the evil Empire, even forced to buy super expensive war toys that they don't need, as protection money to the evil Empire.

More and more countries are standing up to the evil Empire, to break free from the clutches of the Americans. This is the new alternative to the otherwise no choice submission to the evil Empire. The evil Empire is also not going to let free its historical allies in Europe and Nato. They are all victims of the evil Empire fighting its last breath, desperate to cling on to its dominance as the unchallenged super power but not having the money to do so any more.

The countries of the world must stand united against the bullying of the evil Empire. The gang of 4 is very quiet lately. Maybe they have been gagged for causing so much harm to our relations with other countries through their stupidity and pro American views and rhetoric.


Chinese exclusion policy of NASA turning on its head

The Chinese Space Station will be fully operational in year 2022, two years before the International Space Station will be decommissioned and close shop. Many countries are now scrambling to Beijing to want to be friendly with China to buy a ticket to the Chinese Space Station when the International Space Station is closed down permanently, may be destroyed in space.

The American scientists are also trying to make peace with China to buy their ticket to the Chinese Space Station. Whether the Americans would be welcomed and given a ticket would depend on the charity and generosity of Beijing. The likely answer from Beijing is likely to be strongly influenced by the Americans’ Chinese exclusion policy of NASA. Here is a short write up of this policy in Wikipedia.

‘Due to security concerns, all researchers from the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) are prohibited from working bilaterally with Chinese citizens affiliated with a Chinese state enterprise or entity. In April 2011, the 112th United States Congress banned NASA from using its funds to host Chinese visitors at NASA facilities….

Despite growing trade ties between both countries, a close scientific partnership with China has been rejected by several American politicians including Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA), who in 1999 stated:

They [China] are the evil empire.

In 2010, Rep. John Culberson (R-TX) urged President Barack Obama not to allow further contact between NASA and the China National Space Administration (CNSA). In a letter addressed to the President, he wrote:

I have grave concerns about the nature and goals of China’s space program and strongly oppose any cooperation between NASA and CNSA’s human space flight programs without Congressional authorization.
In April 2011, the 112th United States Congress banned NASA from engaging in bilateral agreements and coordination with China. As stated under Public Law 112-55, SEC. 539:

None of the funds made available by this Act may be used for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) or the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) to develop, design, plan, promulgate, implement, or execute a bilateral policy, program, order, or contract of any kind to participate, collaborate, or coordinate bilaterally in any way with China….’

Such anti China policy and thinking built on the premises of white supremacy and to prevent China from access to space technology would now be coming full circle. The Americans in their arrogance and pride, would never believe or expect that the Chinese would be able to acquire space technology without the assistance of the West and would always be left behind as backward a country.

The Chinese have found their way to space and would now have the monopoly of a Space Station and could now do exactly what the Americans have done to them. They would exclude the Americans from the Space Station for the very same reasons the Americans excluded them. The Chinese would have their American exclusion policy of CNSA written in the same vein as NASA’s exclusion policy.

It would be very silly of the Chinese should they do anything else to allow the Americans on board their Space Station. The evil Americans have been doing everything possible to exclude the Chinese from acquiring advanced space technology and all other technologies, treating China as enemy. It is only natural for China to return the Americans the same favour and brand them as the evil Empire.

What goes round would come around. Let the Americans die cock standing, be the outcast, the pariah of the space community of nations. This is justice and must be seen to be done, on the real evil Empire, the Americans.

Good riddance.

China can continue with its space programme with countries that are friendly to China like Russia and some European countries on the basis of quid pro quo. The International Space Station was built and financed by a group of western countries and Russia, pulling resources to make it happened. China built its space station on its own resources and technology. The Chinese did it by themselves.


North Korea must denuclearise, USA no need, can build more nuclear weapons

"SINGAPORE: United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Friday (Aug 3) struck a positive note when asked about the progress of North Korea's denuclearisation.
“We are confident that (North Korean leader Kim Jong Un) remains committed to denuclearisation. The world is counting on it," Pompeo said....
Pompeo cautioned that “no matter how much progress we make”, economic sanctions against North Korea will remain, adding that the ball is now in Kim’s court.
“The ultimate timeline for denuclearisation will be set by chairman Kim,” he said." Channel News Asia

The Americans have been repeating these statements about the need for North Korea to denuclearise and that sanctions would continue, no letting down. Never have they mentioned about the Americans denuclearising in the Korean Peninsula. Does this mean that denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula is only one way, the North Koreans to denuclearise and the Americans to continue to leave their nuclear weapons in the peninsula. Why is it that the North Koreans have to denuclearise, because they would use their nuclear weapons?

Why the Americans no need to denuclearise in the Korean Peninsula, in Japan and everywhere, because they would not use their nuclear weapons? The Americans built a deadly arsenal of nuclear weapons because they would not use it? How often have the Americans threatened to be the first to use nuclear weapons on countries like Russia, China, North Korea and Iran, not counting Japan, done that?

How dangerous the world would be if the evil Empire is the only one possessing nuclear weapons and free to use it because no one else has nuclear weapons and can hit back? The Korean Peninsula situation is going to be like that if it goes according to the plans of the Americans. North Koreans would have no nuclear weapons to hit back if the Americans strike, and they would end up like Iraq and Libya and Kim Jong Un would be meeting Saddam and Gaddafi in the world of the dead.

Is this what the North Koreans want? The Americans are still shouting more sanctions, more pressure on the North Koreans. Why no pressure and sanctions on the Americans to denuclearise, at least in the Korean Peninsula?

The latest, the warmonger evil Empire is going to militarise Space by setting a Space Force. And what kind of weapons do you think they are going to put up there, machine guns and bullets? Or would they be putting up nuclear weapons in space. And again they are singing peace, militarising Space is for peace. And the idiots in the world, especially the bananas here would say, ya, ya, it is for peace, like their militarising of all the oceans with offensive weapons ie weapons that are meant to attack another country. What China placed in its islands in the South China Sea are defensive weapons, to defend the islands against the Americans offensive weapons.

Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean, Guam, Marshalls and many other Pacific Islands are heavily armed with offensive weapons, WMDs. The bombers attacking Iraq were based in Diego Garcia. The bombers that fly to the coast of China and North Korea carrying nuclear weapons were from Guam.

Now they are going to place WMD in Space. Did you hear any of the American cronies and proxies or little USAs protesting?


Exceptional investment genius wanted!

It would take an exceptional genius to invest in a company that has an accumulated loss of $225b! Why would anyone want to invest $200m into such a company? One possible reason, they did not know, they did not do their homework, or they were duped, conned into spending OPM on the deal.

Another reason is that this is the work of an exceptional genius who knew that the company in such huge debt, likely going to go bankrupt, and they are in to pick it up after it goes bust, to restructure and to rebuild it into another new conglomerate. Only an exceptional genius can do this kind of investment and waiting to make a killing by the millions if not billions.

Below is such a rare incident posted in theindependent site of Temasek and an English company pouring in $200m in a company that smelt foul but seen as a good buy. Temasek must be waiting to show how profitable this investment is once the dust is clear.

I once wrote that it is very easy to dupe a stupid investor into pumping money into a sick company by getting another big investor pretending to have done his home work and willing to invest together with the stupid company, telling the latter it is a good deal. Read this posted in theindependent.

“International new wire Reuters reported in April that Singapore sovereign wealth fund Temasek – together with Britain’s Metric Capital – invested $200 million for a 17% stake in Turkey’s Dogus Restaurant Entertainment and Management (D.ream) – a conglomerate that has 42 restaurants to its name….

The hyped restaurant chain, however, has drawn flak for being a “ripoff” and has accumulated poor reviews from several customers and food reviewers alike. The New York Post was one such publication that wrote in a restaurant review that the dishes at the “underwhelming” restaurant were “overpriced”….

A month before Temasek acquired a sizeable stake in the parent company of Salt Bae’s restaurant, Singaporeans expressed concerns and asked: “How much more money do they have to lose?”

Today, these concerns are edging ever closer to becoming a reality as D.ream’s parent company Dogus Group faces severe debt restructuring woes, barely four months after the wealth fund sunk $200 million into its subsidiary.

Nasdaq reported earlier this month that Dogus has encountered disagreements with its creditors over how its maturing loans valued at $2 billion Euros or S$3.19 billion should be paid.

This $2 billion Euros only represents about half of Dogus’ debt woes. Combined outstanding loans stood at a whopping 23.5 billion lira or S$6.55 billion at the end of last year, climbing by a hefty 11 per cent since 2016….

This is especially worrisome given estimates that Turkish businesses owe as much as $225 billion in long-term overseas loans as of April 2018. In the wake of the crrency decline, several Turkish conglomerates are resorting to selling assets or refinancing their businesses to overcome the debt crisis.”


You fall, not I fall!

The 46-year-old housewife who were recently fined for failing to provide safe working conditions for her two maids, in addition to making one of them perform tasks as a scaffolder and maintenance worker, deserved what she got. But what she got was only a fine.

Willow Phua Brest had breached work pass conditions involving the work safety of her maids by making the two perch on a two-storey scaffold while cleaning the windows of her Cluny Park house.  Although they were provided with safety belts, the MOM prosecutor said they were not sufficient to reduce the severity of injuries should the maids fall. Neither were the maids trained to work at height.  As though that was not enough, when contractors delivered an unerected second scaffold, she had one of the maids erect the structure from the components delivered - never mind if she wasn’t trained for that either.  And on this DIY structure the maid stood, sanding, varnishing and painting a wooden wall at the back of the house.

For such callous disregard of the safety of a fellow human being, one has to ask:  Is a fine punishment enough?  And given the upscale address of the employer, is a fine an effective deterrent in the first place? My guess is $46,000 for the owner of a Cluny Park residence is probably loose change. No more than an affordable slap on the wrist.  So what is a more effective deterrent for such moneybags?  Jail time - and mandatory jail time at that.  Jail time with all its inconveniences - a cold cell, a cement bed, a shared toilet, a lack of privacy and freedom. In short, everything that moneybags dread. It would be wonderful if eventually they can experience the terror of working at height by having to clean windows from their own flimsily-constructed scaffold.  But for now, I suppose jail time will do.

The flaw logic of one trick pony

The influence of LKY and his thinking is still very strong in the PAP. It would be alright if his thinking and logic were still relevant and useful. Unfortunately many of his policies based on his thinking and logic have proven to be flawed and no longer valid in the context of the new realities. And unfortunately, many of the unthinking would continue to parrot his thinking and logic as the gospel truth, word for word, without a thought, with no value add, to make them relevant or to discard them when proven unwise or impractical.

Many Singaporeans have seen the flaws of PAP’s policies but are keeping mum, not wanting to rock the boat or offend anyone, and letting the proverbial Emperor to strut around without his clothes. The flawed policies are not only going to down PAP in a matter of time, but also going to cause very serious damage to the country and people in the long run. Many of the flawed policies are already hurting the people very badly today but everyone is pretending that it is not happening and everything is fine. A good example is that CPF is no longer your money, spoken and endorsed in Parliament.

Recently the logic of paying ministers outrageous millions is being touted again as the golden rule. No one can see the flaw or reasoning of this policy. Oops, many did, but not wanting to say anything and let the one trick pony to go on as per normal.

Under this policy, the PAP leadership claimed that only by paying out of this world salary would they get super talents, and went scouting around for top earners in other professions assuming that a good surgeon or a top lawyer would automatically become a good politician. Just look at those professionals turned politicians and ask how many really did well as a political leader and how many fouled up the jobs so badly that the damages are hard to repair? Foreign policy with China is a good example.

By picking a top professional from a different profession and making them a political leader could result in a good politician and all is good. It could also end up with a round peg in a square hole leading to a profession losing a top guy and the govt getting a dud.

