How many native Red Indians have the European Americans massacred?

Pompeo got the cheek to ask China to disclose how many protestors were killed in the Tiananmen Square Incident. China must not be polite to these rude and mischievous hypocrites. China should reply with a few sets of embarrassing questions to these white rogues pretending to be angels. Wang Yi should raise them in the next meeting with the Americans, best in the White House or in the UN. Just do it one at a time.

The few questions that China should pointedly ask them are as follows:
1. How many native Red Indians have the European Americans massacred?
2. How many African natives have they enslaved?
3. How many African slaves have they lynched or murdered?
4. How many Hawaiians have they massacred when they took over the islands?
5. How many Pinoys have they massacred during their colonization of the islands?
6. How many Japanese have they killed when they nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
7. How many more Japanese did they killed in the carpet bombing of Tokyo and other major Japanese cities?
8. How many North Koreans have they killed when they carpet bombed North Korea?
9. How many Vietnamese have they killed when they carpet bombed Vietnam and how many died or suffered from their chemical agents in Vietnam?
10. How many innocent Iraqis were killed in their invasion of Iraq and random bombing of the country?
11. Ask the Americans how many prisoners were tortured against the Geneva Convention and human rights in Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib concentration camps and how many died in their hands after being tortured.

I could go on and on. The crimes of the Americans against humanity can filled a library and still needing more space to write. For the time this would suffice. China should hold memorial anniversaries for the massacre of the native Red Indians and the freeing of the African slaves, and also anniversaries to mark the lynching of the African slaves and many more.

The people of the world must not forget the butchers of human civilizations.


Anonymous said...

How many Chinese have they massacred in Australia during the early days if occupation?

How many African Americans have the Whitemen raped, murdered and robbed within the last 20 years alone, especially by law enforcers?

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Uncle Sam has neither conscience nor compassion. It wears a sanctimonious mask wherever it tries to pretend to be a defender of human rights. Uncle Sam is extremely barbaric as it carried out genocide against its own native Americans whom they condemned as infidels who refused to believe in the white man's God. 75 million native Americans were believed to be killed when the white men stole their lands. Ethnic cleansing is Uncle Sam's specialty.

Anonymous said...

Rb, they control the global communication channel so only they get to ask questions!

Anonymous said...

Same as PAP controlling the national communication channel. Only PAP gets to propagate questions and answers predicated to influence national thinking and fellowship or fellowsheep.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ read your history lah

How many redskins did whitey kill?

Some would say not enough. 🀣

Seriously though...there is this belief thatall these "indigenous" were somehow "better" than the white invaders. No, that is not true. Just like other groupings of humans into tribes, they would have to compete for scarce resources, honour and dominance and so they frequently battled each other. Occasionally there would be peace thru mutual cooperation, but when just one drought dries up the water and kills the food...tribes would have NO CHOICE BUT TO WAGE WAR ON EACH OTHER FOR SURVIVAL

So when Whitey turned up, they essentially just CONQUERED ALL THESE BARBARIC TRIBES, and brought some sort of "order" to the territory.

That isn't to say all Whities were good. Many of them did horrible things over a long time. But one has to remember that those American Indians, Aust aboriginals, South American Incas, native Mexicans etc were all CONQUERED RACES. Territory was won by ARMED CONFLICT---both sides had to fight, engaged in brutality and all the other "fun stuff" which comes with killing people who in addition to being different, are also trying to kill you.

The Tianemen Square incident is TOTALLY DIFFERENT. This was The State itself, turning its LEGAL DEADLY FORCE on unarmed student protesters (noisy, boisterous KIDS)...children born in that cuntry and are supposed to be PROTECTED by The State.

But...I have no dog in either race. Human beings like power, and like waging gang warfare on each other (i.e. one group vs another group) for many reasons, but essentially to "get something" (land, natural wealth, democracy...) or prevent something from being "gotten"...maintaining the status quo (Chinese State protecting the political system, natives defending their nation...).

I'm just happy to enjoy the entertainment. Firstly from on-going conflicts. And secondly---a source o never ending re-runs of the same story---how Whitey must pay for his "injustices of the past" now that the decendents of The Barbarians know how to use the internet and managed to secure their "free" taxpayer-funded education thru "affirmative action" legislation.πŸ’©πŸ’©

I think it's time for another conquest to occur. Maybe from aliens.... or super intelligent A.I./ robots πŸ‘½πŸ‘ΎπŸ€–

Anonymous said...

The next super power to enslave mankind will be AI robots. When AI development reaches the stage of robots thinking like humans, they will inherit human traits and that is when humans are fucked.

