Now showing – The Hustler and the Kid

The Hustler and the Kid is being premier at The Capella in Sentosa to a world audience. This is a one day only premier and either you are here or you will miss it completely. The reporters of the world have descended onto this island city to give it an international coverage that would rival any Hollywood movie ever screened.

The Hustler as he is has been talking non stop about how he is going to hustle the Kid. He has threatened the Kid with more sanctions and even to walk out after one minute in the show if he is not happy with the Kid. And the Hustler is being assisted by the Devil. The Devil is everywhere, flirting from Tokyo to Washington like a daily affair. And the Devil appears to have his own agenda, wanting to have a say in the Show and wanting to have an outcome of his own. The Devil thinks the Hustler does not have a mind of his own and wanting his will to superimpose on the Hustler. Would the Hustler do the bidding of the Devil?

The Kid has been smiling all the while. He is in a world of his own as if without a care. And he is accompanied by his charming kid sister to make sure all the pieces are in place. Other than saying he will agree to the demands of the Hustler, the Kid is not showing any of his cards. For the moment the Hustler thinks he is calling the shot and the Kid has no cards to play.

The host as usual will play his role as a gracious host, serving coffee/tea and tarts to make sure both the Hustler and the Kid are comfortable in their own corners. High stakes are involved and the highest security regiments are in placed to allow the Hustler and the Kid to be at their very best in this game of intrigue.
What will be the outcome of this showdown between an unpredictable Hustler popularly known as the Dotard and an unknown Kid aka The Rocket Man? The Show will be on 12 Jun and everything will be over by lunch time with the Hustler and the Kid leaving town and going separate ways.

Would there be a happy ending or mores suspense with a second episode in the near future?


Anonymous said...

Actually, the Host Little Red Dot Hotel Island must hv said to the 2 Kong Longs : " Aloha, Selamak Datang..Welcome to the Jurassic World! The world will witness the Tr(Pump)-Kim Showdown. We will serve u all coffee, tea or mee at your command. Rest be assured your safety & accommodation will be well taken care of at no costs of yours. So enjoy & have Fun 🎉! Wala..wala.."

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

The denouement of this historic summit meeting between Cowboy Hustler and Kid Galahad will be known in 2 days' time. Their showdown at O.K. Capella is eagerly awaited by the whole world. Each man will put national interests first. Trump hopes to make himself great by being the first American president to persuade North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons in exchange for a formal end to the Korean War. Kim wants Uncle Sam to stop provoking and threatening his nation so that he can concentrate on rebuilding the country and eventual unification of two brothers kept apart by Uncle Sam and its Nipponese poodle.

Anonymous said...

Since Singapore is so generous, with so many millionaire generals, starting with the Secretary-General of the Pay-Always-Party to academic paper generals, busy-bodying around, ever eager to carry US President's balls, why not make it an Annual Summit, until the cowboys come home?

Only $20 million to get international limelight, what. Singapore surely can afford mah. It is very affordable, as affordable as $1000 per month household income can buy HDB a-part-ment.

Isn't it good idea?

Better than GIC and Temasek Holdings having to suffer huge losses in order to get world attention?

Better than going to the White House to offer $19 billion to Trump to help him create 10,000 jobs for next 20 years?

Better than losing $4.2 billion buying and selling UBS shares?

Better than selling of NOL for a song?

Better than selling off strategic power stations to foreigners for a song, in order to make the balance sheet look good?

Better than writing of $65 million by declaring bankruptcy on the failed miserably business in China?

Better than trying to punch above the weightless feather weight?


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

If these 2 fuckers become friends, Asia is fucking doomed.

They both like pussy, they both don't give a fuck. They are also both top of their game.

I want to see, who is going to con who. Wah, tomorrow...very entertaining lah ;-)

jjgg said...

$20 million for a photo op and opportunity to serve coffee n tea.. so far the biggest winners are Pontiac. Shangrila n Hong leong ..BBC commentary suggests that Singapore probably chosen because its easier to lock down .. who wins? Probably Kim.. he got dotard to fly all round the world to meet him...))))

Anonymous said...

Matilar whether they ended up in happy ending like RB said or not, we won't know. But you definitely has happy ending last night at massage at Geylang 😀

One millenial SINKIE's view on a "SUMMIT" said...

Red Dot-ard //He has threatened the Kid with more sanctions and even to walk out after one minute in the show if he is not happy with the Kid.//

One Millenial's View of a "SUMMIT"

Part 1:

According to some sources, the "blues" etc back home are rooting for this summit to be a "failure" and subsequently for DT to "lose big" in the coming Nov Mid-term later this year. The GOP majority in the Senate is hanging by a spider cobweb. Their majority in the House of Rep is not unassailable. Once DT "becomes a lame duck in the WH", the next likely thing could be pple ganging up for impeachment? So he needs to make it almost impossible for that to happen?

When KJU heard DT telling the press he might walk out after one minute, KJU probably roaring on the floor cos DT's political future hangs in the balance precariously and needs KJU's favour to salvage his perilous term? For one, would DT open the "giant envelop" KJU conveyed to him via his envoy Kim Yong Chol in front of the world media? Probably NOT?