What is worse is that the dud would be paid millions as a politician and still unhappy because he could earn more in his previous profession and also excelled instead of failing in politics and looking so ridiculous. This is an injustice to both professions and also to the individual for making him earning less and becoming a misfit.
The other consequence of this logic is that because of one or two professionals that were earning millions in their professions, other average Joes would also be paid in the millions when they in their whole life time would never be able to earn that kind of money out of politics. This is wasting public money on the undeserving.

Incidentally, did Edwin Tong lose any income for joining politics? Please come clean on this. Politics is a part time job for him and he is still practicing as a top lawyer and earning big bucks like in the City Harvest case when he is a minister of state. Heard of fake news or misinformation? OK he recently got promoted to senior minister of state. Can anyone confirm that he is getting only $500,000 and not more, no other income like director or chairman fee or bonuses to make up to his millions? If Edwin Tong really took a $1.5m or even $500k loss in salary to become a politician, I will call him an idiot, but I would respect him for making such a big monetary sacrifice and losing $1.5m or $500k in dignity. His life style and his family will suffer in the quality of life for nothing making millions.

There will be exceptional individuals in other professions that would become good political leaders and willingly wanting to serve. In general, it is better to leave the top professionals in their own profession and making their millions instead of forcing them into politics and lose their millions and doing a bad job and wasting public money. This is a win-win situation that could turn out to be a lose-lose position for everyone.

What do you think? Repeating what LKY said can make one look funny if not silly if what LKY said is no longer relevant or has become obsolete. Many people don’t believe this crap about having to pay someone millions to go to politics and that someone from another profession earning big bucks would also make a good politician. This may still be touted by some as political wisdom here but is a joke in the whole wide world.


2050 - Exceptional city of exceptional people

Fellow local people of Super City TT0908. Today we celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the day we digitalised this City into a smart city for smart people. I can see that all of you are looking very well and prosperous and very happy for being a member of this great City. Everyone of you is an exceptional talent to be qualified to stay here. There is no more mediocre people in this Super City. All the mediocre people have left on their own free will to the neighbouring countries when they rightly belonged.

We did not achieve this state of ever bliss and prosperity, where only exceptionally talented people gathered to live among themselves without having to be bothered with the problems of the mediocre people, unable to pay for bus fares or cheap food and cheap housing without careful and forward planning. Our forefathers have made the right choice to open this City to all the talents of the world, to welcome everyone who is talent to this Super and Smart city. The process of renewal started several decades ago, to make this City a City of genuinely talented people.

In the beginning we called everyone coming here a talent, even knowing that they were not the talent we wanted. We bear with them. The agenda then was to quickly grow the population to 15m initially and finally to 30m today. As we go along and more and more foreign talents came in, we were able to weed out the lesser talents. We don't have to do anything. We only keep raising taxes and fees until it was unbearable for those mediocre people to stay and to pay. They voluntarily sold their homes and moved out to cheaper neighbouring countries where they are more comfortable with their low talent and low income.

10 years ago we have already achieved our target of a Super City with only super talented people living here. We have also redesignated or digitalised the name of our city to TT0908 and done away with the vestiges and historical garbage of the past when the losers everyday asked the govt for help and assistance. Our govt today does not need to provide a budget to help the poor and losers. There are no poor people or losers in our glorious city. There is no need for charity. There is no free lunch.

We  have also done away with many things that needed human beans and their labour. National Service has been abolished. We do not need human soldiers. They have been replaced with droids and the weapons for defence are all drones and robots. The City is clean not because we need cheap human labour. Our super talented local residents are smart and discipline and would not dirty the place. The streets are kept clean, of course by machine.

Oh, because we are now a Smart City, we also do away with citizenship where the losers used to fall back on to demand special privileges from the govt. Today everyone is a digit, can come and go. Only those that can afford to live in this expensive City will remain and those who could not would leave. How did we do this? Simple. We just keep increasing the cost of living, higher taxes and higher fees. And this is also necessary as such a great City must be run by the best talents and they deserved to be paid by the billions. Everything in this City is the best, world class, including the residents and the people that ruled this City.

Let us celebrate another successful year together as the most talented and highest paid human beans in the world.

Your PM


99.9% of Singaporeans are mediocre people

This is an assumption I made from Chok Tong’s comment here. 'Goh Chok Tong was reportedly quoted in an audio recording as saying that PAP Ministers are not paid enough, and people who earn S$500,000 annually are “mediocre”.'

I think I am not very far wrong. So in Singapore we not only have 3rd, 4th or 5th raters but more important, almost everyone other than the natural aristocrats is a mediocre. Extrapolate this world wide, all the political leaders outside Singapore except for one or two like the President of the USA, is also mediocre. Oops, no exceptions, I got to correct myself on this one, Trump is getting only $1, far short of the $500k, so must be mediocre also. And in his good company will be leaders like Xi Jinping, Putin and our neighbours like Mahathir, Jokowi, Duterte etc etc, all mediocre, for I don’t think they earn anything near the magical $500k to determined their ability or intelligence.

I know for one that first raters like Da Cunha would not want to be associated with 3rd, 4th or 5th raters as it would affect his reputation. What would our better than mediocre leaders be thinking of the mediocre leaders when they met? Would they also feel that their reputation would be tarnished? Or would they look down on these mediocre leaders and telling themselves what a waste of time being in the company of these mediocre leaders?

What do you think? Would you advise all the mediocre leaders not to come to Singapore to be insulted or to tarnish the reputation of our sikit atas, super talented leaders?

The population of the world are almost entirely made up of mediocres except the rich businessmen, the crooks, the cheats and of course the millionaire ministers of Singapore.


Chok Tong really knows what he is talking about

'Goh Chok Tong was reportedly quoted in an audio recording as saying that PAP Ministers are not paid enough, and people who earn S$500,000 annually are “mediocre”.'

Simon Lim made this quote in his article on how disappointed he was with Goh Chok Tong. He may be disappointed but Goh Chok Tong did not become LKY's first choice candidate as the PM of Singapore for nothing. It must be exactly for making such wise cracks, oops, I mean comments to be noticed by LKY as his number one choice. Pardon me, I am ageing and maybe getting dementia.

