The evil Empire screwed the Arab and Muslim countries again

The Americans have been shouting rule of law, justice, fair play, peace but have been violating everything they said every time. They have been inciting wars, starting wars and fighting wars, breaking all national and international laws, interfering with the internal affairs of countries all over the world and the worse cases ended with invasion and regime change, their leaders killed. But many silly leaders of so called democratic countries chose to ignore the violations of the evil Empire and chose to sleep with the devil. After being conned, duped by the evil Empire for so long, they found it embarrassing and shameful to admit the truth, that they were deceived by the devil all this while.

The latest painful truth is the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in blatant violation of the resolutions in the United Nation agreed upon by countries of the world. The evil Empire has poked the middle finger into the nose of the nations of the world. Rightly many countries were incensed by this arrogant and dismissive act. Many are crying foul. But not all are demanding that the evil Empire obey the rule of law and international justice. The American cronies are hiding in shame by keeping quiet. It is heartening to know that some European powers are brave enough to stand up to this outrageous act of the evil Empire.

Have the Arab and Muslim countries woken up yet, that the devil they have been in bed with, praying to, and holding in high regards as the righteous nation to save them and protect them is indeed the devil that have been cheating them? No they have not. The Arab League countries might have condemned the Americans for this latest treachery. The sad thing is that they did not know that they had been betrayed all the years. This is what they said, ‘the US had withdrawn itself as a sponsor and broker of the Israeli Palestinian peace process with its controversial move’. This showed that they have all the years believing that the evil Americans were the good guys, there to help them when they Americans were selling them out at every occasion. And the daft Arabs and Muslims did not know.

When would the Arab and Muslim countries grow up and remove the blinkers to see the truth? The devil has stood up, naked and showing them the middle finger, that the interest of the Arab and Muslim countries is nothing compare to the interest of Israel and the evil Empire?

Do not be misled by the few screams of injustice. Tomorrow all the Arab and Muslim countries would be running back to the devil and begging to be whipped and prostrate in front of the devil pledging obedience. They would soon leave the Palestinians in the lurch. They fear the evil Empire and would choose to be the slaves of the evil Empire. And the Emperor will say, bow to me, you useless and mindless humanity of no pride and conscience. I shall rule you forever as before and thereafter. I am the Emperor of the evil Empire. Be good and you will be spare from my wrath. If not I will do a regime change in your country.

Jerusalem is as good as gone, now the capital of Israel. What can the Arab and Muslim countries and the rest of the world do now? Absolutely nothing. This is the law, the law that the evil Empire believes in. The evil Empire is above the rule of the law.


Anonymous said...

The law of the Evil Empire says Israel can have nuclear weapons but North Korea cannot . . .

Anonymous said...

Rb, I think the issue is for the Arabs and Israel to settle. We in sg should not take side not forgetting that the Israelis are the one to first responded to help sg to built up our SAF when nobody would.

Virgo49 said...

That half Indian half chiap Cheng US Rep in the UN talks with fear with all the Reps of other Nations staring hard at her.

She got to cuddled with his colleagues for safety.

The Russians Reps with their dead set looks made her pee in her undergarments.

Kim should get his Booming Ajuma in the UN Security Council and frightened the Shits out of her.

Europe now getting sick of Tramp.

It's God's will that HE destroyed America.

Other Americunts Presidents are the same. Shits Stirrers.

No mercy another numerous 911. disasters.

California is burning.

Anonymous said...

"The evil Empire screwed the Arab and Muslim countries again"

My mistake.
I thought you were talking about Singaporeans and Opposition controlled GRC again.
Again, my mistake.
I stand corrected.

Anonymous said...

The minister at the Chinese Embassy in Washington, Li Kexin, on Friday told US lawmakers that the day US Navy vessels arrive in Kaohsiung will be the day the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) unifies Taiwan by force.

The US Congress passed the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2018 in September, which enables naval vessels of Taiwan and the US to pay mutual visits.

Anonymous said...

