Trump: Immigrants are ‘invaders’

Can you believe it? Trump, a descendant of white Europeans that illegally entered North America, robbed the land from the natives, invaded their land, killed most of them, and he said with a blank face that immigrants are ‘invaders’! Is he suffering from dementia, or is he pretending to be an idiot? Did he know how the illegal European immigrants invaded the Americas and usurped the rights of the American natives? He is a descendant of illegal immigrants that invaded America. All the white men were descendants of invaders, except the new migrants.

Trump said, and the western media eg Reuters, proudly quoted him, “We cannot allow all of these people to invade our Country. When somebody comes in, we must immediately, with no Judges or Court Cases, bring them back from where they came.” Trump should reactivate the Ku Klux Klan to do the necessary. Does anyone know how foolish Trump and his gang of invaders were to point the finger at the immigrants and calling them illegal immigrants, invaders? Several of the southern USA states were seized from the Mexicans and annexed into the USA.

Singapore has a different story to tell about immigrants. In Singapore, immigrants are not invaders. They are invited in as talents and quickly given citizenship, to take over the country legally. The original Singaporeans are now a minority and soon would end up like the Red Indians, exiled into the reservations while the legal immigrants would take over and reside in the choice part of the country. And if this process goes on, many of the original Singaporeans would end up in other countries if they able to while the not so able would end up in Batam and Bintang and Johore.

Immigrants are invaders! Not in Singapore. In Singapore, immigrants are taking over the island legally, not invaders, without any protest from the sheep, the daft that did not know what is happening to their country and their rights to their country, and still blindly doing NS to defend a country being given away to the immigrants.

Thank you Trump, for saying this, “Immigrants are ‘invaders’” Hopefully the daft and the sheeple understand what Trump is saying and wake up before it is too late.


Titiana Ann Xavier said...

How Trump and PM Lee viewed immigrants had a profound effect on the local population. While Trump is clearly being xenophobic in calling immigrants "invaders" as he goes about implementing apartheid. In Singapore, the hospitality extended to migrant workers was at the expense of citizens. They were practically given the licence to steal our lunches and to snook at us. True blue Singaporeans have now become an endangered species.

Anonymous said...

One is a loud mouth white supremist leading a very boastful but overpriced tribe, the other is a goondu bookworm probably controlled by a buy high sell low wifie selling out the sillyzens.

Anonymous said...

U voted for it ..u asked for it ...u wanna to hv migrants to work here wat...Long List & Long ah juz repeat it..when erection comes he changes tune to ask the sheeple to b with him for him juz by giving these sheeple bits & pieces of chicken bones ...after erection is bziness as usual & its sheeple will juz eat shit & kpkb ..uniquely SingingLehLong.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Please lah Uncle. Human history is about invavion, comquest and occupation. Our species has done that for over 200,000 years.

That's how we spread around the planet. we occupy a place, conquer a neighbour or two, rape their women thus mixing up the gene pool.

Later on, the land we're on gets invaded, our people are slaughtered, women raped...etc... by another tribe more powerful than us. Every cuntry (what we now call "cuntries") has similar general history, of where their current linage originated from, and how it came to be.

If you cannot defend the territory you occupy, probably don't deserve to keep it. Perhaps a "foreign invader" can do a better job.

At the moment, Africans and the Islamic ethnicities are OUTBREEDING every other race/ culture.

I think it's going to get interesting.

IMMIGRATION is a hot political potato now. Italy and France are fighting, because of Islamic refugees. Merkel is on her last legs as the voters are signaling they don't want anymore immigrants from shit hole cuntries 💩💩

Similar sentiments are at play in the UK, Sweden, Hungary (essentially banned all Muslim immigration).

Iran is royally fucked. The currency is toilet paper and there are food shortages. When people can't eat, they go violently crazy.Even if Iran doesn't implode due to civil unrest, there will be refugees (i.e. more of these camel fuckers) seeking "asylum" in the rich whitey cuntries...where they recieve AUTOMATIC 🤑🤑WELFARE 💲💰upon arrival.

Good deal, if you ask me. Better than being killed by "security forces", stampeded to death in a food riot or bank run, or just dying from starvation.

Hey you fucking pieces of human flotsam, cum over to the Jesus cuntries...look at Jesus picture...HE'S WHITE!! (with bangin' 6-pack abs!! 🙈) Jesus white ==> white man good! 🤟 (The only people you should beware of here is Jesus's priests. Many of them are pedophiles and will rape your children🤡 )

Adam Of Eve said...

Trump is right. Think about it. All immigrants are invaders. The whole of USA, North America, Central America and South America, the Caribbeans, West Indies, Hawaii, Guam, Diego Garcia, Australia, UK, Europe, Middle East and South East Asia are occupied and ruled by INVADERS!

Anonymous said...

69.9% think the same on immigrants as Lee Hsien Loong. So lan lan have to live with the terrible situation we are in.

Anonymous said...