But Chok Tong need not be unduly worried about the ministers being underpaid since the recommendation by the nasty COI to reduce a bit of their grotesque out of this world salary. There are many ways to increase a minister's salary without asking for a pay revision. Let me be a smart alec for once and offer a few good suggestions that the govt can do to increase the salary of ministers without asking for a pay rise and without raising alarm and unhappiness among the daft citizens.

1. Just promote them, to senior this and that or deputy PMs. Can have 4 or 5 dep PMs. The increase in salary would be seen as due to promotion ie clever and deserving, not simply pay hike. Who can quarrel with that? Clever ministers must reward mah. If not every minister acts stupid stupid how?
2. Create more minister positions, like having more ministries, ministers without portfolios or having more ministers in a ministry. So instead of one minister, two ministers can be promoted to be paid ministerial salary.
3. If that is still not enough, appoint them to be chairman of GLCs, part time jobs with good monetary rewards.
4. Can also appoint them to be directors of companies, easiest is GLCs. If one directorship is not enough, offer 2 or 3 directorships, or 8 or 10 until happy happy.
5. And chairmanship and director fees need not be reflected in the govt's budget some more. The pay of the ministers would look unchanged and can look unchanged for ages. And ministers can pretend to look very unhappy and grumpy because got no pay rise or salary revision. This is like playing the sympathy card, so poor thing, so long no pay rise. Caveat, this is a tough act if ministers all eat until fat fat and chubby chubby, looking so oily, rosy and radiant, very difficult to have the hungry look of cleaners in kopitiams or cardboard collectors. They must not look like Napoleon.
6. Of course there is the annual bonus to add to the salary. Be creative, call it productivity bonus and tie it to some fanciful formula that always go up, or can be jigged to go up.
7. When productivity bonus still not enough, can create creativity bonus, leadership bonus, innovative bonus or PLP bonus. PLP stands for people in short, ie people bonus for being people caring like scheming compulsory insurance schemes using CPF money that the people cannot say no. Don't have funny ideas.
8. There are also other indirect bonuses or rewards in kind, like going for overseas trips, fully paid, for training trips, learning trips, fact finding trips etc etc. Go and learn how to manage MRT, how to manage the oldies, how to make our education system better than third world education system...QED.

Just ask any HR professional and they would be able to produce a long list of monetary rewards without increasing the basic salary or calling for a pay revision.

I think I have given a lot of good suggestions that the govt can consider without ruffling the feathers of the unhappy and very sensitive daft citizens. They would not know what is happening, not a clue that the ministers salary can be fatten in these ways and keep telling everyone the ministers are only earning $1m or the PM earning $2m dollars as officially said so. So 'cham', so poor thing. Like that how to become the highest paid politicians in the world with the highest dignity?

What do you think? My suggestions good or not?  Oh, one trade secret, don't tell, don't talk about it. When smart alec asked, just be very transparent about the basic salary and buat bodoh about the additional perks, bonuses, fees etc etc.


Talking Points and View Points in Perspectives

These talking points is a follow up and continuation on the subject on Sunday, 5th of August, 2018

Christianity and Islam

With the advent of Jesus Christ a new religion , Christianity was founded  It is based on the teachings of Jesus who is claimed by his followers to be the Son of God and part of the Holy Trinity. In other words Christians claim that God appear in three forms and Jesus embodies being the Father, the Son as well as the Holy Spirit. Christian God is supposed to be a universal God. But it has historically been hijacked by the Jews as its own God and who claim that they are the chosen ones of God and are bestowed with all the blessings above others. Christianity the teachings of Jesus Christ was first proliferated by his disciples Peter and Paul and the religion spread to Rome, the Roman Empire and Greece. Christianity in the Roman Empire was known as the Roman Catholics and all Christians including kings and emperors in different parts of Europe were under the orders of the Holy See the government of the Roman Catholics in Rome under the charge of the Pope the head priest of the Catholics. All temporal powers and the people's  social life events and affairs come under the overseer or supervision of the Pope whose spiritual powers transcends those of the temporal powers of the ruling kings and queens and emperors, prince and princess. Soon the Catholic church indulged actively in carrying out missionary work when their priests travel far and wide to distant lands to convert non Christians known as heathens to Christianity. The dark side of the missionary work was that usually the missionaries were accompanied by the merchants and the military who indulged in force conversion and with negative consequence of occupying and colonizing non-believers lands.


Islam which  was founded by prophet Mohammad almost six hundred fifty years after Jesus Christ  and Christianity is based on the teachings of Mohammad in his book the Koran and his followers are known as muslims. As mentioned previously the tenets of Islam bear resemblance to the teachings of the Christian Holy Bible of the Old Testament and its monotheistic god is known as Allah which is also mentioned in the Old Testament. Like the earlier Catholic Christians Mohammad and his followers went on a wild rampage to spread Islam through both persuasion and by the might of the military to force conversion to Islam. As years gone by Islam spread very fast to almost all of Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia and Southern Europe in Kosovo, Spain and Portugal. The two militant religions Christianity and Islam soon crossed each others path in a catastrophic trajectory of life and death struggle for supremacy.

This contest for centuries between the European Christians and the Arabic muslims for supremacy has its everlasting negative ill effects on every country in this world. The European Christians have hijacked the militant Christian religion for their own political agenda of aggression and conquest. Similarly the Arab muslims hijacked Islam to serve the same chronic political agenda of force conversion, aggression and conquest.

Both the European Christians and the Arabic Muslims claim to be fighting for the love of their Gods. The European Christians have ever since been fighting in the name and honour of Jesus Christ while the Arab muslims have been fighting in the name of Mohammad and in honour of their God Allah.