The Evil Empire has got away Scott's free with all the terrible evils they have been doing for the last two hundred forty-two years since its independence from her evil forebear England in 1775. It started with naked aggression, conquests and subjugation of all the self-governing native states of North America and the killing and genocide of almost 85 million to 95 million native Americans or almost 99.5 percent of all the natives. Then under their profess Manifest Destiny of America it continued its aggression and conquests across the seas and oceans took Hawaii and Guam by force from the natives after killing over two hundred thousand native Hawaiian resistant fighters. It also invaded Puerto Rico and Cuba and of course after great resistance from the Cubans it gave up but retained the enclave of Guantanamo for future aggression. Then it partnered with the European countries like UK, France, Russia and Japan to tear China apart resulting with China's lost of over three million square miles of territories to Russia and large swathes of lands to England in South West China in Xinzhang as well as thousands of square miles of Chinese lands to France in southern China now under the Vietnamese. Also it enabled the Japanese to aggressively took over Liu Chiu Tao which it renamed as Okinawa. China also lost the Sakhalin Island to Russia in 1885.

American aggression knows no bounds and it doesn't know when to stop. But hopefully with the awakening of all the victimised countries and the rise of China and with their combine efforts to resist these naked evil American aggression the days of American imperialism will be stopped and destroyed forever.


Monday, 11th December,2017

Anonymous said...

DT is looking for a soft target so as to divert his failure in NK. Arab Middle East is always a soft target in the eyes of the West.

Anonymous said...

Jerusalem was claimed by Palestine as capital. It is currently Israelis capital. US recently recognized it as jews land. The half Jerusalem was swallowed by the jews and americans. In terms of livability, this city is obviously highly dangerous on personal safety, less taking it as embassy locations. Trump did it for defeating his impeachment, if its the reason. He walked away with laugh in congress. In congress, the jews and pro jews are in control. The arabs are to pray to win back Jerusalem. There is no way muslims can see this day to come. The jews are "money masters' to the politicians at both side in washington.

On the ground, iran is likely be a force to rival the jewish state while iran s rival the saudi now is bombing yemen. Iran claims it rival connects to the jewish state. So it is naive for the arab youth to throw stones on jewish police. Owning by jewish state is gonna be permanent unless US withdraw from asia, and Iran and saudi sit side by side against the jews arsenal.

The US claims its mighty F22 is unbeatable. In recent trial at SK, one was unable to fly up, and one was said to stop at the runway needed towing back. F22 is no longer undetectable. It is well known that wave 30 to 300mhz radar can detect its existence. If it is a common knowledge to goodu at sinkieland, Russians should have produced this kind of radar and might have sold to Iran, and may be Kim when needed.

Waste time to cry over spilled milk, the arab league are right to move on, with a mild statement telling the world: no war. Trump has another victory.
However, Trump s decision on NK might trigger a war. It well peacefully in the recent drill involving B1 B2 bombers. Will Kim sit back relaxing to take this kind of risks of exporting less and importing no foods for its people? Kim s only partner is Putin and he is going for re election, so does Trump. If Trump can risk to recognize jerusalem as jewish land, when will Trump strikes US bombers on NK? It is a matter of time. The more Kim expose his face with international travelers to meet him, the more likely missiles will aim at him at all angles and strikes at the same time to wipe him out. Kim should know this from science in missiles.

So war in NK is almost impossible unless there is talk with US. How much can a nation trust US? Sadam, Gadaffi all trusted the UK and US. Kim will not go into it because he is asian well aware of ang mor s dirty tricks. He will not give up his weapon to please US or China. Therefore, both US and Kim are waiting for the showdown time.

