Is Singapore promoting drinking more shit water?

In thestatestimesreview, it posted this:

“In an interview with state media Straits Times published yesterday (Jun 19), Health Minister Gan Kim Yong said he will be imposing a new sugar tax to promote water drinking in Singapore:
“On the cards is a possible sugar tax on packaged drinks, restricting advertising of such drinks, and prominent labelling of sugar or nutritional content.”

The “promote drinking water” reasoning coincides with another comment made by a PAP MP last year. In 2017, PAP MP Lee Bee Wah commented that raising the water prices by 30% would “promote awareness” of saving water.”

The shortage of fund or the need to find more money for the govt has led to a spate of relentless increases in taxes on everything. This excuse to raise sugar tax to promote drinking more water is so silly that it is so unbelieveable. Are Singaporeans third world uneducated bums that would believe such a silly ruse? Only in Singapore where the sheeples are hapless would a govt dare to keep raising taxes on the people resulting in higher cost of living in the world’s most expensive city. A tax on sugar consumption is simply bizarre.
And the govt is confident that the sheeples could not do anything about it and would continue to vote them to power to rule over them with more taxes.

I think the result of the next GE will see an unanimous support for the ruling govt as the effect of drinking more shit water would mean that the brain of the people would be filled with shit, and become even more shitty and unthinking.

The net result is that the govt would have to bring in more shitty foreign talents to replace the shitty brain Singaporeans that could no longer think, no longer talent as their brains are filled instead with shit.
Yeah, drink more shit water. It is good for the brain.

To those who don’t understand what is this shit water thing, let it be known that shit water in the island is being filtered and reintroduced into the reservoirs and returned to the homes as piped water for domestic consumption. How often this is done and should be done when rainfall here is normally more than adequate to fill the reservoirs except during a prolong period of dry season is questionable. Do they need to keep filling the reservoirs with shit water when there is plenty of water during the wet seasons? 

Another thing to ponder about? How many people are silly enough to buy Newater for consumption when there is plenty of other normal drinking water available? How many countries are importing our Newater for consumption?


Anonymous said...

We are drinking the re-cycled urine of 3.4 million Sinkies and 2.5 million foreigners and many more tourists.

Anonymous said...

Next will be salt tax follow by air tax ,rice tax and flour tax. reasons are aplenty. Just wait for it.

Anonymous said...

Before 2004, when Singapore's population was below 4.0 million, we never have to drink recycled urine and sewage water!

Virgo49 said...

The Pay And Pay Mantra: "FOR YOUR GOOD"

Don't want you buggers to join the Diabetics Club.So Sugar Tax less consumption of sugars. Same time we also have more sugars in our coffers.

Coffeeshops towkays rubbing their hands in glee. Sugar Tax just maybe S$10.00, we made S$1000.00

Every cup increases 10 to 20 cts.DONT blame us. You want siew Tai also increased.Sugar tax all the same.

We have in fact more than enough portable water for the lot of Singaporeans.

But the farking itchy backsides Pay And Pay acted as benevolent Angeles and brought in millions to share the commodity.

Now we drink sewer water and pay 30% increased tax. Darling HiFlux also flushed into the drains.

In time to come, will drink untreated sewer waters.

You Sinkies deservedly it. I want to drink stream waters in Matland.

Virgo49 said...

Just to add. Diabetes not only sugary drinks.

Other food stuffs like carbohydrate
also contains sugar.

Anonymous said...

2 main sources of ills from garhment to Sinkies: multi-million open leg FT policy & multi-million ministerial salaries n compensation to themselves. These 2 are based on extreme greed & arrogance of the Pappies at the expense of Sinkies. Nevertheless with too much shit water in majority of Sinkies brains they keep asking for more. This one pony trick garhment answer to any policy problem is to hike prices. 5 years in a row as most expensive city in the world correspondingly should result in lowest pay for these ministers but instead 69.9% sinkies still voted for more. Like they said, "You ask for it".

Anonymous said...


70% voted for it in the last GE

some even forecasted a 80% for PAP at the next GE

sg is like that liao

everyone "boh-chup" about "cheng-hu"

everyone so very busy trying to 3Ms

where got time to "chup"

sg is really like that liao

take care...................