The question now is are these two religions both surreal for good of mankind or have the European ( white Americans as well) followers of Christianity and the Arab followers of Islam perverted the two religions to serve their own selfish political interest and ego to the detriment of others. Are all the present ills and troubles in this world, the chaos, instabilities, aggressions and wars the result of these wild unholy contests between these two highly charged incompatible religions. Have the two religions brought more peace than wars, killings, genocide and destruction to this world after their advent or arrival or rather the reverse more of the latter. The white American christians have since the last hundred years taking over the vanguard to further rape, kill , murder, assassinate,genocide and destroy many other non christian countries. It seems such wanton callous American wars of aggression are not going to stop anytime soon. The free world must prepare for a long struggle against the savage ungodly white Americans. Netizens are encouraged to contribute their views on these talking points.


Monday, 6th August,2018

A mischievous article by Andy Morimoto

Below is another mischievous article, this time by a Japanese, Andy Morimoto. If you read the whole article you will see how silly he has become to misquote historical facts to justify his biased and mischievous claims like China entered the Korea War to divert attention from domestic problems. How silly. Everyone knows why China was forced to fight the Americans, the most powerful nation on earth, with rifles and hand grenades against tanks, bombers, big artillery pieces and rockets from the ships.

His definition of a failed China is when its economic growth fell to 3 or 4%! Is this not an economic truism? The growth of all mature economies would slow to this level or lower, like the American and European economies. Is this Morimoto saying that the American, European and Japanese economies have failed, failed states and out to do mischiefs? What are the growth numbers of these failed economies? 1 or 2%? Should China's economy grow at 1 or 2%, it will be in the good company of the Americans, Europeans and of course Japan.

His supposedly academic hypothesis, that China would resort to aggression if it fails as a country is pure bullshit. There were historical evidence and facts that the rise of big powers, Japan included prior to WW2, was built on conquest. The Europeans left Europe to invade and conquer other people and seized their land. They then went to the Americas and killed the natives to take over their land. Japan also tried that, killing Chinese and other Asians and SE Asians to want to rule the world.

The only exception in the rise of big powers is China. China has risen and other than military might, China is equal to the Americans or better in many areas. China now has more money to spend for sure and is using its money to help to rebuild the infrastructure of the whole world. America is as good a bankrupt.

China's peaceful rise is not through military means or wars of conquest. It is through sheer grit and industry of its people, in being the factory of the world. The few skirmishes with its two neighbours had nothing to do with its rise as a big power. Have no doubt that China has risen, peacefully.

The evidence against failed states is the reverse. No failed state has the chance to do mischief or conduct wars of destruction. The  British, French, Spanish and Portuguese went out on a limp. The last two big powers that failed badly were Germany and Japan. They too could not do any mischief as the Americans made them virtual colonies till today. The Americans are their masters after defeating them.

Things have changed now with the American changing their agenda. In their attempt to isolate and contain China, they have unleashed the Japanese and allowed them to rearm, to remilitarise and consequently to do mischief and to conduct wars.

Would China be destructive should it fail, a story that all westerners and Japanese are hoping and praying everyday that it would happen. They even cursed their gods for allowing China to rise as a big power. Hopefully this day would not come in the foreseeable future. Should China fail, it would have to suffer the same fate as the Japanese, to become a colony of the victor. There will be no chance to do mischief. The Japanese knew that very well, as a semi colony of the American Empire. The American Emperor is always there, in charge and calling the shot.

History, historical facts are there to say that no failed state would be given a chance to be mischievous or to be destructive. Look at the failed states in the Middle East, Iraq and Libya.

Here is the silly and pretentious article by this Andy Morimoto, loaded with mischiefs, from Yahoo News.

"Question: Can China 'Fall' Peacefully? What will be the geopolitical implications for China, its neighbors and the United States if the Chinese economy tanks? Would China be taken off of its supposed collision course, or would conflict remain unavoidable?

The idea that China cannot rise peacefully has become something of an international-relations truism. The story here is simple: as China’s economy grows, its military will follow, and just as other great powers have used force to achieve their foreign-policy goals, so, too, will China. Yet while much ink has been spilled to explore the security implications of China’s rise, relatively few attempts have been made to examine the potential effects of a sudden and prolonged economic downturn. This might be about to change.

As the Wall Street Journal recently reported, China’s growth will decline sharply in the coming decade, from 7.7 percent in 2013 to 3.9 percent between 2020 and 2025. Some analysts are more pessimistic, projecting future growth rates as low as 1.6 or 1.7 percent. (To put these numbers in perspective, China grew at an average annual rate of 10.2 percent from 1980 to 2011.) These trends have led some at the National Interest to claim that China is headed for collapse and that we may be approaching the end—not a delay—of China’s economic rise...."


Talking Points and View Points in Perspectives

Who and what is the cause of all troubles, instabilities, chaos, aggression and wars in this earthly world. The answer to who lies originally with the Jews and the Arabs of the Middle East and it has its roots thousands of years ago since Abraham which both the Jews and the Arabs claim to be their common ancestor. Abraham had two wives. The children  and descendants of his first wife subsequently became known as Arabs. The children and descendants of his younger wife who was also of fair complexion and original a slave or maid in the household became known as Jews. It seemed she and her children were favored by Abraham over those of his first wife. So the Arabs and the Jews are actually half brothers and half sisters. As time went by the descendants of the two wives went their separate ways and were always jealous of each other and  in everlasting feuds and quarrels. The Arabs became polytheist and worship many gods and idols. The Jews based their religious belief on Judaism which is based on the bible of the Old Testament and the Talmud, a collection of ancient Jewish laws and tradition for religious and social matters. The central belief of Judaism is that God is the creator of all things and the source of all righteousness.

The Jews were wanderers and travelled afar to found many semitic tribes also known as Hebrews. But wherever they may be the Jews were always more united by their religious belief in Judaism.The Arabs were great multipliers and also founded separate Arabic tribes. However the Arabic tribes tend to be more disunited perhaps  it could be due to the contention of their believe in separate different Gods and idols.

