Does Mahathir know what is unfair agreement?

The agreements signed between Malaysia and China or Malaysia and Singapore were signed on a willing buyer willing seller basis. Did anyone point a gun at the head of the signatories? Did the signatories sign under coercion?

The treaties China signed with the Brits and Portuguese after the Opium War to give up sovereignty of Hong Kong and Macao were unfair treaties signed under coercion, unwillingly by China. No country would willingly sign such treaties against the interests of their countries. Despite the one sided treaties, China abided by them, honoured them as international agreements between two states even if they were unequal treaties. China could have kicked out the Portuguese and Brits long before the treaties expired, but did not do so, as they were treaties, international agreements signed between two govts.

Another example of unfair agreements is the McMahon Line drawn by an angmoh thief coming all the way from Europe. He simply put his pen to decide which part of the land belonged to China and which part belonged to the British Empire, arbitrarily without consulting China. And India is basing on this arrogant angmoh twit’s pen to claim that those land drawn by him as part of the British Empire now belongs to India.

Today Mahathir simply uttered that the agreements signed between Malaysia and China and Singapore were unfair and this gives him the right to renegotiate. He did not know how much harm he did to his country for being unreliable and untrustworthy, for not abiding by agreements signed by his govts. Who would want to sign agreements with a country that would turn around to dishonor the agreements at their whims and fancy? Maybe this is the key reason why he returned from Japan empty handed. He cannot be trusted!

Mahathir must not think that only he can be unreasonable and bickering against legally signed agreements. Singapore is standing very firm on the HSR and Water Agreements. Singapore would hold Malaysia to these agreements and would take Malaysia to the international courts if needed. Mahathir don’t pray pray with Singapore. Khaw Boon Wan has fired the first shot. Vivian Balakrishnan continued with the second shot. Two can play the game. It is not a one sided thing, that only Mahathir can shoot at anyone and think he could get away with it.

There is international law to govern the actions and behavior of recalcitrant leaders that try to ignore the rule of law. And Singapore is one big country that would stand very firm on the rule of law or outlaws. Mahathir is not the law and not beyond reproach when international agreements are concerned.


Anonymous said...

Matland Dr Mad tot that the deal does not benefit them that's why they wanna renegotiate, nothing wrong. Dr Mad didn't say he dun wan to honor these agreements signed by the previous BN govt. Dr Mad wanna Sinkieland & Cheena to understand their current financial status as they couldn't afford these big purchase as the cuntry is close to bankrupt. Kindly try to understand & have some empathy on Dr Mad Matland la, it due time they might return u the gd deeds la.

jjgg said...

Sooner or later the agreement will lapse.. the water agreement was signed about 50 years ago under very different circumstances ..same as all the historical annexations u quoted .. very doubtful if the international community will give 2 hoots as to what happens at the next water negotiations. Malaysia cannot be responsible if we intends to grow our population 4folds or turn the country into 1 big water guzzler. Malaysia got time space resources to wait it out.. regardless of quality of leadership because they have an impassioned citizenry who'll take to the streets.. how much protests have there been in Singapore over all these recent price hikes n imprisonment of our savings.. go figure which country will survive longest.. regardless of what the rest of world thinks

Virgo 49 said...

Frankly, Dr M is playing with time just to have a better deal in all these "unfair" deals as claimed by him.

He knew that a Country's international bearing depended on her Country's Leaders Action. Whether the Contracts are agreed upon with the previous administration or even in the long past old administrations, they are all legal binding.

Even the Contracts are unfair in his eyes. Even hanky panky undergoings in these so called legal binding contracts.

His only main purpose is now trying to weed out any misdeamours as created by his predessor Najib as he is the main engine in having these contracts.

That's why officially he does not give a straight answer to the Pinky government. His Finance Minster had sounded twice that the project might be revived. For to give a NO straight away, KBW's hands on the triggers would go blasting. He knew that Sinkieland leaders are waiting to pounce on what's their Fake Rights and What's Curry Laws without mercy.

Also, the so called compensation may be also be compounded like a Surgeon's scalpel.

Najib's trial is only next year and they are trying to nail him that even this HSR Project is also linked to the One IMB.

So, on that grounds, they can fight or appeal that the Contracts are illegal. The World knew of the Scandal and they may get off the hook.