Say what you like about Trump --- at least he got balls to say & act like a hooligan to protect most of the current people in US.

Unlike PAPies who can only say Singapore belongs to everyone & foreigners create good jobs for Sinkies & the only strategies they keep showing is 2030 6.9M and keep on increasing taxes/fees.

Virgo49 said...

In Singapore in the 50s and 60s the immigrants are not classified as Invaders as the land is poor and life is hard.

Now the poor immigrants thru their sweat, blood and tears built the the country to a livable standard for the children and grandchildren better lives and the new immigrants screamed MURDER when they were called invaders.

Many traitorous idiots plus their equally traitorous leaders kept harping that as we are a Nation of immigrants, we must opened our doors to immigrants.

Now, they are thru honesty or otherwise are leading good lives that they can sing this tune.

When karma strikes that they are scavenging in the streets, they will scream MURDER for having the immigrants breaking their rice bowls.

STUIDITY HAS NO CURE. You build a nice house and allowed you, yourself and your children plus grandchildren to be thrown out onto the streets.

b said...

He said illegal immigrants are invaders. He is ok with legal migrants but not illegal migrants because they can be anything from criminals, drug lords, pedo, rapists to terrorists. Respect others and the rule of law.

b said...

He is the only one dare to stand up against the commie infiltrators in usa (such as hillary and obama) and eu (such as merkel and juncker) and un. He got the balls.

Anonymous said...

Pappies should stop wayang with Sinkies but truly deliver low costs of living with high standards n plentiful Pmet opportunities. Dramatically cut the open leg immigration policy that is messing up our nationhood. Then what happened at Matland will not happen here for another 20 yrs.

Anonymous said...

To Trump they are invaders but to the Pappies they are saviors. Through them they have excuse to pay themselves humongous bonuses and they help entrench their power here. So they bend over backwards for them and lay out the red carpet. The local born are just collateral damage. To them boh pian. What is sad is the people treated as collateral damage does not know it or is too afraid to do anything.

Anonymous said...

Americans have no moral right to call immigrants as invaders. The whites are the biggest invaders and robbers, robbing lands belonging to others, on the pretext of discovery.

They accused the Chinese of stealing their technology. What about they themselves stealing other people's land, oil, historical artifacts etc? That is not stealing? I think they should learn from our one disgraced MediaCorp artistes and call that 'borrowing'.

Anonymous said...

Today, Australian conservatives still believe that only white people, especially those from Europe and the UK, are genuine Australians.

Even Australia Day, the national day of the country, is set to commemorate the arrival of the first fleet of British ships at a Sydney port on January 26, 1788, which marks the beginning of Europe's immigration to Australia.

But the white Australians seemed to have overlooked one thing - for indigenous Australians, the day also marks the beginning of an "invasion."

Anonymous said...

"Singaporeans should be aware of China's 'influence operations' to manipulate them", says ex-diplomat Bilahari Kausikan.

But what Sinkies are seeing is the influx of hordes of India nationals PMETs into Singapore, bringing the total residential population to nearly 6 million from 3.9 million before 2004. India is doing more harm to Sinkies' interests in Singapore than China!

Meritocracy iof Kleptocracy said...

The Hidden Wealth of Najib Razak Known So Far

Up to RM1.1 billion (US$270 million) of cash and luxury items were seized from premises linked to ex-PM Najib Razak, Malaysian police said on Wednesday (Jun 27).

The raids were connected to investigations into the scandal at state fund 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB).

The value of all items seized from six premises linked to Najib in May was between RM900 million and RM 1.1 billion.

Of this value, RM116 million is cash, with jewellery worth around RM442 million at material cost. The latter's street value is estimated to be between RM660 million and RM880 million.

Of the RM116 million in cash, there were 26 different currencies. Police authorities took three days to count the cash, with the help of 22 Bank Negara officers and six counting machines.

The official salary of Najib while in office was 22,827 ringgit (US$5,670) a month.

According to Najib Razak, the jewelleries are all gifts and the cash belong to UMNO.

Can we so easily believe his words?

The juicy part about Najib's bank accounts has yet to be made known. Don't know how many bank accounts he has. Also his credit cards?

What about his wife's and children's and step-son's bank accounts and credit lines? Will they reveal anything of interest to the public?

Anonymous said...

Will Najib's close friends living in Singapore also be investigated?

Anonymous said...

Defending champion Germany has been knocked out of the World Cup in a humiliating defeat delivered by the Republic of Korea!

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with inviting foreigners into Singapore????

1. They create jobs for Singaporeans

2. They increase population.

3. They contribute to economy.

4. They increase Singapore annual GDP.

I think the more foreigners into Singapore the better.
If any " true blue Singaporeans " cannot tahan this then go live in another country.

Anonymous said...

Members from the House of Lee have joined thousands of true blue Singaporeans in the exodus. The brother went to HK. The nephew is in US.

Anonymous said...

DT certainly isn't pretending to be an idiot. More likely he is actually a "moron" as one of his top officials called him.