As time went by the Arabs observed that the Jews stayed very cohesive and united despite of being persecuted by the Egyptians and later by the Romans. One of the leaders of the Arabic tribes by the name of Mohammad observed that Jewish unity was due to their central and common believe in one God. It seemed Mohammad was determined to unite all the Arabic tribes. To do this he had to destroy the Arab practice of politheism and convert them to believe in only one God. monotheism. He took ideas from the Old Testament of the Holy Bible and wrote a religious doctrinaire book called the Koran, the ideas of which are more or less similar to the teachings propounded in the Old Testament. Armed with the Koran he went on a warpath to convert all Arabs to worship only one God, Allah. With that the rest is all history.

The above brief discourse whether it is true or not I do not know for I too heard it and read it from different sources. So please contribute your view points to the discussion.


Christianity and Islam

With the advent of Jesus Christ a new religion , Christianity was founded  It is based on the teachings of Jesus who is claimed by his followers to be the Son of God and part of the Holy Trinity. In other words Christians claim that God appear in three forms and Jesus embodies being the Father, the Son as well as the Holy Spirit. Christian God is supposed to be a universal God. But it was hijacked by the Jews who claim that they are the chosen ones of God and bestowed with all the blessings above others. Christianity the teachings of Jesus Christ was first proliferated by his disciples....to be cont...


The best Asean Meeting held in Singapore

The three day Asean Foreign Ministers Meeting and Summit with the big powers just ended. The happiest man was Vivian Balakrishnan. He was so pleased with how the meetings went that he announced in the press briefing that this was the best and least quarrelsome meeting Asean ever conducted in recent years. The big powers bickering and fighting were left to themselves to fight with Asean remaining on the sideline as non participants, absolutely neutral, and Singapore being a small country, played the role of an honest broker, not taking sides, not acting as proxy for any big powers.

Why was it that the last few Asean meetings were so hot, so aggressive and unfriendly and so heated? Anyone wants to give the answer?

Asean was set up by the founding fathers to be a neutral organisation of South East Asian countries. That was the key principle of Asean. But in recent years, not this recent meeting, Asean meetings were like a boxing match for he big powers with Asean countries taking sides and some Asean countries arrogantly stood up as proxies for the big powers. Asean neutrality was like a ghost of the past, forgotten. The proxies were so proud to play their role to provoke and agitate for the big power masters, taking sides and firing at other big powers, acting like braggarts and hooligans.

This recent meeting is a big change. The little proxies somehow did not do what they did best, behaving like barking dogs of big powers. This time they meekly stood on the side lines. Without these monkeys jumping up and down at the biddings of the big powers, the big powers could not do much. They could not go yelling around like the little monkeys used to do. See, big men knew that behaving badly is bad. So they let the little monkeys to do such silly things, and some silly monkeys really loved their roles, punching above their weights, to punch at big powers.

They punched and punched until they kena blue black instead of the big powers. So they wise up this time, and play low key. So the meeting became more proper for serious discussions with a little bit of chest thumping but not going too wild.  Instead of mischievous rhetoric, many things were done and achieved in this meeting.

Let's hope future Asean Meetings would be just as polite and respectful without the little monkeys jumping all over the place. As long as Asean remains neutral it is easy to take a common position and he big powers would have no leverage to stir shit and turn Asean Meetings into a circus for their private agenda.


The logic of might is right

I feel very sad that I have to make this post to explain the logic of might is right. Anyone who lived long enough, eaten enough salt, would understand this statement without even the need for a tertiary education. I have made many statements, comments, assertions, allegations, etc etc and I do not see the need to defend them or to prove that they are right or wrong. I leave it to the readers to make their own conclusion or judgement of what I have said. It is pointless, futile, to want to explain that what is said is right or wrong. You do not waste your time trying to prove you are right to the one that holds the might. These few days I have read so many news about people trying to prove to the mighty that the mighty is not right and think they could win the argument. When the mighty said black is white, black is white. Period.

Please do not question the Americans or the British or the French that they were wrong and you have the facts and evidence to prove that you are right. Your right is wrong. Their wrong is right. They do not need any affirmation. They knew they are wrong but right. They said so.

The only time you can tell them they are wrong is when you carry a bigger stick than them and you can whack the daylight out of them. Remember the kangaroo court decision on the South China Sea island claimed by the Philippines? The kangaroo court is right. The American and all their cronies said so. You not happy, so what?

I could give you more examples on the logic of might is right. It is everywhere when power is on the side of the gangsters. For goodness sake, save your breath  and don't try to talk to the gangsters to want to prove that you are right and they are wrong. The gangsters are never wrong, only you are wrong. They knew they were wrong but they just insist that they were right. And you cannot do anything about it.

This is one reason why I often did not bother to reply or explain my position. What is right or wrong is not right or wrong. If you are the law, you are always right even when you are wrong. I could go on, but if one still cannot get this into his head, nothing will help him.

Stupidity has no cure. I feel very sorry for those that are right but are wronged because might is right. This is a historical hard truth that exists since the day of Adam and Eve. The earlier one understands this truth, the earlier one accepts this reality, the less angry and frustrated one will be. Life will be nicer, and one does not need to go around asking stupid question and get frustrated, and feel wronged.

The Evil Empire, The Mother of All Terrorism, will strike Again

US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis said on Sunday (Jun 3) that North Korea will receive relief only after it shows "verifiable and irreversible" steps towards denuclearisation....www.channelnewsasia.com

The above was spoken during the Shangri La Dialogue. This is a followup of an article written by Southernglory after the three Charlies decided to bomb Syria against all international law and ignoring the UN. North Korea would end up like Syria, Iraq and Libya if it totally dismembered its nuclear weapons.

This is the only thing holding it safe from an American attack, plus the protection of China and Russia. Once the North Koreans are unable to strike back, it would suffer the same fate as the middle eastern countries, at the mercy of the Americans and the West. Just look at how they are threatening Iran and getting ready to strike is a good case of concern for North Korea. The Americans have moved their aircraft carriers and strike force to the Persian Gulf. This hooligan evil Empire addicted to wars is going to start another war.