That's why to him Ho lai Ho ki, you take one step forward and two steps back, we will also do the same. Hence, the water issue. Just a side track for negotiations.

But he knew Sinkieland Leaders already ate too much curry and sai laws and very difficult to tame the juveniles.

He knew that they are all putting their fingers on the arsenals ready to fire to show their man hoods. But they actually got NO HOODs beneath and also EQ and IQ.

They are Zombies with dead brains and unwavering always think they are smart and right.

Anonymous said...

The dude need to be sodomized lar

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

jjgg has a point. If Singapore continues to increase its population to a point when its needs for water is more than it can produce, it is Singapore's own doing. And if Malaysia refuses to sell water to Singapore after the expiry of the water agreement, what can Singapore do?

Singapore has dug its own grave, created its own water shortage problem, it cannot blame Malaysia for it.

A tropical island with heavy monsoon rainfall throughout the year has water shortages and its people forced to drink shit water! Now they even want to con people to drink shit beer, beer made with shit water, premium shit beer!

Anonymous said...

Do Sinkies know what is unfair agreement?!?

CPF not your money.
More schemes to take away your CPF: CPFLife, Basic Healthcare Sum, CareLife...
HDB market-based "subsidy"
Land price included in HDB price even though you don't get strata title deed.
HDB continues to own the title deeds & hence own the land.
Forced to pay property tax & conservancy charges to maintain public spaces even though you don't own the HDB land.
Continue open-legs policy to mass import FTrashes to compete for limited jobs & suppress wages.
FTrashes create good jobs for Sinkies.
NS for Sinkies, jobs for foreigners.
Increase water tax to 30%.
Increase electricity & gas tariffs by 20%.
Going to increase GST to 9%.
Tax increases are good becoz pay for army, navy, airforce, elderly, social welfare.
Give you $100-$300 GST voucher / social welfare but increase cost of living by 50%-100%.
Give you chicken wing but take back whole chicken plus interest.
MRT breakdown becoz fares too low --- need to increase fares soon.
HDB parking increased by 10%-20% --- but politicians continue to pay $1 per day.
$30 NTUC voucher for poor & jobless is Crutch Mentality, but $10M for National Day Parade is normal.
PAP tell you $2500 salary is middle-income but $1M minister salary is below market rate.

But Sinkies voted for it what.
Anyone point gun to your head or your children's head?
Willing buyer & willing seller.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Dr M is ranting against unfair deals which are different from unequal treaties. To him, everything is unfair if Singapore makes money at Malaysia's expense. He would be happy if HSR starts in JB and Singapore pays for raw untreated water at market price calculated at 1600% of present price. Dr M has to abide by the agreement. He is visiting China next month to renegotiate all the deals signed by the previous government. It will not be surprising if he tries to stab the Singapore government in the back if given the opportunity by China.

Adam Of Eve said...

An agreement is always fair when signed after due diligence and due considers, without fear, favour and ill-will.

An agreement can be unfair when there has been coercion, bribery and/or hidden ill-intent.

In addition, an agreement can be considered unfair when circumstances and conditions changed.

An agreement can alsobe unfair if, after hindsight, any party to that agreement realised that he/she has been conned into signing that agreement.

And especially for Dr Mahathir only, he can simply declare any agreement unfair because he is the oldest, eldest, most shrewd and most wise politician, the one and only, in the world.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Ann, Dr M is only acting like some Sinkies chow kar behaviours.

Even though they have a good deal, they be still bargaining for less.

He would not forego the Chinese supports and their on going projects.

This is the golden opportunities to maim or even kill Sinkieland with the Chinese finances.

When Matland economy goes bussing With their industries and other commercial enterprises, Sinkieland can only sell their backsides.

Theses are the best opportunities for them to corner and beat Singapore.

We will be at theur mercy at any negotiating issues.

When they are doing ok,to Hell with your Water Pact.You acted tough, we act tougher.

Prefer to let them go to waste in the seas and let you drink your own Sai and now try to Con the Dafts what's Premium Beer.

They be heavily dependent on the Chinese economy.

Adam Of Eve said...

When Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Philippines and Indonesia ledge onto the Chinese World Economy, Singapore is left alone high and dry.

Things are moving very fast in favour of the China-Russia Co-Prosperity Sphere. That'd why the US is so desperate to gather whatever support it can in order to counter China-Russia Rise in world domination.