Anonymous said...

Someone claimed that water had been discharged into the sea at the Marina Barrage. And Sinkies are paying to drink recycled shit water.
How sick are sickies and sinkies?

Anonymous said...

They are a cohort of abominable most incompetent but most selfish and most self aggrandisements scums. It is not only they pay themselves with sinful salaries of millions of dollars but add in their perts, performance allowance ( don't know what good they have performed anyway) and annual end of the year bonus of twelve to eighteen months, plus directors fees of so many companies, it adds up to many more multiples of millions per year.Why do they need so much money when citizens are struggling to make both ends meet.

Further they are stupid to be so pro-west, pro America and India and so bias against China the engine of growth for the world that they are cutting off Singapore from benefiting from China's economic locomotive of commerce, finance, wealth and splendour.

Their brain is dead as it is already colonised by the West especially by USA. But in bullying and taxing the locals with all kinds of illicit taxes they are masters unsurpassed.

Anonymous said...

White rich can cause diabetics so are all processfood. What about gantang
the bananas eat. Any possible increase in the future.

Anonymous said...

Hi 1020am

Anger not anger not!

They are the BEST-est talents in SG.

Difficult to find these BEST-est talents, you know?

Anyway 70% OK-ed.

So what can you do?

Or what should we do now from here?

You tell me lah!

Adam Of Eve said...

Complain no use lah. Do something. Take responsibility. Take ACTION!

Anonymous said...

No wonder Singapore stocks tumbled to 9 months' low!

Anonymous said...

Foreigners make up 40% of Sinkieland population.

Hence we're all drinking 40% foreign shit/urine water.

PAPies will say ... not only foreigners create jobs for Sinkies ... they also create water.

No wonder 70% vote PAPies. GE2020 sure 80%.

b said...

Someone trying to shorten our lives to takeover cpf and make up cough up more for healthcare. Water is always the first source of poison used by malicious politicians.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Sinkies deserve it. Kpkb for what?

Just Shut the fxxk up and suffer quietly. Otherwise, the wolf will come and eat you up. Don't jump from a frying pan into the fire.

True Colors said...

You Sickaporeans are born losers. You vote PAP, you get screwed by PAP blood-suckers. You vote Opposition, you afraid what would happen after that.Either way you lose. You have fxxked yourself for the last 50 years. Born losers!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB:

>> A tax on sugar consumption is simply bizarre <<

Not really lah. This is one of the latest "bright ideas" from the statists running western-democratic welfare states.

Under "Universal Healthcare" (which I am 100% AGAINST)---The State, which has a taxation monopoly in a specified region---can and will do ANYTHING to achieve its policies. UH is funded by TAX. Everyone has to pay TAX.

Since I am being taxed for YOUR healthcare, and you are being taxed for MY healthcare, what we do to our bodies (and minds) is no longer our individual business, but the business of EVERY TAXPAYER. (This is why I am 100% Universal Healthcare!!)

If you smoke, drink, eat too much fat or sugar, don't exercise, engage in 'risky' activities...or anything else which has a probability of you being an EXPENSE to the UH system, then it is my business because I'm paying.

Nearly every item of processed food has sugar, salt and fat in them.

During our evolution (hunter-gatherer time) sugar, salt and fat were SCARCE. So our body-minds evoloved to REACT STRONGLY (i.e. super attraction) to sugar, salt and fat purely for survival purposes. Our biological imperitive is to propagate our genes into subsequent generations.

We didn't evolve to be 'rational' or to 'think about stuff'. Conciousness is an 'epiphenomenon' i.e. just a lucky 'by product' of our biology . And we know that our brains are quirky: most of the time in 'normal life' they work great. But in unfamiliar and risky environments...not so much!

Salt-sugar-fat, when combined (like in cakes, curry puffs, char kway teow etc) are super attractive to our primitive brains. So we eat and eat, get fucking fat, then develop (preventable) diabetes, heart disease, cancer, depression, dementia and so on.

