The World United voted against the evil Empire

The UN General Assembly voted for the resolution not to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. 128 voted for, 35 abstained and 9 against. Arab and Muslim countries around the world closed rank to denounce the Americans’ unilateral act in contempt of the UN and the Arab/Muslim countries. The vote against the evil Empire is justice late in coming but nonetheless proof that the evil Empire is in the decline. It is not going to bully the world again. The World United has stood up to the threats of the evil Empire.

Elsewhere there were protests against the Americans. In Malaysia, Mahathir has made his round to lead the first protest outside the American Embassy. Najib is not going to be left out and will be leading another protest against the Americans.

Malaysia has also called for the boycott of Jewish products. Why Jewish and not American products when the violation is committed by the Americans to favour the Jews, not the Jews annexing Jerusalem, I don’t know. Yes, why not boycott American products? 

While many Arab/Muslim countries are thumping their chests today, do not be deceived. Tomorrow, everyone of them would jump into bed with the Americans again. They would still believe that the Americans are the angels, there to protect them. And when the Americans said go and eat shit, they would. The Americans would go on and demonise and attack other countries, and these silly countries would be shouting and marching behind the Americans. You can be very sure about this.

In three months at the most, all of them would be praying to their white gods again, and prostrating in front of the Emperor. Jerusalem would be forgotten, the cause of the Palestinians would be forgotten.
Long live the white Emperor!


Anonymous said...

The 9 countries which voted against resolution, other than US and Israel, are mostly Central American and Southern Pacific countries (5 of which have "diplomatic ties" with Taiwan) that are highly dependent on foreign aid with limited influence on international affairs.

The 128 countries voting in favor account for roughly two-thirds of the UN's 193 members. From the perspective of population, these countries account for roughly 90% of the world's population.

US has further isolated itself morally when it forced the world to cater to its wrongdoing. Washington should know by now that US is not almighty nor a representative of universal values.

Anonymous said...

I have taken down the names of the countries that abstained from voting. They are:

Argentina, Australia, Canada, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Mexico, the Philippines, Poland, Romania and Rwanda.

The names that ring out loud are Australia, Canada, all white countries, and the American stooge in SE Asia.

Anonymous said...


will this happen here?

will there be a U-turn soon?

Sgeans really that ksks?

You got the answer!

merry xmas!

Anonymous said...

It surprised sinkies India and sinkieland voted against US in UNGA. India has close relations with Israel and boot liking some super power. Small usa went against US lagi surprising. Netanyahu visited this asean country this year.

The world trending is clear cut. 128 countries stood on their own feet to support East Jerusalem s ownership cannot be US s single decision.

Putin and Erlango indicated they both will promote the Palestine state. This is another force in the making. Erlango shot down a Mic at middle east war. The 2 countries leaders now work hand in hand on middle east affairs. US is left alone to fight with limited ground troops.

It is clear US is declining in Asia. US has one reminding job/war to do: against North Korea. The strategy is also clear: deprive NK of oil to weaken its army. The resolution is passed in UNSC. If China and Russia stops supplying oil and follow the UN s limites, NK will have problems to engage US in war, when US starts invading the North.

So 2018 should be the showdown time. If US succeeded to use oil to weaken NK s defense, the war will break out. It will be good chance for Palestine to declare statehood with support from Russia. There will be at least 100 countries recognize this new state.

Palestine s problem should be solved fast. If Abbas still wait for Netanyahu to say "yes u can be a state", Abbas should ask IMH to check his head.
No one can trust US and Israel. They will expand their powers, grab lands belonged to Palestine and Arab countries.

Small usa will find it impossible to demand China to give up Sea islands ownership. From UNGA voting, few will support idea that Sea islands do not belonged to China. On the other hand small usa s good relationship with Netanyahu will help muslim neighboring countries to make quick decision. Gathering with small usa to party together will not be held or accepted by these muslim countries.
Small usa s policy is a growing concern: a master plan to isolate itself. But it cannot move house to stay in real american or europe.
US is declining, especially after a waiting war with the "strategic power" (as Kim claimed itself).