The arrogant WOE (Western Orientated Elites), after making themselves millionaires with taxpayers' money, have grown swell headed and become too conceited and over-confident, thereby making one bad decision after another, affecting the lives of millions of Singaporean.

This state of affairs cannot go on forever. Something must give way. Whatever it is, it will be the daft majority who will suffer in silence.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Sinkies are really idiots!

The reserves being managed & invested by MAS, Temasek & GIC are doing very well these few years as PAPies are tapping into world growth & economy.

In fact, a large proportion of the investment profits are in China investments together in cahoots with China govt and CCP-controlled companies.

China govt don't give a fuck whether you're capitalist, communist, socialist, Taliban, Nazi, fascist, isis, maoist or Taoist.
They just want:
1. Your money
2. Your cooperation
3. Make more money

Over the last 10 years, MAS, Temasek & GIC have made Hundreds of Billions of dollars of investment profits.

Some have been used for PAPies multi-million dollar salaries.
A lot have been used for infrastructure in cahoots with PAPpy-controlled companies.
A lot have also been used to buy toys for Mindef & MHA.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

@ Virgo, Dr M will run rings round the PAP 4G leaders as long as he remains alive. No love lost between the 2 countries.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Mahathir doesn't like, nor trust CHINESE. Or Jews. Both these "races" (cultures) are stereotypically gifted at making money, shrewd business dealing, and hard sustained work over long time.

Mahathir has reference his opinions on Chinese in every book he's written, and many times in opinion pieces and interviews. As education minister, he FORCED everyone into a pure Malay-language curriculum, so much so that many Malaysian Chinese around age 40 are functionally ILLITERATE in ENGLISH.

There is nothing to trust or distrust about Dr M. He doesn't like Chinese culture. His thinking is anchored in judging individuals by applying stereotypes and tropes about their respective cultures That's it. He thinks all Aussies are drunk and rude, he thinks Americans, Brits, Singaporeans are...{fill in the blank lah}.

He really is an anachronism: an opinionated old fart who has exeeded his "use by" date and is still around due to beig a statistical outlier way past his "expiry". Due to incestuous and endemic corruption in UMNO, Mahathir was lucky to seize opportunity ad fill a political void: the APPARENT need for "honesty".

As with all things political---you don't have to actually BE the thing you say, you only have to appear TO BE it. As long as people believe you and give you their vote, you WIN.

He's made up his mind: Malaysia is for MALAYS...all that Indians, Chinese and other races of Malaysians are also Bumiputras....please lah, that shit is political window dressing aka "wayang kulit" (shadow puppetery), "Malay pantun" (Malay folklore).

Mahathir is not going to last very long, due to biology---i.e. he's an old man, in excellent health...at the moment. But at that age, biological deterioration is swift onc it begins.

Anonymous said...

Fair agreement?

1.Text too small, hide in some corner in the
agreement pages, you can go to graveyard
upon signing.

2.Reserve the right to change condition of statement
at the last line of contract.

3.Condition applied, which likely bring you to
"Holland" agreed on something do not you

4.Many pages of contract agreement, only lawyer
can understand, which are usually twist
able and favoring only one sighed party.

If people signed their life contract, not deciding their own destiny, is the same as you let other people charting you future, it could be you die your own business.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


One thing about leaders like Putin, Trump, Mahathir, Xi JinPing...

They are 1000% for their respective nations. They won't sell out to banksters, foreign interlopers...sign deals which disadvantage their peoples.

Mahathir is doing what Trump is: re-negging or cancelling those deals made by previous administrations which COMPROMISED their cuntries.

Can't really blame them lah. If your predecessor sold your cuntry out, you really don't have to abide by agreements which put your people at risk, or sacrifice the dignity of your nation.

Mahathir was never satisfied with the water agreement with Singapore. What's happening now is not "new" in Dr M's mind. He's beem bugged by this for as long as he's been in politics.

Break the fucking contract lah. So what?

Anonymous said...

"They are 1000% for their respective nations. They won't sell out to banksters, foreign interlopers...sign deals which disadvantage their peoples"

Leader with clear ideal for their own nation, no misleading with hidden objective.

Adam Of Eve said...

Singapore leaders are also 1000% for their respective nations (natural aristocrats take in others' national savings).