Ref: Micahel Moss---"Salt, Sugar, Fat" https://n.pr/2M7XPXQ

Latest science shows that fat deposits are METABOLICALLY ACTIVE and produce all sorts of nasty stuff. Also the emerging science on the microbiome (the guts) suggests that we don't know as much as we thought we did.

Be prepared for a FAT tax next. If you buy cooking oil or butter, you pay more.

Fuck The Government!

Anonymous said...

It is basic and fundamental you do not need to be taught by the G, do not let them condition your brain, do not be inference by the complexities of your environment. You are responsible for your own health by doing the necessary things you need to achieve it yourself.when you realize that the one and the only one that can partner with you reaching the end of your life journey is your OWN HEALTHY, It is real awakening.

Anonymous said...

Pappies can do all these nasty stuff to Singaporeans because they have a political MONOPOLY. Simply by voting to break this monopoly with more than 33% non-pappies voted into Parliament many major problems can be mitigated. Vote out the Pappies for 1 term, they will then learn to kia n respect citizens. Sinkies wake up!!!

Anonymous said...

'Sinkies wake up' is already a lost cause nationally.

They would have woken up decades ago if they had heeded the call. But they didn't and are now stuck forever with pay and pay. Complaining now is utterly useless, too ineffective and too late. And they have been lied to about HDB flats appreciating in value forever with asset enhancements over the years. This must be the mother of all lies.

If Hougang people could wake up decades ago, why not the rest?

Being kiasu and kiasi ensures that the are now pausu and pausi.

Anonymous said...

When we have people in Parliament drinking the same shit water, I think the quality decline is also evident in MPs like the 4Gs.

The truth hurts when the reality hits.

Anonymous said...

KPKB for fuck?!?!

Just go JB buy lah. They won't have GST, sugar tax, fat tax, salt tax, fuck tax for a long long time.

2nd back-up will be Batam.

Anonymous said...

Fuck also must KPKB. KPKB stimulates.

Anonymous said...

Don't be angry. Don't kpkb!

Be a SMArt naTIOn. Think out of the box. Here is a solution.

If you want to avoid water tax, just buy some pails.

Collect rain water......it is FREE!


Anonymous said...

After increase in water tax, next in line will be sugar tax. GST increase has already been decided. Conservancy charges has already been increased.

After that it will be plastic tax, now that China is not taking our plastic waste.

Desperate situations require desperate measures.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo

You need to find out more mate...

Sugar does not cause diabetes. There are many factors which lead to Type 2. Type 1 is the body "eating itself up" ie your autoimmune system cock up πŸ€£πŸ˜‚


@ 147 "hoping things don't change":

>> Collect rain water......it is FREE!


For the moment, yes. You are right. However if water scarcity eventuates, rest assured the SG.GOV will no doubt copy Colorado---where MARIJUANA is legal, but collecting rain water on your property is ILLEGAL.


Fuck The Government! 😎

Anonymous said...

M'sia Fin Min Lim talked about beating S'pore :

Hope he can beat Heng Ah or Ah Long cos these r the Titans of Sinkieland leh.

Virgo49 said...

Hello Matilah, I posted Diabetes NOT only sugary drinks.

I know what's Type I and II.

Type I, unfortunate souls Auto-immune.Pancreas malfunctioning.
Needed insulin jabs. Many of them are even more fir than non diabetics as they been drummed by their dieticians on their food and health.

Type II, loss of pancreas functions through the Years of abuses and non taking care of their diets.Could progress to Type I if not careful and medical care is exboriant in having non subsidised insulin medications.

Many foodstuffs besides sugar have more sugary stuffs than sugar itself.


Anonymous said...

The maker of the Stinkyland Shit water - aka High-Fcuk is getting its retribution currently. In the Shit Times newspaper report the MD of company given a 6mths respite from its creditors ( a wholly sum of S$1.8b in debts!), the effect of drinking these shit waters is greater than the sugary water ones, one is unseen the other is visible. Nobody knows wat kind of diseases Sinkies will get later in their lives when they keep drinking these shitty waters & no ones can guarantees that it is a complete safe for drinking, someone predicted that Sinkies genes or hereditary symptoms will become worse & a rare kind if a zombie like mutation gonna take place in Sinkies subjecting to subservient control with absolute power by their rulers is imminent to their demise & perishes.

