Xi Jinping, a man of his time

The leaders of China since 1949 had their roles cut out for them by history. The most difficult period was the unification of China and the driving out of foreign invaders that wanted to break up China as their respective colonies. During such turbulent times, a tough and strong leader with strong charismatic appeal in the form of Chairman Mao was necessary to bring about a new unified China and avoided disintegration. Chairman Mao was a leader of his time. Mao was an exceptional leader under very demanding conditions, the founding of a new nation rising from the ruins of historical forces.

When Deng Xiaoping took over the reign of China, his task was to rebuild China practically from scratch. Mao tried but with limited success in wanting to build a strong and self reliant China. Deng was a very brave and decisive man, to break away from doctrinal constraints and Mao’s ideological dominance and embarked on a new economic experiment, embracing the full force of capitalism and individual endeavour. Deng was instrumental in laying out the blue print and the foundation for rapid economic growth for China, breaking all rules as long as they worked.

Apart from opening up China to the world, Deng was best remembered for China to be patient, to bid its time, and plunged head on into economic development at all cost, even to ‘swallow bitter pill’, to stay away from major conflict whenever possible. Under his policy of rebuilding and reconstruction, learning everything from the world, China also had to suffer humiliation in silence by not fighting back in many occasions.

The two immediate successors to Deng, in Jiang Zeming and Hu Jintao were dedicated leaders/administrators to continue Deng’s work diligently, and yes, also taking a low profile, avoiding the limelight, avoiding playing an active role in world affairs. The works of Jiang and Hu saw China going through a carefully planned economy nation wide and the rise of China as an economically successful model of development. China moved from an underdeveloped nation state into a highly developed and industrialized country. The quality of life of its people and their economic well being took centre stage. During this period China successfully eradicated poverty country wide. The people were well fed and the country becoming more self sufficient in every field of economy and enterprise. China has arrived as a newly industrialized and rich nation.

Xi Jinping inherited a China that is very different from that of Mao and Deng. The efforts of Jiang and Hu as great disciples of Deng Xiaoping and dutifully executed his plans for China have bore great results. The basic problems of poverty, survival, a disunited country, were no longer problems to Xi. Xi Jinping would have to take China forward, to carve out a new role for this new China.

Xi Jinping is in uncharted territory. Just to continue economic growth like Jiang and Hu would not be good enough. He would have to show that he could stamp his own mark as a worthy leader of a new China. The rapid expansion of China’s economic development also brought about different sets of domestic problems with corruption being a troubling task for Xi to tackle. Xi’s performance in domestic policies has been commendable. While the country’s economy is steaming ahead, Xi has chosen to take China forward as a world leader. It is this new international role for China that puts Xi apart from his predecessors.

Stepping into the international arena would put Xi in direct conflict with the major world powers, particularly the USA. There would also be opposition from the pro American camp. These forces would stand in the way of Xi as was proven in the launching of the AIIB and the BRI but would not stop him in his pursuit for a greater China.

Under Xi’s leadership, China would take the initiative in world affairs. China is not going to ‘swallow bitter pills’ anymore. Deng’s policy is passé and a new course and direction are taking shape. China would assume its rightful place as a respectable world power in the international community. And there were many opportunities for Xi to stand firm, to hold his ground and make his mark.

The American provocations in the South China Sea put Xi to his first test. This was followed by the rising tension in the Korean peninsula, climate change, free trade, border disputes etc etc. The China of Xi Jinping is a world power with a bigger role and responsibility as expected by the nations of the world.

The deployment of the PLA in peacekeeping role in support of the UN missions, in protecting Chinese nationals overseas, and the setting up of military bases in Africa and the South China Sea are the manifestations of a China emerging from its past shadow as an active participant in international affairs, to play a part in keeping the world peaceful and safe. China is not only an economic powerhouse but also a responsible military power and would exercise its power if called upon, responsibly.

This is a new moment for China and a calling for a new kind of leadership in the likes of Xi Jinping, a world leader, not just the President of China. The geopolitical forces need an international statesman. The world is the new stage for China and Xi Jinping, the President of China, the man with a new calling.


Virgo49 said...

China, now 2017.

In 2050, Going to be World's Number One.

Little Red Dot, Sinkieland now 1949. Overran by Foreign Colonists.

Where is our Chairman Mao??

Where is the RED Guards? ??

SDP, also RED. Where is your Mao??

Help us to liberate.

Tolong, tolong, already too long.

Anonymous said...

Xi Jing Ping is called Chairman Xi ( or 习主席 or 习同志) but never called President Xi or 习总统 。 It will be an insult to the PRC as their leader r really the people's leader unlike Sinkieland or UaSsh..