Thus, one forgone conclusion about this "summit" is that after the meeting, both sides could likely announce to the world that the "summit" has created "HISTORY" and both men might even embrace on stage to showcase the great breakthrough they have achieved? Another development is direct communucation line between the two to be opened up bc DT might say he likes his younger counterpart as they have chemistry (and lots of "common grounds" like their hairstyle)?

In actual fact, many seasoned diplomats and ex-diplomats are saying that what kind summit is this?

Where got like that one?

Where are all the months or years of preparations and negotiations that go in before a "real summit"? Where are all the agreed t&c to be signed during a "summit"?

DT told the media his whole life being preparing for this "summit" ?? So how is it possible for him to fly almost round the world non-stop from daytime till dark and walk out of the meeting in ONE MINUTE? Who would appear more silly and look like a darn fool? KJU can read DT well that's why this "summit"? Based on some sources, this KJU studied in one of the top Swiss IHL and was extremely studious and bright. During his first meeting with Xi JP few months, KJU was even seen taking notes furiously like his undergraduate days in Switzerland, so DPRK and their citizens future are certainly bright under such an astute, ernest, diligent, progressive and self-assured GREAT LEADER. (KJU TRIPLE CONFIRMED no paper general.)

To be cont'd ...

One Millenial Sinkie View of a SUMMIT said...

Part 2

To progress further, DPRK needs the sanction lifted. DT probably could "close both eyes" to the economic trade between DPRK and her two giant Asian neighbours in the coming months if this "summit" is a "massive success" in his eyes and their diplomatic teams and negotiators get down to the nitty gritty in the coming months. Thus, it is possible this "summit" is NOT the first and last between the two enigmatic HOS.

Under the past US Administrations, the pre-requisite was denuclearisation. This time haven't confirmed also meet for "summit" liao. KJU's GINOMOUS envelop's letter (to DT) may contain the answer to this "summit" outcome? That could explain DT's "one minute" comment. Could be he already "know" the answer? So 99.99% could go beyond one minute and much longer. Possibly meet again on Wed to "straighten" further details and "deepen" their chemistry. DT said whether like another person first 5 seconds will know le. DT flew almost round the world just to meet for one time maybe "too short"? DT was a businessman. Meet one time needs US$20 millions+++. Extend one more day is at incremental additional marginal cost but meet on another occassion another US$20 millions+++. Which one makes more sense?

DT needs SHUT his detractors and critics mouths back home. So he is likely to push for an extra mile and more?

Also KJU (and mb DT) may have another agenda. The third person more anxious than KJU and DT on this "summit" is who? Not the "Devil" lah. This THIRD PERSON name quite BIG. Goes by the natural satellite of mother earth. Get it? (At night come out de in the sky except a few days each month). Korean drama series are known to be quite lengthy and according to reports many ladies love such "intrigues". Besides the possibly long episodic "intriguing" future happenings, KJU likely needs to captivate his southern audience and keep the "intrigue" between him and his southern counterpart "fuelled" and lasting? So the more "sparks" this "summit" emits, the "brighter" WILL be KJU southern "MOON"? The "solar energy" generated by the meeting of 2 ultra alpha MALES of males should be able to keep KJU southern "MOON" shining brightly in his homeland for a lo(oooooo)ng time ...?

Now next, cannot miss out the "devil" lah. How about his wish?

To be cont'd ...

Millenial Sinkie View of a SUMMIT said...

Part 3

DT is no fool. The Chinese have one classic saying: "Fish or Bear Paws, can only have either one". Save himself or do the "devil's" bidding? Which one would DT choose? It is a no brainer?

ICBM may be too costly for KJU so there is a chance he agrees to DT's dd. Medium range and short range are KJU bodyguards and tailisman? Surely, DT does NOT dubbed KJU "rocket man" for nothing? Without any rocket, he is no more "rocket man"? Surely KJU knows that as certainly as the back of his hands.

In short, "the devil's" wish has to take a back seat cos DT can only get the "fish or bear's paws" (as the Chinese saying goes) so he can't have both. (Possibly DT knows about this Chinese saying bc he invested "heavily" in his granddaughters to learn mandarin, caligraphy, chinese painting, dancing, even sing in Chinese, so likely tiger (hu) grandfather won't have quan grandaughter, as another Chinese saying goes and his granddaughters are unlikely to disappoint him and possibly have already told their grand beloved papa DT about such chinese sayings once they learnt it? Just like his then 9-yo youngest son Barron in 2016 husting, taught his beloved papa DT everything he needs to know about I T and tweeting and helped him won the 2016 election convincingly? Now DT already an I T savvy lao jiao despite his age (72)? All thanks to his bright youngest son Barron.)

DT already said liao so obvious. This problem left behind by so many past presidents already more than half a century. How to solve it in one meeting? Many more "SUMMITS" to come lah? This "SUMMIT" solve one thing at a time. ICBM first. KJU likely "happy" to oblige, But but DT bullionaire businessman, so where got so daft like sinkies dunno what to do? Surely he can't let "rocket man" the term DT so endearly coined for KJU goes back DPRK to his needy citizens right?