They also won't sell out to banksters, foreign interlopers...sign deals which disadvantage their peoples (people's action party).

They are also leaders with clear ideal for their own nation, no misleading with hidden objectives (all passed by in pa-Lee-menr for pap-lee-men in Parliament.

The only difference is that they know how to legally fatten their own bank accounts without the risk of going to jail for corruption, because they openly declared that if they are not rewarded with out-of-this-world, unconscionably, exhorbitantly high salary and bonuses, they are likely to become corrupt.

In other words, if the State can legally "bribe" them with huge sums of taxpayers' money to make them Multi-Millionaires overnight, nobody can say they are corrupt.

It is the State (meanung, the voters) that is courrupt.

Anonymous said...

PAPies long time ago sold out to lawyers, banksters & developers. In exchange, lawyers, banksters & developers made PAPies filthy rich.

Anonymous said...

Many PAPigs are pretentious and hypocritical. No moral. No ethics. No laws.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia can cancel those agreements with China and Singapore, but at what cost? Even renegotiating is not a wise move. It reflects badly on the leaders and country in the long run.

Who in the world would want to sign agreements with Malaysia, for example for investments like building factories, if they know those agreements may not be honoured, once a new Government takes power. In the long run, it is the people that suffers, with investors shunning the country.

There are now myriad investment opportunities throughout South East Asia for investors, with Vietnam well on the way up the ladder of preference, and Myanmar raring to go forward as well. Malaysia is not the only destination for investors and further North, they are fighting to lure investors to set up manufacturing bases.

I believe what Mahathir is doing is merely rhetoric, knowing that he has to deliver what he promised before GE14, and now having abolish GST, he has to find ways to patch the financial black hole.

Why did he not just give official notice to Singapore about his intention to scrap the HSR instead of dilly dallying? First he threatened to scrap the whole project, then talked about renegotiating for a better price, and then just a while ago, through Lim Guan Eng, said that the project will not be scrapped if the cost is reduced by 50%. The wily old fox sly intention is probably just waiting for Singapore to agree to foot the whole bill! Cancelling would mean massive compensation, which means he has to pay up for nothing, which is silly.

Anonymous said...

If Governments can claim that agreements signed by their predecessors are unfair and should be cancelled, there must be lots of unfair agreements made by Suharto and Marcos during their reign.

What about unfair agreements signed by fallen regimes. Will the new regime, unfriendly to the friends of the previous regime, claim unfairness and scuttled them?

What are international laws for?

To sing at religious functions?

Anonymous said...

If Mahathir was not satisfied with the water agreement with Singapore, why didn't he do something about it, when he was the PM more than 30 years ago, precisely in 1987, when the other old man was around?

He lost his battle of wits and is out for revenge, thinking that the present leaders are now easy meat. If he had renegotiated in 1987, Malaysia would probably have benefitted with more money for more than 30 years of supplying raw water to Singapore.

Anonymous said...

This matland snake said the country is broke, but wanted to partner Indonesia to build his national car. Why? Because this his pet project die die also must do, even country is 'broke'! Maybe the crooked bridge will be next.

Anonymous said...

Matilar, don't be silly lar. U need to be sodomized to wake up for proposing your silly comments.

Adam Of Eve said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Adam Of Eve said...

Crooked bridge will become the Eighth Wonder of the World, if built. Dr Mahathir has foresight, though no more foreskin. Therefore, he is not thick-skin like some suggested.

He is also not "Chow Kar" like some Singapore leaders (note: Not Singaporeans' leaders).

"Singapore leaders" means leaders who stay in Singapore but they are not Singaporeans' leaders because they don't really care for Singaporeans. They care only for their own million-dollars salary and 8 to 22 months' bonuses. They lead only their own family members, close relatives and their sycophantic cronies, apple-polishers and bootlickers.

Another characteristic of Singapore leaders who are not Singaporeans' leaders is that they keep condemning and insulting Singaporeans by giving them labels such as "lazy people", "choosy people", "people with clutch mentality", "spineless people", "people like dogs", "quitters", "entitled mentality", "people who wait for government handouts", "daft", etc etcetera; more new ones coming. When comes to creating new jobs for Singaporeans, they simply have no clues how to do it. They have to depended on foreigners to create good-paying jobs for Singaporeans. Even the Chief amongst them openly unashamedly stated so.