Humans think that is progress, but they are digging their own graves.

Virgo 49 said...

The TianAnMien Incident if not quelled by Teng Siow Ping as instigated by the Foreign Devils, China will be as usual in Turmoil and be disunited to be humiliated and conquered by the outside forces.

Those who kept harping that the Chinese killed their own kind in this episode are just hypocrites who are also killing their own without ryhme and reasons.

Mat Salah said...

White man to Red Indian: Believe in our god and you can go to your Happy Hunting ground.

Red Indian to white man: Die lo. All my ancestors no believe in white man's god.

White Man to Red Indian: They can still go. They never heard of our god Bro.

Red Indian: Why the fuck you tell me. I can go if I no hear of your fucking god just like my ancestors leh.

White man: You vermins will be exterminated.

Dr Talk Alot said...

Any traitor, whether a prime minister or students instigated by foreign powers, is a threat to national security, national integrity and national sovereignty. Such a traitor or traitors must be dealth with swift and decisive force so as to serve as a deterent and an example. Otherwise, if left to fester and grow stronger, the whole country and people will be driven to chaos and instability. And no progress whatsoever will be able to develop.

The Tien Ann Men Riot had to be handled with such swift and decisive approach, though unfortunately suffered collateral damages, was effectively necessary. Period.

b said...

Just like any emperors of china. They also killed many whether same race or not. Does not matter so long as end result is for the greater good. Would anyone prefer the blacks rule rather than the whites rule? Its a scary thought if blacks rule.

Anonymous said...

If China says it was necessary to quell the riots of Tien An Men, the whites will say it is using excessive force and against human rights.

When civilians were killed by the millions in Iraq and Vietnam, the whites will say that that is just collateral damage. They act as though God give them to forsaken right to kill.

When they dropped the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, they said that that was to end the war and was necessary. But the civilians killed in those two cities were never part of the war machinery, just innocent civilians. In fact they were testing the bomb, using Hiroshima and Nagasaki for target practice.

What goddam right do they have to massacre the Red Indians and took their land, even if they are stronger and have guns. What moral authority do they have talking about human rights today, when they can take what they want when it belongs to others?

b said...

Its never about right or wrong. Its how nature works. Its brutal. Its a power game. The smartest will survive.

b said...

Just like all the tiko men, should they all be castrated?

Anonymous said...

'The smartest will survive'? unquote

The smartest invented the nuclear bombs and will eventually destroy themselves and others.

They thought they could survive a nuclear conflict by building bomb shelters, complete with food, water and air deep underground. Millions of years later, archaeologist of thousands of generations after us, will discover bones deep underground, and try to guess how the last human extinction took place.

And the next cycle will start all over again. That is how nature works.

southernglory1 said...

Re: Virgo 49 : 1047 am

Adam of Eve

I strongly agree with your comments. The rioters were not just students but a mixture of American collaborators and counter treacherous and traitorous rebels who were recruited by CIA to sabotage China and to destroy China. These rebels were secretly armed by CIA and the Chinese army reacted only after some of the soldiers were shot by rebellious snipers. Most of the student leaders managed to escape when they were whisked off by other CIA collaborators and flown secretly to America.

As for Matilah , he is really an asshole who intentionally refuse to distinguish between peaceful demonstratorss and national saboteurs who collaborated with CIA to create instability to destabilise civil society with choas, disorders and rebellion to destroy China.

Anyone treacherous Chinese who commit treason against the motherland must be summarily exterminated by the firing squad.


Dr Talk Alot said...

The smartest invented the computer and then AI. The AI will eventually exterminate all humans.

Anonymous said...

Survival of the fittest lah.

E.g. Rush to grab MRT seats. Pretend to sleep or just fark care & can't be bothered about handicapped or very old people.

E.g. 3 yr old in childcare grab & hog onto a toy, refuse to share. Some adults say so smart & brave ... next time grow up will be leader or rich.

E.g. At work you try to be at least in the top 50%, say yes sir, yes sir to boss. Don't want to be in the bottom 50% for firing or retrenchment. So sometimes got to carry balls or back stab others.

E.g. All those cheena or ahneh or pinoy or angmoh FTrashes --- you think they will give up their jobs to sinkies?!? You die your biz lorr.

At individual level, most of us are cowards but still want to win. So can grab just grab, can steal just steal ... as long don't get caught.

Only some willing to fight punching & kicking or worse.

At gang or group level, then people become more "brave" --- eager to rob others of their advantages and establish "territory".