Kim went up to -20C mountain Peaktu. He might come back with unthinkable decision: talk peace or do it once for all before all die of hunger. Or strike at US and Japan to initiate world war to chase US out of SK. The evil empire will face its days in such outcome after so many evil deeds accumulating in asia. One small country but had big say in the past might have to be careful to be eaten up with more than half population are non military trained to dive for bullets. Not enough hospitable beds when world war breaks up. Vote for a party to chase out these extras. In real war, every bullet kills. Where are the bullets come from? Remember netanyahu visited only recently. The event stands out on jerusalem s problem, which can never solve with Trump s stirring up.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous @ December 11, 2017 8:59 am:

"Rb, I think the issue is for the Arabs and Israel to settle. We in sg should not take side not forgetting that the Israelis are the one to first responded to help sg to built up our SAF when nobody would."

Stupidity has no cure. Got screwed by the Israelis, yet still don't know until today!

Anonymous said...

The Malaysian Armed Forces is prepared to head to the Middle East if its services are needed there following the US government’s recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital, Umno vice-president Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said today.


Anonymous said...

The US has violated a very serious principle in international relations, to recognise a part of a country as belonging to Israel that the UN has recognised as part of Palestine. This puts other small countries like Singapore at risk. The US can one day decide to recognise Pedra Branca as part of Malaysia.

Singapore as a rule of law country must stand up to defend this principle to protect its national interest. If not, next time if the US do it to Singapore, Singapore cannot protest or no one will be on Singapore's side.

Don't be stupid. This is not just about Israel and the US. It concerns all small countries.

Anonymous said...

"You Grow Up Wanting To Be Luke Skywalker, Then Realize You've Become A Stormtrooper For The Empire"

How do you Americans as a people walk around head held high, knowing that every few months your country is committing a 9/11 size atrocity to other people.
Imagine if the 9/11 terror attacks were happening in America every few months.
Again and again, innocent people dying all around you.
Your brothers and sisters. For no reason.

Daniel Crimmins from U.S. Army 3rd Infantry Division answered:


Rocket said...

Singapore PM and Ministers, who screamed about abiding by international laws on China's claim to island's in the South CHINA Sea, and standing on the side of UN Security Council's Resolutions on North Korea, MUST NOW be CONSISTENT in their stand. They cannot afford to be seen as weak in the face of the US not abiding by UN's Resolutions. There is no two ways or double standards. You waiver in your stand now, in future your words carry no meanings.

Anonymous said...

That is why Kim wanted to go nuclear. He is smarter than we give him credit for. He knows he cannot depend on Russia and China's backing forever.

And Saddam too, but they stopped him. Saddam did not have the backing of Russia and China. So he could not defy the evil empire. But the evil empire still doubted Saddam. And they invented the story that he was on the way to make WMD on the sly, which was untrue. Based on that they got rid of Saddam and control the oil.

I have the feeling that Israel was created to ensure the Middle East can never have peace and with that scenario, the evil empire can therefore step in when opportunities arrive. There are no Russian and Chinese factor to contend with. They dictate the rules.

North and South Korea are in the same situation as the middle east. The evil empire does not want peace on the Korean Peninsula, as otherwise how to justify their presence around the region to counter the Russian and Chinese influence. As it is, North and South Korea are still in a state of war, so the posturing and threats will continue so long as the evil empire still exists.

And the whole world awaits destruction sooner or later. Meanwhile the Arabs remained screwed. And so does the South Koreans.

Anonymous said...

Pentagon To Undergo First Ever Audit After Decades Of Sloppy Accounting And Missing Trillions


Do you think little USA should also follow?

Virgo 49 said...

Latest news, South Korea purchased how many billions of Arsenals from the U.S..

The U.S. is the Merchant of Death.

Stirring unrests so as to sell their Arsenals of Death.

Stupid Asians just kept believing in their propaganda and spent billions of their hard earned.MONIES on their Weapons of Death to kill one another.

Neglecting their own citizens needs and welfare.

Or it is these purchase of Arsenals are Secret and the Purchasers got hefty cuts???

After all, who knows the actual transactions??

They can under declared?

Anonymous said...

Little USA does not have to follow the Pentagon and undergo audit.

Why? Because they ownself audit ownself already. They are so upfront that they tell us no need to check. Their left hand can do the checking of the right hand.