Though the media predict US will win the war. Another view is: US will withdraw from pacific similar to a dog running with its tail down. India and Japan will be left alone, but they must spend huge sums in defense. Israel will have good shows when iran absorb nuke technology. Small usa still have money to buy F35? US had asked it to buy when the leeders got good foods at white color house. No F35 is a minus point as Indonesia has more advance jets from Russia. Nx year s shangrila show will not feature small usa s link to US super power to visit the fleets. This should be correct guess.

Anonymous said...

I predicted 120 vs 60 and 5 abstained. The result of the vote was very near 128 vs 9, 53 abstained. I never expected so many would abstain. Even the White Countries like Australia and Canada also abstained. That speaks volumes.

That means about 90% of the World does not bow down to the US Empire especially to the Big Bully Dotard Trump who thinks he can bill-doze his way through in everything according to his will.

It is time the whole World, people who really value peace, stands up against the Evil that keep creating conflicts and war.

Well Done, World!

Anonymous said...

This UNGA session would soon be forgotten.In the next Shangrila Dialogue the US would invite a few silly defence ministers to their aircraft carriers, feast them, pat them on the back and said good boy, now go and fight NK, China and Russia.

These silly defence ministers would say yes boss, our sampans are ready for battle.

They will play out the Palestinians over and over again. They love to kneel to the Americans. They feel so big and proud to be invited by the Americans and to be seen with the Americans.

Anonymous said...

Never assume that because Dotard Trump lost the support of most countries, he has not gained anything.

This CB mouth has provoked increased hatred between Israel and the Arab countries with his action, even though he seems to loose out on the surface.

The issue has served his purpose and agenda, which is to stoke the Israeli vs Arab fire by adding more fuel. It is the same thing happening with his trying very hard to drive a wedge between Taiwan and China and North Korea and China.

Do not underestimate the vile, evil and corrupted thinking of the evil empire. They want to divide and control. The messier the world becomes, the more it will benefit them.

They are obviously playing for broke, because there is no way they can ever repay their debts. The situation cannot be sustained, so war is the answer to everything. Bring everyone down and start with a clean slate. The problem is will they survive a nuclear war themselves?

Rocket said...

The next World War can only be a Nuclear War. The US's conventional forces are too huge and too powerful. Even Russia combined with China may not be able to overcome. Therefore, in retaliation to any US direct Attack, Russia and China would use Nuclear Weapons. Likewise other countries such as Brazil, Pakistan and North Korea will also respond to a direct US Attack with Nuclear weapons.

The more aggressive and domineering the US becomes, the more likely the will be a Nuclear War. Because the only way to hit back at the Evil Empire is to nuke its homeland especially their main cities. This is to give them a piece of their own medicine.

Anonymous said...

Right. With the USA having over a thousand bases around the world, there is no way Russia or China can overcome them or take them all out.

But thankfully, striking the heartland of USA can now be done from nuclear missiles hidden in silos deep in Siberia, from submarines lurking around the North Sea. It does not have to be done from bases near to USA, but with long range nuclear missiles that even North Korea now possesses.

This is the only deterrent that will work. Out of the thousands of Russian nuclear warheads launched, even with all the missile shield in place, a few will definitely get through.

Even if all missles are shot down in flight, what about the radiation fallout from them raining on USA? Nothing is edible, including water.

That means another ice age and extinction of life on earth.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The silly countries of the world has forgotten that the evil Empire is behind all the troubles of the world. Just one day after they voted against the evil Empire, they have voted to support the evil Empire to increase sanctions against the North Koreans for wanting to have nuclear weapons, a few pieces, to act as deterrent against an attack by the evil Empire that possesses thousands of nuclear weapons and other forms of WMD.

How stupid can these people representing their citizens in the world stage? As long as the evil Empire attacks one country at a time, they think they are safe from attack by the evil Empire.

It is divide and rule, stupid.

b said...

All are evil empires, some more evil than others.
They are all working together against the human kind.

b said...

They are all working together to destroy mother earth.