At country level then become legal or concept of "rex non potest peccare" and "uti possidetis", people happily hantam other groups in order to make their lives better.

Anonymous said...

Right, computers and robots already replaced humans in many jobs. This is just the very beginning.

American car manufacturers, even if they moved back to US, the jobs will all be done by robots. Same with all the mega factories. Very few humans will be around with jobs.

And when robots, with super AI, can repair themselves, build more of themselves, innovate, improve their intelligence to rival humans, what is left for humans to do?

By that time humans will be fighting the robots, like in terminator. In those movies, humans always win. In reality that is far from the truth. Humans need more things to survive than robots and just not having one of the essentials of food, water and air, we are fucked.

Anonymous said...

//How many native Red Indians have the European Americans massacred?//

{{{How many native Red DOTians have the Yewrobean PAPpyricans "massacred"?}}}

Anonymous said...

Typo ...



Anonymous said...

The mighty Americans asked the PAP to foot the bill for North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's 5-star hotel lodging in Singapore.

The PAP obliged, not too long after flagging a 28.5% hike in the GST from 7.0% to 9.0 % to aggravate Sinkies' already heavy tax burden.

Anonymous said...

The purpose of highlighting and repeatingly raising the Tiananmen Incident is just to badmouth China.

My repeating of all the crimes against humanity by the White men is to do the same to them. They can always repeat historical deeds to condemn others, so we should also keep reminding them of their historical barbaric and monstrous deeds of the past to remind them that they are the real devils.

Let the world and new generations know of the crimes against humanity by these white rogues.

Anonymous said...

Chinese people are not very smart, they kill their own kind, unlike the mighty Americans who go around the world bombing and killing innocent people including children who are not of their own kind.

Anonymous said...

Americans don't kill their own kind?

Who killed the Kennedy brothers?

What are those shootings in colleges and schools? Are those killed not American people?

What about the much talked about Clinton Murders? Are those murdered not Americans?

During the American Civil War, was no one killed? I guess they hug each other on the battlefield.

And, were the Red Indians that were massacred less American than the whites? They owed America, which was stolen from them by the Whites.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ southernglory

>> As for Matilah , he is really an asshole who intentionally refuse to distinguish between peaceful demonstratorss and national saboteurs who collaborated with CIA to create instability to destabilise civil society with choas, disorders and rebellion to destroy China. <<

Old man, that is not an argument mate, you need to up your game. The point that I am an arsehole has got nothing to do with the argument. I was an arsehole long before the internet was invented by the Chinese. Oh shit. No. The Chinese didn't invent the internet. πŸ˜‚

But since you enjoy "conspiracy fiction"...like how the CIA is responsible for the Tiananmen Square Massacre (Chinese officials believe that changing the word means they can re-interpret history 🀣 Wow wee! )...please lah gimme a break. Deng slaughtered unarmed students. Lee Kuan Yew would have done the same. Thaksin, Duterte, Marcos, Soekarno, Suharto....all would have done exactly the same, if their hand was forced in similar ways.

Asian societies tend to be governed by STRONG authoritarian leaders. Westerners don't understand that. Politics comes from culture. Asian culture is (generally speaking) more communitarian and requires top-down authority to function. Western culture is more individualistic. That's just the way it is which is why IMO (a view shared by Chinese and Singapore govt) I am DOUBTFUL that DEMOCRACY will work in most Asian societies

Tell me Mr Southernglory, how much time do you spend INTERACTING WITH PEOPLE on the Chinese internet?

How many YOUNG Chinese do you hangout with?
Are you aware that as nationalistic as most of them are, they want a more "open and democratic" China?
Are you also aware that they are willing to "put up" with the CCP, and with Xi's "president for life" stunt as long as the govt keeps on helping Chinese people become richer? i.e. "upward mobility". And to their credit, the CCP has delivered, in spades. (i.e. they do a good job)

Many young Chinese, like young Singaporeans, and young people in general in EVERY CUNTRY, don't really trust their govt or their elders to decide what is "good" for them. So what is so "surprising" about a bunch of students rallying and petitioning their govt to become more open with the cuntry's political system.

Lee Kuan Yew was such a young man who stood up against the older "status quo". Here he is after the Hock Lee Bus riots. The "status quo" back then were our Colonial British Overlords. The union movement was rising in Singapore, Lee took advantage of that. Later when the PAP got in, he de-registered the unions , and whacked the few unionists who refused to "kiss the ring" 🀣 (I tell you lah, political history is COMEDY 🀑)

As I've said before, I have no skin in the game or dog in the race. I am LONG China. China has problems.Not every aspect of their culture is going to be accepted. So what? Every fucking human alive has problems, and no one is going to accept everything all the time...be it culture, race, ideas, whatever.