"So might is right." "The Bomb is the Law."  Three rogue western countries, USA, UK and France bombed innocent Syria without United Nations approval. Now Israel is attacking Syria daily with missiles and fighter bombers. Where are the voices of condemnation of these rogue states unlawful behaviour against Syria. Why are ASEAN countries keeping so quiet especially the few of those who were quick to tell China to follow the fake International Law claimed by the American lackies that dictated South China Sea the findings of the commercial tribunal?

Why are the world's Muslim unions and Arab leagues keeping so quiet? Where is the protest from the pan African Union countries? The hated USA and its two poodles UK and France have demonstrated that "Might is right and their bombs and Missiles " is the law. No one dared to condemn them. They are above International Law. They are unique and exceptional as arrogantly claimed by the American war hawk Pompeo. And so they can go berserk and kill others with impunity. But they cannot escape retribution no matter how evil and powerful they are now for it is the law of the way, the law of heaven and earth that retribution for evil deeds must surely come when the time is ripe.

What message are these rogue countries sending to the world? Are they not telling us that small and weak countries need to arm themselves with nuclear weapons to deter US / Western aggression. DPRK president Kim must tell Trump that talk of denuclearisation of North Korea is off the table until sanctions are lifted. To unilaterally disarmed is to invite an invasion from the Americans. The Americans are waiting for the North Koreans to fully denuclearise before invading.

Asian and Asean countries should not go along with the evil Americans sanction against North Korea.


Asia and Asean Initiative - Engage Iran and North Korea

The Americans have been setting the agenda for the whole world and dragging every country by the ears, coercing them to do the biddings of the Americans and to serve the interests of the American Empire. Some countries willingly and happily chose to be the lapdogs of the Americans, with pride, not feeling any shame, that they are part of the evil American Empire. Many countries were forced to do the bidding out of no choice, unable to fight back against this big bully.

The big Asian countries that were victims of the American Empire include some Asean countries with the Americans poking their fingers into their domestic affairs. The recent letter from Najib's office to the CIA begging and pleading for American support is a good point to look at. Many Asean countries have taken for granted and grudgingly allowed the Americans to push them around, putting sanctions on them, putting up road blocks and barriers to prevent them from participating fully in international affairs and trade.

China and Russia have been the victims of the American Empire since WW2 and continuously being attacked and bullied by the Americans even today. The Chinese Embassy was hit by 5 Tomahawk cruise missiles out of the blue by the evil Americans, killing 3 embassy staff and wounded at least 20 others. The Americans also threatened China with their aircraft carriers during a crisis with Taiwan in 1996. China was much weaker then and could not do much but swallowed their pride. But China was determined that this bully would not happen again. But the bully is still threatening and provoking China in the South China Sea with their white lies about freedom of navigation.

Russia has been bullied by the Americans in eastern Europe and the Middle East and is now left only with Syria and Iran as its allies. The countries in eastern Europe have been absorbed into Nato or pro Nato and increasingly become more hostile to the Russians.

The two Asian states that suffered the most from the American Empire are North Korea and Iran. The Americans have imposed sanctions on them for decades and laughing at them for being backward in their economies and poor in the case of North Korea. Both are under constant threat of an invasion with the Americans demonising them as belligerent and aggressive and would run amok to invade other Asian countries. The American lackeys knew that this is false, fake news, but quietly went along with their American masters. But many would want to trade with Iran and North Korea. In fact Japan, India and many Nato countries are buying cheap Iranian oils and are angry that the Americans are forcing a ban on this.

The Americans made Iran and North Korea their enemies. Asia and Asean need not be the enemies of Iran and North Korea. Why made them enemies when they have not done anything to harm Asian or Asean countries? Just because the Americans said so? How silly!

The fact is that none of these countries, Russia, China, Iran and North Korea, has invaded or colonised any Asian or Asean countries. The opposite is true. Asian and Asean countries were victims of the European and American invasion and colonisation. How stupid have the Asian and Asean countries been made to believe in the American and European lies that these 4 countries are dying to invade and colonise them.

The American agenda and lies and initiatives must be stopped. Asean and Asian countries must set the agenda for Asia and for the interests of Asian and Asean countries.  Just a few decades ago, China was in the same position as North Korea and Iran, painted as a threat to Asia and Asean. Things changed when Lee Kuan Yew and Kissinger engineered the engaging China strategy, to bring China into the international community, removed Cold War rhetoric, trade sanctions and barriers.

The result is a new China that is prosperous and peaceful and now providing assistance to rebuild Asean, Asia, Africa and the whole world. What happened to the western and American lie that China is an aggressive and belligerent nation and not a country of peace? Which country is constantly at war, threatening wars, inciting and provoking wars and imposing sanctions or other peaceful countries like North Korea and Iran?

North Korea and Iran have no intent nor the ability to invade and colonise any country in Asia, not Asean countries. It is time that Asian and Asean countries remove the blinkers forced upon them by the American Empire and look at Iran and North Korea in clear eyes. Asian and Asean countries must take the initiative to engage Iran and North Korea and bring them into the community of nations of Asia and Asean.

Asian and Asean countries must not be forced to live with the American lie and agenda. The initiative on how Asian and Asean countries conduct their relations, trade etc with each other must be decided by Asian and Asean countries, not to be dictated and forced upon by the evil Americans.

A peaceful and prosperous Iran and North Korea in Asia will be good for everyone in Asia and Asean. Asian and Asean countries must come together and tell the Americans to go fly their kite somewhere else. Asian and Asean countries must welcome Iran and North Korea into their community of nations for peace, prosperity and progress of Asia and Asean.

This initiative would definitely offend the Americans. The Asian and Asean countries must stand up for their own rights and interests and well beings. If not, they could easily be singled out one at a time by the evil Empire to be bullied and be treated as outcast and branded as a member of the Axis of Evil.  Malaysia and Indonesia are potential targets given their domestic politics. Myanmar has suffered for many decades under American pressure and is still suffering today. Vietnam too was a victim of the American Empire with its country bombed nearly to Stone Age, with many parts of the land still affected by Agent Orange and other agents of chemical warfare conducted by the evil Empire.

