Potong Najeep – Malaysia’s next national car

Mahathir was the man that conceived the first Malaysia car, the Proton Saga. After more than 30 years of being the same car, the saga of the Proton is coming to an end after being sold to China. The Proton Saga, without any new innovation, has outlived its existence unless Malaysia wants to be like the British, having no more new ideas, trying to market a 1960s technology in reinventing the Mini with some cosmetics. Malaysia maybe able to sell some more Protons to the romantics, like the Minis and Nokia, selling old products for keepsake, as momentos.

Mahathir would not have this sort of things. Though no one bothers to do anything on the Proton to make it a better and newer car after Mahathir left the PM’s office, his return is giving him a second chance to revive his Malaysia pet dream of an international Malaysia car. This time he is not talking about a car but a jeep. Being a national car, oops, a national jeep, he has appropriately called it a Najeep in short. And to break away from the antique Proton, he reinvented a new car company called Potong.

So here you have it, a new Malaysia car/jeep called Potong Najeep. OK this idea of a Najeep is not mine. I just borrowed it and gave it a little spin as V 1.02. The PM’s office has made a pre order for a stretch version of the jeep. Mahathir would like the jeep to be stretched for as long as he could, a stretch Potong Najeep for him to drive around.

Soon there would be many Potong Najeeps on the Malaysia roads to make the Malaysians happy.

Singapore would likely be invited to be part of this new car project to mend relations with Malaysia. Lim Eng Guan has said that Malaysia did not have the money, and there is plenty of money in Singapore. This is also a good opportunity for Singapore to be really making a car to make money instead of printing COEs. As for technology, China can also be invited to join. Japan may be a bit difficult as they would not sell their new technology unless Mahathir is happy with another old Lancer engine. 

Looks like this Potong Najeep is going to be a reality even with Malaysia not contributing anything, no money, no technology, just say 'I want to have a Malaysia car, oops, jeep.' Like it or not, Mahathir would want this Potong Najeep to be his next pet project.

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Dr Talk Alot said...

Potong Najeep is an excellent idea. Mahathir must quickly patent it. Otherwise, there are thousands, if not millions, of people who would steal the idea. There are simply too many people who would like the idea of Potonging Najeep. They would not only stretch it. They would surely like to bend it, twist it, make it turns round and round in circles, entangle it, smash it or make it up-side-down.

Dr Talk Alot said...

And if the Potong Najeep will lose money big time, I believe Temasek would definitely invest bigly (borrow this term from Dotard Trump). But if it will make money, I don't think Temasek or GIC would be eager to throw any money into it.

So, Mahathir must tell the world that this project is not meant to make money but just for national pride. He should caution all investors that the project will lose money big time.

Stupidity can cure or not?

Anonymous said...

You never heard of the new car brand PROTUN!

Anonymous said...

the fourwheels will have the pic.of both jeeb.

Anonymous said...

Probably an electric or driverless Protoon Hajap car 🚗 under Mahathir. However, when Mahathir is gone, probably the next owner might name it as Protoon Mahathee Leh..

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

A new Saga is in the making. Dr M is planning a Great Leap forward for Malaysia by reviving the automobile industry. His finance minister, Lim Guan Eng said it would be privately funded as the government is deeply in the red. Nevertheless it has not hindered Dr M from renewing his passion for his first love. He must have felt jilted when China potong jalan his Potong Saga.

Virgo49 said...

Singapore Pay And Pay Government DON'T believe in getting your hands dirty in grease and oil and sweat producing these cars or jeeps.

Invest in plants and machineries and space. Just have a printer and print the COEs for the daft Sinkies to pay more than the cost or even the price in the markets of the cars.

Without producing even a bolt and nut, they made billions extortation blood monies out of you.

The piece of a just a A4 or now even no more hard copy just electronic copy can have the prices of three or four of the cost of the producing of the cars from the plant.

Why invest in this costly venture??

Anonymous said...

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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The Proton is a fucked up car. On a popular TV series on cars and their performance, the hosts were so disgusted by the Proton they destroyed several on camera, to the raucous delight and cheers of the show's petrol-head fans. 🤣


Proton & Geely (China) recently signed some deal. Don't know how that deal is now given Mahathir's NO LOVE for anything Chinese.

Another cuntry which makes fucked up cars is India.

China, OTOH, is improving it's car manufacturing rapidly. The Koreans (best "bang for buck" cars) should be worried. China is climbing up the ladder.

China owns MG, and now produces MGs for the general market, departing from the legendary "wind in the hair" motoring experience of the failed British icon.

Best thing Mahathir can do for Proton is close it down or sell it to the Koreans or Chinese. They can make better cars for the same price or cheaper.

But he is a prideful man. He's the kind of asshole who will lose his cuntry's money (people in Malaysia are having a hard time) just for the sake of presumed "national pride" as if the rest of the world gives a flying fuck about Malaysia.

And Mahathir will never use the suffix "Jeep" because he hates Americans/ Jews and Jeep is an American icon, involved in every modern war America has started/ fought in.

Anonymous said...

Car making is a money losing venture in Malaysia. But for some, this is an opportunity for making money, for if it does fail, just do the usual bailing out, and therefore must be revived.

Never underestimate what kind of thinking is behind all this. No money, yet do not mind losing more money for 'national interest' sake. What a jeep of a joke!

Anonymous said...

'Malaysia boleh' is still the national war cry.

As they used to say, 'mati tidak apa, style mahu'.

Anonymous said...

Dr M could be using NaJeep as a vehicle to get lots n lots of money from big high, sell low Jinx of Tummysick. Sinkies pockets will continually be burned by this Wuman. Jia Luck with this Jinx still sitting on the throne.

Anonymous said...

1997/98 Asian Financial Crisis Lau Goh didnt help Dr but SirharToe, dear D gave Sinkies a blue-black with Clob clobber. History likely to repeat with worse consequences; no money to help Dr expect some serious tensions. Will be caught between the rock n hard place.

Frog Outside Glass said...

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Anonymous said...

Not to worry. There will be problems for Trump if this goes on. Already US farmers and hardware manufacturers are crying for help.

The Chinese people are more capable of withstanding hardships. They have gone through that stage and are probably more hardy than the whites.

On top of that, not only China is imposing tariffs on specific US goods. Many other countries are now doing the same to the US.

Anonymous said...

Malaysians should make a hearse for Mahathir. At age 93, odds that he would ride in it are very high for next 1-3 years.

Anonymous said...

Matland more interested in further developing their oil & gas industry to sell at high prices to cheenas & sinkies.

They are also enjoying brisk business selling small arms, mines & anti-tank missiles around the world. They learnt a lot from joint projects with ST Eng and ST Kinetics.

Anonymous said...

Mahathir may live past 100 years old, juding from his present state of health, mental alertness and physical maneuverability.