Anonymous said...

Drinking shit water makes you stupid.
It will make your Tummy Sick.

Just ask the CEO of Tummy Sick Investments.

Anonymous said...

Eating too much salt is bad, to help you, there will be a salt tax.
Eating too much fat is bad, to help you there will be a fat tax.
Eating too much carbo is bad, to help you there will be a carbo tax.

Not knowing what is silliness is bad, to help you there will be a silly tax.

Anonymous said...

They have not yet introduce GST in Geylang. Akan datang.

Greed Has No Limits. said...

Next time the PAP will charge each voter $500 for voting PAP.

And the Government will tax 50% on the $500 charged by PAP.

Anonymous said...

Drinking shit water has made the peasants of Little Red Dot stupid. But the rulers are not stupid leh? They can raise the price of shit water by 30% and force the peasants to drink more shit water by making other drinks very expensive. They can also think of many kinds of taxes, can lie and act like professionals and tell very good fairy tales. Maybe they don't drink shit water like the peasants but pure mountain spring water?

Anonymous said...

Hifuk makes shit water as garment darling. Garment pappies tell sillyzens good water to drink.
Hifuk makes expensive Elow water.
So shitwater no clean? Oliver pls tell us? Dont Hia us.ok?

Anonymous said...

Is there any adverse effect on a person's brain from drinking re-cycled urine?

Nobody knows as nobody ever conducted any study, and its influence on wise voting could be understated.

Anonymous said...

Old Fart ONLY drank Perrier water at 16-18 degrees celcius. Nothing else.

One time during a public conference, a waiter served him a Perrier that had already warmed up to 20+ degrees.

Old Fart flew into a rage & he asked his bodyguards track down the conference director to have the waiter fired. But his wife cooled him down to change his mind.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous June 21, 2018 1:40 pm
Question: "Is there any adverse effect on a person's brain from drinking re-cycled urine?"

Answer: Perhaps the level of intelligence (or the lack of it) in the above (30+) comments constitutes ("empirical data" of the extent of) the "toxic" and "damage done" in their "boLEES and minds"? Many others (who nvr comment) could be "nao cang" (in Chinese literally for "mentally crippled")?

Aka US korean peninsular diplomatic term for denuke: "CVID" (Complete, Verifiable, Irreversible Denuclearisation)?

Here it stands for "Complete, Venomous, Irreversible Damage" (to the "boLEES and brains")?

Anonymous said...

Diabete is not caused by drinking sweet drinks or sugar unless one has inherited Type 1 diabetes from genetic disposition. Generally, one is more prone to diabetes through lifestyle - poor eating habit and diet, lack of physical activities etc. The health minister's hinting to recommend sugar tax is another excuse to collect more revenue and nothing else. Since the last GE, they have been increasing taxes on almost all basic needs like water, electricity, S&C, hourly & season parking fee, ERP, etc. This present lot of new PAP is insincere and lacking in ideas. They have no solutions except raise taxes and GST.

Anonymous said...

After maxing out on the easy way to growth by importing foreign trash, the next easy way to increase garment revenue is by taxing the people.

Anonymous said...

Hypocrisy, incompetence & self-enrichment is now n has been for sometime the standards of the MIW.

Anonymous said...

Modern slavery is here. Elusive, discreet, silently working through a system that enslaves all peasants to toil their whole life, and ended up with that elusive retirement dream.

Our CPF for retirement have been wiped out with the high cost of HDB flats, due to the purposeful open leg influx of foreigners, that pushed up property prices through the roof. On top of that, all the CPF schemes are formulated to hijack the rest of the money in CPF, to make sure Sinkies have to work until they drop, in order to survive the high cost of living and help grow the GDP.

Is this any different from slavery of the days of old?

Gone Case said...

Rise up!Be brave to create a new world all over again.

But how? The olddies are weak. The young are immature. The middle are cowards and too selfish and stupid.