Asean will be meeting up with other Asian countries and it is timely to push for an Asian Asean Initiative to unite Asia and Asean countries, including Iran and North Korea for peace and progress of Asia. The destiny of Asia and Asean must be decided by Asian and Asean countries, not to live by the American agenda and bullying.Iran and North Korea are NOT our enemies and do not have to be.


The USA’s 21st Century joke – Do little, spend little, achieve big results

The US$350b BRI project by China has stumped the Americans and the rest of the world for its massive infrastructure development, and in monetary terms even bigger than the American Marshall Plan after the end of WW2. Where did China find the money to finance such a mammoth international cross continent project?
After the launching of the BRI, according to Dr Bharath Gopalaswamy, director of the South Asia Centre of the Atlantic Council, “…the rest of the world was watching for America to articulate a vision and come up with a big idea, and Secretary Pompeo outlined what a big idea could look like.”

And this is America’s joke of the 21st Century. To counter or compete with China’s BRI, in a Straits Times report by Nirmal Ghosh, “The United States on Monday sent a strong signal of more robust economic engagement in the Indo Pacific, fleshing out a previously announced strategy for a region described by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo as stretching from India’s west coast to America’s west coast – with Asean ‘literally in the middle’.”

What is this grand strategy and how many billions would it cost to rival the Chinese BRI? “The US pledged US$113 million (S$154 million) to support initiatives in the digital economy, energy and infrastructure in the Indo Pacific region, describing these as ‘foundational areas of the future’.”

What? S$154m! This is barely enough to buy Lim Kim San’s bungalow going for sale at S$100m! How is this going to compete with China’s US$350b BRI? Not to worry, leave it to the word’s craftsmen to tell you that this is really big and really a rival to China’s BRI. Before I list out the supporters of this grand American 21st Century initiative, let me ask the same question that was posed on the Trump Kim Summit in Singapore. Where is the meat, where are the details of this grand scheme of things? Or it is just words and pipe dream? KNN, what can $154m do?

According to an admirer of this grand American scheme, a Dr Aparna Pande, director at the Hudson Institute, it is about a targeted approach. “The US knows that it does not have the money to compete dollar for dollar with China,…What Pompeo has offered is that through a variety of measures…the US will provide targeted assistance to countries in the region and hope that those countries will then use that aid to build their capacities.” Huh, what’s that? See how clever is the use of words here to make a mountain out of a mole hill? And you know who are the admirers of the Americans and are in cahoot with them.

Another great words craftsman, a Nisha Biswal, president of the US India Business Council, said the US move was “a hopeful sign of a sustained strategy for engaging the region.” With S$154m to sustain a regional strategy? The amount is barely enough to buy a landed home in Singapore!

Another great words craftsman and supporter of this American joke, Singapore’s Ambassador Ashok Mirpuri said, “This was what was needed to complement the (US) security strategy.” He added, according to ST’s Nirmal Ghosh, “the US plans fit in with much of what the region, specifically Asean, was trying to do, including connectivity, energy infrastructure and smart cities. Anyone see how could this fit in?

This is the wonder of words craftsmen, on how a mere S$154m could do so much, could achieve so much, to be praised sky high, to rival China’s US$350b BRI projects. And of course Pompous, oops, Pompeo concurred, “This is a big one.” Yes, I concur, a big big joke.

If words or speeches can win a war, these words craftsmen would win every war they fought without weapons but words. See the joke and who are the die hard supporters of the jokers?

The Americans have no money and wanted to do a lot with a few penny?


Singapore’s new social classes – Natural artistocrats versus 3rd,4th and 5th raters

Singaporeans have heard of the birth of a new social economic class of Singaporeans called the natural aristocrats. Knowing the background and ancestry of Singaporeans, mostly from peasant stock in southern China provinces and poor corners or India, and mostly coming here to eke a living as coolies, it has been commented by some eminent leaders that Chineses Singaporeans comes from poorer IQ stocks. Not so sure about those from the sub continent. The so called natural aristocrats are unlike the purple blood Europeans descended from royalties, also mostly descendants of peasants and coolies.

This fact does not make them feel as lesser beans as they have elevated themselves to be aristocrats, like the Europeans. Not only that, their esteemed social status has recently been given a boost and confirmation by a local academic Derek da Cunha. Cunha used the occasion of ex PAP MP Tan Cheng Bock’s appearance in a meeting with opposition leaders to press his point that the people Tan Cheng Bock were meeting were lesser beans, of 3rd, 4th or 5th rates, and Tan Cheng Bock would tarnish his reputation for being in the company of these lower rate people in our society. This is the real and unspoken secret of the natural aristocrats.

So, is this Cunha saying that Tan Cheng Bock should associate himself with the likes of Cunha, presumingly he is a 1st or 2nd rate human bean, like the natural aristocrats and politicians from the ruling parties and protect his reputation as the sikit atas people? Now, extrapolating from this premise of Cunha, the rest of the population must also be 3rd, 4th and 5th rate human beans or even lower. And associating with these low rate human beans should be avoided so as not to lower once reputation or dignity. Show show, pretending to be with them once in a while for photo shoot may be alright, but not real.

Daft Singaporeans should seriously take recognition of this social divide between the 1st and 2nd rate beans and the rest of the lower rate beans that should be kept away with a 10 foot pole. This is the unspoken truth in the Singapore society that most Singaporeans would not get to know until this 1st or 2nd rate Cunha uttered it by accident to reveal their contempt for the lower rate Singaporeans.

Of course Tan Cheng Bock disagreed. He openly said that the men and women he met and associated with from the opposition parties and their supporters were good men and women, not low raters as described by the self confessed 1st or 2nd rate Cunha. A word of caution for the low rate human beans, please keep clear of people that are of 1st and 2nd rate or you can be accused of tarnishing their reputation. And if they come to you, it is only a pretense, for they held you in contempt. They would not want to be associated with low rate people, not want to be seen to be with them.

Get the point? Yes I am talking to the low raters, the no class or low class no dignity human beans of this little red dot. Next time if you see the 1st or 2nd raters like Cunha, please siam and stay away from them.