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Xi has many titles, President, General Secretary of CCP, Chairman of Military Commission, but not yet Chairman Xi. They are trying to elevate him to this position that was held by Chairman Mao. Maybe after this 19th Party Congress.

Anonymous said...

Very simple. Xi is called Bro Xi becos 'All Men R Brothers' in the Chinese Legendary Stories 水浒传, but then Xi is no outlaw therefore 习同志 is more appropriate, like 邓小平同志, in not correct China PRC leader is never called a President, as it mean Capitalism like the Western Democracy...but they will never called the leader as Emperor or King or even Natural Alice2cats like Dick-tator Long who said he heard his dad speaking in his head to press on ...what a shame to use the dead man again ...

Anonymous said...

Why is Xi Jing Ping irked by Lee Hsien Loong ?

According to Associated Press, in a visit to the White House in April 2013, Lee met with President Barack Obama, and spoke about the challenges facing China as it emerges from its once-in-a-decade leadership transition, and on the need for the two global powers, the U.S. and China, to get along.

Lee said China, which remains cautious about political reform, looks at his prosperous city-state to try to understand how to balance its economic and social goals as it develops.

With a little deprecation, Lee described Singapore as a "tiny bonsai model" for China to learn from.

Now in 2017, Lee has to tell Sinkies to follow China in cashless payments !

Anonymous said...

A cock saying a majestic eagle should learn from him how to catch chicks!

笑死人 ! (Laugh die people!)

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

China s success on building and high speed rail has not learned from sinkieland. Instead, building tunnels for mrt here invited china s technology. If Obama is that naive, will be US president?
It was the wrong attitude of a small country trying to bluff US that China worked on modeling a small country. This is not true. US has built high ways long ago. China built high ways by modelling on sinkieland?

By saying a small country could teach a high tech country with substantial technology transfer is plain bluff. The big countries like US and China s leaders know it well. These people deal with cities and provinces. 1 city is bigger than that small nation in size. Obama was a senator, he knew that was called china s development.

This small nation pm is rendered isolated by the chinese. Now the chinese use HK to take this small nation in Asean. In 2025, the loads in Malacca port start to go full capacity, that Psa port will be only dealing with US cargo in south east asia. HK will take big loads of financial services and IPO when chinese projects take off in rail building.

This small country s pm if still sitting there in 2025, he will be yawning par hor sin, HK called pak wu ying.

virgo49 said...

Latest news loony Loong said don't force us to take side with USA or China.

Who the Hell asking you to take side??

You you self took side.

When did Rajaranatnam take side as Foreign minister for as long as we remember.

GKS pragmatic man with the Pioneer Leaders.

We must be neutral and grow.

You want to punch above your weight.

All these stupid what's BGs, MGs and LG s- Life Good thinks that little red dot very the powerful with NS soldiers.

Little Dot with pee sai nee kar pengs and so many Generals who shit and pee when the bullet whizzed above their heads want to pick a fight.

Like Durte said We be Massacred.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Just deleted a silly comment by the same commentator that wrote rubbish here. In his view China is going to implode because banks are all filled with bad debts or China is burdened with debt.

He did not care a bit about the $20 trillion debt of the US and owing China $4 trillion, which is China's reserves while the American reserves is just printing paper money.

Would China be bothered by the so called pressure from US and India? What a joke.

No need to waste too much time exposing his nonsense.

What does he know about the relationship between Russia, China and NK?

Anonymous said...

Does China really care if Red Dot chose to be on the side of the US? What is a red dot? To blockage Chinese ships in the Straits of Malacca or not to invest in China and China would be short of cash?

Anonymous said...

China has been collapsing for the last 30 years. Just like the end of the world every year. That is what we were told by the Western media. Did China ever said anything about the collapse of the US with their astronomical debts, not internal but all over the world?

You sometimes wonder who really believes all those nonsensical forecast.

agongkia said...

Glad to see so many singing praises for China's leaders.
Indeed PRC is no longer what it was in the past.
Do encourage your kins to learn Mandarin ,Chinese cultures and pay a visit to see how advance it is.

We should build a good relationship with all ,poor or rich ,third world or first world ,but China is one that is capable of changing our fate.
Our future,progress and survival depend on our relationship with her.

Kaypoh Investigator said...

Another sit-in silent protest is set to be held in Hong Lim Park on 4 November (Saturday) in light of the recent major service disruption in the train system at North South Line on 7 October (Saturday) and breakdown at Downtown Line on last Sunday.

Anonymous said...