In little USA only the opposition parties need to undergo audit. And the auditors must be agreeable to the powers that be. What this means you tell me lah!

Anonymous said...

Netanyahu said he expected all the EU countries to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

The white men are in cahoot to exploit the stupid Arab and Muslim countries but the latter would always believe that the white men are gods there to help and protect them.

Stupidity has no cure.

Anonymous said...

Singapore PM welcome Israel Netanyahu visit in 2016 should move Singapore embassy to Jerusalem, the Israel Capital. It will support US s policy. It is a matter of when to move. Expecting it to support UN resolution?

Anonymous said...

Own self declare own self innocent in parliament?

b said...

The elites want a war. A war that will reset the new world order. Humans will kill each other under their command. They are like sheep.

b said...

Humans must learn to love and respect one another in order to defeat them. Jerusalem can be split into two. One for Israel and one for palestine. No need to fight.

b said...

Its obvious. Isreal has always been a pseudostate of evil empire. To create mess so others buy more weapons from evil empire for defense. Its a money making scam.

The main strategy has always been 借刀杀人.

Anonymous said...

The next world war will more than reset the new world order. It will extinguish all living things and earth will be inhabitable for centuries.

How the dinosaurs disappeared is still subject to speculation. How did all the advanced civilisation, and who they are, that build the pyramids in Egypt, the temples in Peru and Bolivia, vanished leaving behind the mysteries of their sophisticated building technology. Building things that even modern science and technology could not figure out how it was done.

Is there a life cycle to all this, the end of one cycle of human existence due to an event and then begins again from square one. Are we nearing the end of one more cycle of human extinction in a war of all wars?

Anonymous said...

Knn (mr) hara kiri

17th train power supply switch off

Just chk uber (prices) this afternoon changi airport to home $100+ .......


Matland style?

Any equipment/ top up machine malfn/ cannot work just off power ss?


Yesterday heard many angmoh from chnagi neh port kpkb what first world cuntry subway system can just switch off like that?

Harakiri "BOELH"!!?

Unknown said...

The Port Authority Bus Terminal of New York City, the busiest bus terminal in the US, with more than 65 million commuters each year, has just been attacked by an alleged terrorist who has tied a bomb to his own body.

Anonymous said...

Hara kiri (a la matland) style quite JL ...?

Recently visited matland and was in a new mall getting some food in a new food court that use a new (CASHLESS) system (means got whatever currency or even gold also tak pakei or useless) ...

What happened next?

Luckily after buying a new top up card, topped up some $$$ in it, bought food and was eating, noticed the (cashless) system shortly after broke down and whole food court "paralysed" ... big crowd and queues were swarming the fdct info (cum cashier) counter (tsk tsk ... why choose cashless yet maintaining 2 cashier counters [1 main & 1 secondary] in the fdct???].

Apparently the entire fdct system was linked and noticed fdct admin staff going from one top up machine to another to turn off power supply. Heard the admin staff telling some patrons the (brand new) machines down le ..... (imagined the shock (& disgusted) look on patrons' faces ...)

Worst thing is all fdstalls were turning away customers (& orders) as the entire system was (apparently) linked ... (as the brand new system was "down" suddenly and intermittently) ...

Noticed many patrons were exasperated and many walked out in disgust ... (probably swearing in their hearts nvr to visit such a JLB managed fdct again ...?)

Some mins passed then suddenly the (new) system (after reset) working again (intermittently), then after that ..... alas broke down again (sounds familiar) matland aka harakiri style?

Break down just switch off power supply like the train system on last sunday (10 Dec) ... (probably not the last?)

Harakiri boleh ..... oops ... matland boleh ...

Virgo 49 said...

Those human beans who think that going Smart Nations by depending on what's auto robotics and what's computer generated control programmes are in for a shock.

Leaving everything to Fate instead of human instincts and Brains.

When some lapse or bug sets in, many would be paralysed and maimed.