A GREAT LEADER will fight nail and tooth to extract maximum welfare for his DPRK citizens. It was reported that when KJU was about 16-yo, he wondered ALOUD to his bodyguards around him that while his family lives in relative luxury, his people majority are not living so well. Now at more than double his age then, why do you think KJU is in this "SUMMIT"? Being a businessman, DT is unlikely to let his endearing "rocket man" goes back empty-handed, would he? How could DT become a billionaire if he doesn't know how to do "business"? Somemore for a "rocket man' who could salvage his Senate and even House of Rep majority in the coming mid term and also help avoid himself being "impeached"? Not only will KJU not go back empty-handed, anything below one aircraft carrier of "goodies" would be "unsual" DT may even get a Nobel Prize bc of KJU? And go down history as the President who brokered a peace treaty between the 2 koreas when many could not even get close?

To be cont'd ...

Millenial Sinkie said...


"Surely he can't let "rocket man" the term DT so endearly coined for KJU goes back DPRK to his needy citizens right?"

should be

"Surely he can't let "rocket man" the term DT so endearly coined for KJU goes back DPRK EMPTY-HANDED to his needy citizens right?"

Millenial Sinkie View of a Summit said...

Part 4

If there is a leader who is daft or paper general type, certainly it is NOT DT. HE prides himself as the ultimate deal maker and tough negotiator. His first book was written way back 31 years ago in 1987 at the age of 41 and entitled "Art of the Deal". How can DT dunno how to make a ("winning") deal?

First he granted KJU such a high profile and prestigious summit "suddenly" early this year when before that a few months earlier, one old man was blogging about Hawaii, Guam and a "possibility of nuclear war" due to a "false alarm" and also KJU "show of force" with his nuclear capability (with some testings flying above a cuntry whose soldiers between 1880s to 1945 raped their comfort women, brutalised their fellow countrymen and plundered their homeland etc). Why such sudden "generous concession" and "flew in the face" of events by DT the tough nut negotiator who also precided over the tv series "The Apprentice" and fired many people in real life not just tv shows such as his SOS and security chief?

By granting KJU this "SUMMIT" without extracting prior committment to "denuclearize", "abandoning" in the middle of the G7 summit and then flying almost the entire globe for the sake of meeting a "youngster" not even the age of his children, cannot be DT the ultimate deal maker suddenly become daft, right? So unlikely this "SUMMIT" will be anything near to a "failure"? It is within their control. DT won't allow it, neither would KJU. It is as certain as the prisoners dilemma NASH EQUILIBRIUM that it is to both of their advantage to make it a "GINOMOUS" SUCCESS? And likely they will ...? Also a THIRD PERSON is anxiously waiting to hear the "GOOOOOOD NEWS"?

As we know, summits since the 1960s during the Cold War era are pre-scripted. The lower rank aides will ding dong negotiations over several months, even years then the "summit" is just a formality for photo-op and signing?

How come GW or BO never met up with Saddam or Gadaffi? Which president ever met with "so called rogue or terrorist states" leaders dubbed by western media, much less granting a super high profile summit?

So many "strange" things DT had done coming from an ultimate deal maker? Why is DT doing this? What is he up to? What is in his mind? His objective(s)?

Dr Talk Alot said...

DT's objective is North Korea's Rare Earth.

US rare earth mines are depleted or insignificant, or too costly to mine and refine. NK has discovered the world's largest rare earth deposits. This is the most strategic metals in the world for future development of high technology. Without the supply of rare earth, all future high technology development will come to a halt, until and unless a new metal is found.

US military hardware and nuclear weapons are aging. DT wants to improve on the US military as well as the US Nuclear Arsenal. How to accomplish the two goals without a free supply of rare earth?

At present, China is controlling the rare earth supply in the world. The US cannot depend on China to provide all the rare earth the US needs. It will be impossible.

Therefore, DT's objective is for a long-resolution of peace with NK so that US businessmen can roam freely in Korea to do business.

The business of RARE EARTH!

Virgo49 said...

So Adam of Eve.

The Amrricunts are better in wayang and hiding their TRUE faces better than the Black Ants in wanting some Trade Offs from the other parties.

Academy Awards Winners

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ "sanctions? what sanctions?"

I say lah...We in Singapore know about maritime issues. Our history is all about the sea and sea-going cultures like the Chinese, Indians, Boyanese, Thais. And in the very early pre-colonial days, Singapore was a haven for pirates and all sorts of cut-throats.

As a maritime culture, we have very knowledgeable people who know how to convincingly alter (falsify) bills of lading, cargo manifests, certificates of origin.

So fuck sanctions lah. If there's a buck to be made in N Korea, don't worry, Singaporeans will be there providing a "solution for scarcity".

Wah, Majulah! https://www.bbc.com/news/business-43367760

Yes! We can! https://www.pri.org/stories/2018-06-12/singapore-helps-north-korea-break-out-business

Learn from THE BEST!! https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2015/12/03/north-korea-wants-to-open-up-its-economy-and-a-small-program-in-free-market-singapore-shows-how/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.d04d32e8c38a

Are you ready to rock the DPRK and profit from it? 🤩