Dr Mahathir is not "Chow Kar" because he still can walk very well with his legs. Unlike one "Horrible Man" (according to Amos Yee), who had to be propped up by two young muscled men, one on each side, when he moved, by the time he reached the age of 89. Because his "kars" already "chow kar". His dishonourable son is even more "chow kar". Promises something but never honour it. Even dishonoured his own father's and mother's last wills.

Chow Kar leaders also promised you to return your CPF savings at age 55 but when you reached 55 years old, they shift the goal posts to 60 years old; when you reached 60 years old, the unscrupulous heartless sobs switched the goal posts to 65 years old. And when you reached 65 years old, these scoundrels tell you that you cannot withdraw the whole lump sum; they make you draw out in monthly trickles.
Such leaders are the real "Chow Kar" ones, not Dr Mahathir.

Dr Mahathir is right. Where in the world you can buy 1000 gallons of water at 3 sens (less than 1 sg cent)? It is highly ridiculous! Past is past. Present prevailing market conditions must apply. What can you buy now with 1 sg cent? 50 years ago, Singapore was struggling to survive. On compassionate ground, Tenku Andul Rahman, then PM of Malaysia, simply accepted a token of 3 sens per 1000 gallons. On subsequent reviews, it still remained 3 sens because Singapore still needed help to grow. Today, Singapore has been fully grown up. Today, Singapore has become the most expensive cuntry in the world. Today, Singapore pays her Prime Minister 7 times or more than the salary of all leaders of the world. Today, one 5-room HDB flat at Holland Drive is priced at $1 million, whereas in 1974, the same 5-room HDB flat at Holland Drive cost only $27,500! Be realistic, come on! Don't behave like an ostrich and keep saying an agreement is an agreement. How many times the Singapore leaders (not Singaporeans' leaders) changed agreements unilaterally without even consulting the parties involved?

Uncle Virgo, please take note.

Virgo49 said...

Hello Adam of Eve, You are absolutely Right!

Mathatir is defintely not Chow Kar like the Sinkie Leaders.

This is just been sarcastic to said that he is been so just to spite the uniquely behaviours of some Sinkies especially the Moronic Leaders.

He tried to what's I said said Ho Lai Ho Ki. Take one step forward and two steps back and compromised on the Agreements. You may be legally bound under the Laws to honour whatsoever Contracts and Agreements as signed by which so ever parties, but there is still a human touch of EQ and good will to settle matters amicably for future good will both the present and the future generations.

Our Sinkieland Leaders are too hardheaded and pompous. Thinking of only going strictly by the books.

You can win a war but lose the battle. A first World Nation with billions in reserves paying a miserable 3 sens that is now zero cents in exchange to the Ringitt i.e. completely FREE and insisted that they stick to the 1962 Agreement made in the Kampong Days.

And selling the water back to them and us at one million percent profits.

One time there a negotiation of revising the water price and the Sinkies Scrooges made the talks so daunting that they just simply gave up. Real Chow Kar even after sponging the Mats for donkey years and just increase another fifty sens that is only ten or fifteen sinkie cts extra, they still wants to hazzle.

Dr M knew that they willingly or unwillingly has to paid some compensation for the termination of the HSR Agreements.He in fact not completely wants to stop the project but just test ballons like the Papies whether they can review at the Costs involved.

He may be suspecting that Najib may use this project as a way out to wriggle funds for the IMDB Debacle.

He brought the Water issue just as a Reference to sound the Daft Sinkie Leaders to compromise and they so Defensive in rebutting him.

Sinkieland Leaders lacked EQ to be Real Statemmen and have lots to grow up.

Only selfish and own Righteous Pompous Attitude.

Virgo49 said...


The Croatians had beaten the Brutes, oops Brits.

Now for the Frenchues.

Both long time side kicks of the Americunts with blood on their hands killing millions.

Our PeeAyam wants to attend their what's Batsill Parade and celebrate the Centennial of our Colonisation.


Anonymous said...

British and Japanese running dog will know when to go running to his masters.

Anonymous said...

Mahathir, 50 years ago, I sold a bungalow to you for RM100,000. Now, it is worth RM10 million. This is very unfair and ridiculous. Can we renegotiate?