China is not well-known for its "human rights"...again, so what? It doesn't have to be. Everyone accepts that. No one gives a flying fuck about what people like Richard Gere have to say...the fate of 1.3 (and rising) billion people doesn't depend on the personal likes or dislikes or "moral high ground" of a aging, mediocre actor and fake Buddhist.

More fun from the CCP. Watch how Xi gets rid of "influenes from the former regimes" as he purges China of CORRUPTION. I would say Xi is inspired by Lee Kuan Yew. But...don't take my word for it...OBSERVE and decide for yourself.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

In USA you get to vote but whether democrats or republicans they are controlled by diff elites. So your vote is really voting for billionaire A or B. In China u don't get to vote and the country is control by a party but not the billionaire. So that is the diff. China at this stage of development needed a strong man like Xi. Without him purging the corruption, China will break out with civil war and will be invaded by foreign forces.the system may produced another Mao after xi as the 10 years term is abolished but right now China needs xi and he needs more than 5 years to finish the job.πŸ˜€

Anonymous said...

I think matilar agreed that he is an asshole but some of his points are valid thought not all. Overall I agreed that he needs to be sodomized

Anonymous said...

What crab? AI machines replaced man.
Machines are machines; they are non living things built for certain functions and just another tool or toy of man. Its still the man behind the machines.
Man is fearfully & wonderfully made with unlimited potential, capable of creativity and folly, beauty and beastly, compassion and cruelty, truth and deception, meaning and meaningless, etc.

Virgo 49 said...

Anon 5.01

Many countries whence going thru their periods of chaos and instability in their own civil wars fought and killed their own kind.

Thus, Mao's upheaval of what's The Great Leap or Red Guards and between the war with KMT is just part of history.

Likewise, the American Civil War.

Mao is still revered in China and his Portrait in everywhere is very much bigger in life-size than the rest of the other leaders.

So, it holds no water to keep blaming him for the "killings".

Just to have the records straight and been brought up just to spite and belittle the Chinese.

Anonymous said...

Virgo, I brought up the data not to belittle China. In fact I believe that China needs a leader like Xi to purge the corruption to avoid China sliding into chaos and ended up in civil war with different power base. But Pwhile in a chaos like civil war it ended up killing each other, one can not say about the cultural revolution and the Great Leap Forward when China is already under Mao control. Even during the civil war, Mao routinely killed the surrendered opponents and refuse to take prinsoners. At the last battle he ordered to kill 600,000 surrounded opponenents. Millions died and you can't wash away blood on his hand.😰

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 7:14 am, you fucking idiot. How many times must I educate you that the Great Leap Forward was not to kill Chinese people? It was an economic campaign to raise productivity but did not go well. Many died because of drought and weather, not because Mao launched the Great Leap Forward to kill them. Can you see the difference with your little mind?

I have deleted many of your stupid posts blinded by your hatred for things Chinese and Communist. I leave this post of yours to stand to show your stupidity. How to surround 600,000 people to kill them? You know how many people and how much space is needed to put 600,000 people together? You how many men in 1 division, and how many divisions would there be to make up 600,000 men?

I will keep deleting your stupid posts when they appeared. Go and post in some anti Chinese and anti China forum, there are many angmoh fora out there for you to post your stupidity and they would praise you sky high for hating your own kind because of your sheer ignorance and stupidity.

Virgo49 said...

Thank you Mr.RB for the Enlightenment.


southernglory1 said...

RE: 7:14am

Hi! numbskull.

Where did you get fake information that Chairman Mao killed the surrendered opponents and refused to take prisoners. and that he ordered to kill 600,000 surrounded opponents. Know your facts, know your history and political background of the anti-Japanese struggle and the Chinese Civil War before you come and post your rubbish in this blog. The opposite is the truth that under Chairman Mao and Premier Zhou Enlai that the armies of KMT under the treacherous pro-American Chiang Kai Shek who surrendered enmass to the communists
because they knew that the Chinese communists were patriots and they treated surrendered army soldiers with respect and dignity. I would recommend you read the book "Red Star Over China" written by Edgar Snow, a prominent and well respected Canadian journalist and also the epic story of "The Long March" by Harrison E. Salisbury.

Educate yourself with the right facts before you expose your peanut size pea brain here again.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ all

It is important to realise that there is a fudamental difference between Marx-Lenin's socialism and Fabian socialsm. In Marx-Lenin's version, the conversion to socialism is through REVOLUTION, so throwing bombs, instigating and pepetrating violence is perfectly acceptable, even recommended.