The West has hardly made a correct political forecast for China over the past 30 years. Almost all predictions they made were wrong, such as China would follow the same path after the collapse of the Soviet Union; Hong Kong's prosperity would be gone forever after its return to the motherland; China would collapse after joining the WTO. In a word, the China collapse theory fell apart.

Western media can never overcome its bias about China. It obsesses over China's negative side when reporting on the country, and ignore their professional ethical codes.

A German sinologist said when he wanted to publish reviews in major German newspapers about his compilation of a collection of Chinese essays, the editors told him that German readers were only interested in the works of Chinese dissidents, nothing else. Those in West that hold prejudices against China are like the frog in the well.

Anonymous said...

Singapore's leaders blatant antagonistic approach towards China and the Chinese people, both local and international, on the one hand, and obvious pro-US, pro-India and pro-Japan stands, will not be able to deveive anyone that Singapore is on good terms with China.

Even your own local Chinese Majority of 75% of the population, are being sidelined to make way for so many Indians to hold key and important positions in government.

And the recent deliberate move to make an Indian-Muslim woman to rob the genuine Malays of the Presidency that is reserved for them, is a very obvious indication of pro-India stance.

China will not be that stupid to trust the hypocrisy of Singapore leaders now or for the next ten years.

Anonymous said...

With due respect to Xi, he will be one of the great man of this century in terms of China economic, socio - defense policies.
In contrast, Sinkieland's Ah Long world's standing will decline & everyone in this world knows bout Long 's hypocrisy & how he treat his people, history will tell that this man betrays his own people due to his open leg policies...

Anonymous said...

Rb, u made the right decision to delete the asshole comment as he does not know what he was posting. I first visited China in 1993. China was very very poor 24 years ago. Beijing was full of bicycles and hardly any cars. So is Shanghai. But today don't think u can find anymore bicycles so in just 24 years China has changed beyond recognition. I visit Vietnam too first time in 1993. Though the country has progressed it moves from bicycle to only mainly motorbikes. The two main airports in Hanoi and Saigon are still the same with Saigon added a new terminal. But China is different with new airport in all major cities. It's almost unbelievable in term of progression. Now if you do not know Chinese language well, you can't even land a job with even western banks!

So it sadden me that our government is hostile towards China. They still think China was in early 1990 where they send their people here to learn. Sg started the first international industrial park in China. But China now build their own industrial Parks plus in many countries. We are just a country pushing papers around and we don't really build anything. So if still want to be cocky, sure die soon into irrelevant. There are only so many more people we can import and live in the property bubbles but when finally burst as its not sustainable, it will be very jialat for sinkies.

Anonymous said...

True .you read pinky interview before going to US.still the old thinking in world view as rb stupid no cure

Virgo49 said...

Pinky Loong said the next PM is in the Cabinet. It's be a while. Wah, so cock sure they ruled forever.

Will be be Indra Pura or Ah Sengpore.

Now loved Indian Curry so much.

Or Ah Sent as seat warmer for third Generation like Kim JongUN.

Think the Black Ants impatient for Power.

That's shinny Head with Htachet Man and sissy kuai may have a Coup.

Sinkieland is doomed.

patriot said...

Comrade Xi Jinping
is humble and firm.
He is not in politic
for the Money.

In fact,
he told those looking
for money, not to go
into politic.

Xi Jinping is great
for his humility and
humanities. The Greatest
Virtue of any man, is the
ability to uphold propriety.

Comrade Xi Jinping
deserves the Greatest Respect.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

To understand China objectively, view this video of a talk by Professor Martin Jacques in the Eminent Speakers series in Singapore.


Anonymous said...

RB: What does he know about the relationship between Russia, China and NK?

RB said in some post that China will fight with North Korea hand in hand. What more about Russia with China? and with North Korea?

That guy expressed his ideas, and was deleted. How about RB s own opinion about what that guy does not know.

RB s opinion is just creating excitement in his own brain. Is that the real world functioning day and night between North Korea and China? And Russia? Readers better think. 300% China public debt is not a concern, then what is a concern worth talking about modern china? Empty buildings in china? Chinese call ghost towns.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I know you are that guy.
You and the Americans presumed that the Chinese leaders, Russian and NK were all fools and would allow the Americans to pull the strings to make them fight each other to destroy themselves while the Americans enjoy watching by the sides.

The official enemies of the Americans are the Russians, NK and Chinese. And these would not change for a long time to come. And the Americans are doing everything they could, daily, everywhere, to undermine these countries.

Are they so stupid not to know what is the American's agenda? They are just playing along with the Americans to let the Americans think they are stupid and would go and kill each other.