Drive less cars will get many killed. Stalled in middle of express ways and big big monster trucks at 110 Kmh rammed into you.

Glitch and everything broke down and you are starved.

Anyway, human being too smart to kill their own kind.

Playing above Gods.

Anonymous said...

Virgo //Playing above Gods.//

The synonym for that is KN (Kiang [4th tone] Nang[2nd tone]) ...?

Driverless cars let harakiri and his kakis be the test passengers first and foremost ...?

Laogoa also can, test around GCB districts like Namly Ave, Clunny Rd, Jervois areas ...?

But the masses lives are cheap(skate)?

So harakiri chose 3 new estates in two0choochoo namely Punkgoa, Zhuloooong Linovation Thistreet, DengKah ...?

Why dun choose Orhak Rd, Rarefast Pl, MaLEEnah Boleeefart etc etc ...?

New citizens very precious but sinkies poor oldies like mice (cheapskate) guinea pigs?

Anonymous said...

Virgo 49 December 12, 2017 6:54 am
//Those human beans who think that going Smart Nations by depending on what's auto robotics and what's computer generated control programmes are in for a shock.//


U go matland so often, sounds like u hv been "shocked" many times aledi (by smart technology)?

Whole (brand new) fdct cashless payment system becum broke .... oops .... broke down .... cannot top up card, cannot order fd, totaLi "paralysed", both patrons and food stallholders/ workers dunno want to cry or laugh.....?

Thks to (modern armchair) Liders, CEOs & snr mgt (no nid like 1st gen old guards like gks, tcc etc go to ground to know what is happening ...)?

Just make decisions in front of keyboards aka keyboard warriors can liao?

Anonymous said...

@ Virgo49 6.54am

Actually the (totali cashless fd ct) saga din end there ...

After having the fd was so salty so noticed the cashless system recovered (temporaily) from the earlier paralysis ...

Went to drink stall order 3 cups fruit juice ...

Stall cashier ask for payment total RM24 ..... each cup RM8 ... but the store value card only remaining RM22 cos RM2 as deposit .....

Cashier said go top up ... ok lor ...

Another big "surprise" waiting ...

Went to a (brand new) top up machine but realised wallet only left big notes (RM100) ...

So went to change around but noboli got RM100 small change though need top up another RM2 to pay for the 3 fruit juice ...

Ai ya so decided just top up RM100 then later calim back refund lor ...

Went to another nearby (brand new) top up machine and insert RM100 ...

Alas, the incredulous thing happened ...

Normally if machine cannot accept the notes it will just eject or reject it but this (brand new) top up machine too "SMART" le ...

RM100 went in nvr come out or rejected but kena makan (ate) by the machine and to add insult to injury (to the pocket) they generated a receipt stating that balance same at RM22 but inserted RM100 notes kena makan. Need go cashier claim refund ...

Walked to cashier next ...

Wah piang ... big crowd aledi there swarming the counter ...

Apparently shortly after the momentarily recovery from the earlier paralysis of the entire fdct cashless system, it stalled again (like aqualand mrt frequent sudden paralysis) ...

Seeing the big crowd and super looooong q, decided to roam ard the mall to wait for the paralysed (brand new) fdct cashless system to recuperate, recover and resuscitate back to life again ...

Finally after abt 2 hrs later, managed to claim back total abt RM124 from the fdct cashier counter but not before made to run from one counter to the next cos apparently all the staff manning the counter din know what to do or even understand what happened saved one old lady who seemed to be doing the firefighting there (to resuscitate and stabilise the cashless system) ...

Harakiri driverless (SMART TECHNOLOGY) system (really) boleh ... oops should be .... matland boleh ...?

Anonymous said...

virgo49 December 12, 2017 9:02 am
//Round pegs in square holes.//

Aiyo uncle, Napoleon said dun (be so kongcum and) tell the JLB when they making (big) errors lah ...?

Won't it be good if more new citizens like harakiri, ganbucherry are appted?

And the ganbucherry Khawked up big time?