Fabian socialism is the type going on in most western democracies now. It is a more gradual process brought about by slow change through the education system, culture, govt policy, economics etc.

In China, the roots of communism are Marx-Lenin (note the RED hammer and sickle) modified by what is known as Socilism with Chinese Characteristics...again, I raise the "theory" that politics EVOLVES from culture; the modification of Marx-Leninism to suit Chinese culture supports my position.

China's politics has been top down, total authoritarianism style and the political theory of the day which governs the whole cuntry and its people come from not only the CPC, but the LEADER OF THE DAY himself. (So far,its been male all the way. Sorry ladies, you don't get to play)

So one has to reaalise that we see a China now goverened by Xi Jinping Thought δΉ θΏ‘εΉ³ζ–°ζ—Άδ»£δΈ­ε›½η‰Ήθ‰²η€ΎδΌšδΈ»δΉ‰ζ€ζƒ³.

In the past there was Deng Xiaoping Theory, which succeeded Mao Zedong Thought.

The reason people died from The Great Leap Forward was because Mao Zedong was TERRIBLE at economics.

Centrally-planned economy takes away the signal mechanism of the PRICE SYSTEM which sends DATA to the economy on how to allocate resources effectively.
This leads to DISTORTIONS and wrong calculations which eventually causes SHORTAGES and disruptions. When shortages affect food, healthcare and other basics necessary to sustain human life, people end up starving and dying.

RB & Southernglory...guys, please lah. Like every human society or group, China has made bad judgement in the past. Mao, Lenin and Stalin along with Castro, the DPRK Kim-Jongs did EXECUTE those they charged as "counter revolutionaries", because under old and unmodified Marx-Lenin doctrine, killing toxic people and bad influences was perfectly OK, and necessary

So guys, stop painting the picture that China, Chinese history and culture is beyond reproach and that everything not going their way is a result of some western meddling. Sometimes it is, but not all the time.

China has is own spooks nd occsionally they get caught and expelled. Singapore has expelled Chinese and Russian spies. China and Russia are old partners in intelligence with long histories, achievements and high level of sophistication. So no, China doesn't really "leave others alone" as you always assert.
(Side note; China hackers are good and many...but they are sloppy as they never clean up after themselves. i.e. they leave trails of their activity. Russians are much better)

There is no "east vs west" lah. You 2 old fuckers should wake up to 2018...the world has become more integrated...more differentiated too. It sounds like a contrdiction, but it isn't. Complex systems often exhibit characteristics which appear to CONFLICT, but actually complement each other.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, stop exposing yourself as a deep seated banana. The main argument that the idiot was pushing was that Mao killed Chinese people intentionally using the Great Leap campaign. There is heaven and hell difference in the intent and purpose of wanting to kill people and wanting to conduct an economic revolution.

Your banana instinct is showing. You refused to understand what I am trying to explain away the biased thinking of the mischievous and ignoramus banana. I never say anything about the goodness of the Great Leap campaign. I agree that Mao was not an economist and made many mistakes. But his intention was honourable. No one can accuse him of intentionally killing Chinese in the Great Leap campaign. He was a nationalist and united China to stand up as a nation of people, as a country, to free itself from foreign domination and colonisation. He wanted China to do well, to leapfrog from its poverty and backwardness.

b said...

China elites (doubtful whether they really chinese roots or not) like to screw chinese just like LKY. First subscribed to confuscious and screwed so many females. Then subscribed to communism and screwed so many non communists. The only way they thrived is to screw chinese and divide and rule. Still wanna give them support?

Anonymous said...

The new China is no longer the old China. The new Chinese are no longer the old Chinese. They are patriotic and despised the bananas overseas.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

>> Matilah, stop exposing yourself as a deep seated bananab<<

Hahaha, my ROCKING banana lifestyle shits on any Asian way of living and thinking any day, ANY TIME lah.

Yeah man, some cultures and combination of culture are BETTER THAN others. Suck in that... mate! 🀣

Like I said, I have no dog in the race. I am long China, but will change my position if they fuck up badly; people need to question what they hear and read especially when everyone can publish now; the longer you go back in history, the less accurate the account; what happened 'back then' as a result from people now long dead is largely IRRELEVANT, especially in 2018; people get the culture, government and the bigotry they deserve; you can't cheat an honest man.

ok, time for my goreng pisang. Damn delicious. Yum Yum πŸŒπŸŒπŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™Š

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