Now what is your agenda?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

What is real or fake in China can be observed by what China is doing, just like in Singapore, what is real or fake can be seen by what the govt is doing. In Singapore, the way the govt is frantically raising taxes and trying to keep the CPF savings from the people for as long as they could tells a very clear story of the finances of the govt.

If China is so worried about its debt, would it have the money, the billions and hundreds of billions to throw at the AIIB, BRIC Bank, at BRI, in Africa, and all over Asia? Look at what they are buying or building in Malaysia would tell you China has more money than you can think of.

China going to go broke? Look at the investments in Greece, in Pakistan, in Sri Lanka, Myanmar etc etc. Where are the money coming from? Fake money, no money?

Look at what is happening to the American economy, the European economies, all waiting to go bust, all running out of money. Those are the real problems, the countries in crisis.

There are many anti China sites posting fake news against China. This blog is to offer an alternative view about China and would not be allowed to be turned into another fake news site against China.

If you want to propagate your anti China hate news, you can go to all the anti China sites and post to your heart's contend. They would welcome you with open arms.

Anonymous said...

CCTV Huayu Qiao/话语桥, Yuanfengdejia/远方的家,
zhongguo shizidahui/中
国诗词大会 and many other
documentaries are gateways to understand
China and Chinese Culture.
The Philosophy of Chinese
Culture and Tradition are profound and complex due to its long history and components of the Many Ethnicities with diverse
cultures and religions.

Most programmes are available at Youtube, including documentaries
on the political, technology and social developments in China.

Anonymous said...

12:23pm and 1:19pm
Agenda? RB thot someone has an agenda for alerting China has high debt, RB went on to explain in 1:19pm that China has plenty to spend and readers should not consider its debts as a concern.

That guy used concern and RB came out to defend China without presenting a figure.

The world used by IMF to describe China s debts raising to 290% of GDP as DANGEROUS.

IMF is a propaganda agency to discredit China and so RB?

15 Auguest 17 Financial times

Title: IMF warns China over ‘dangerous’ levels of debt

Readers should use their brains. FT and IMF used figures to talk while RB does not. Any reader would have known about this IMF news long ago.

Virgo49 said...

IMF - I M Finished!

That's what is IMF.

You believe 100% they reported? ?

Who are the Collaborators and the People in the I M Finished? ?

Mostly, the Whites and their Kinds.

You think they know better than the Governments who run their own Countries? ?

Mahatahir DONT even seek IMF's help during the Asian Financial Crisis.

Those countries that seek their help are been in debts to them.

Anonymous said...

What IMF? In IMF, a little country like Belgium has more voting rights than China and the US has veto rights against all decisions. And the head of IMF is being rotated by Europe and the USA. The point today is that the IMF has no more money to lend. Yes, yes, I M Finished.

Anonymous said...

4:50pm and 5:05pm

Writing on blog needs to have convincing power. U way of attacking IMF being white, saying a small country has more voting right, will not change the fact that China govt owe debts 290% GDP is considered safe and sound with its own economy.

This is ALL about financial strength. Ask yourself, do you borrow money if your pocket is deep when you buy condos and landed?
If you borrow 300% of your annual total salary to buy condos, u will be suffering like going every day to eat at cheap foods centers. 1 year earn $100k, but loans to pay per year is $300k. U can eat at restaurant and food court every day?

That is IMF talking about China. Use your left brain to think about this problem of China s debt is 300% of GDP.

Debts must be paid when due. So cash flows must be ready or the debts deadlines will be missed.

Brushing aside these deadlines and assuming all can meet is your own thinking. No one will dispute with you because u dont have any idea on how they are going to pay. The problem is the debt is too high against the GDP ie the income of China. It is not 60% like Malaysia or other countries, they can easily find money to meet deadlines. For singapore, the debt is 111%, do you find your CPF keep going backward not paying fast enough? That is because the pink shirt guy can change the rule to pay cpf as he wishes. But bonds deadlines are not so simple.

IMF financial experts may be white or chinese, they are not purposely reporting badly about China. U both are not independent and objective minded.

Where is RB who said China can spend and spend, with so many banks he named them, and will have financial payment no problem? Is he going to support with evidence that IMF was wrong to pin point China is at dangerous level in debt?

What is RB s own agenda to say China is financially sound? Where can he prove that point he believed China is safe while IMF said China is dangerous? U two both points are not useful at all.

Virgo49 said...

Nowadays, so called educated yuppies are so taken in by bait,line, hook and sinker and simply believe and swallowed what's so called Prestigious Newspapers or Articles as written by so called Elites in their hai kow yew stories.

That's why they always lamented that the young tak see chea [smart only in studies like parrots) and not enterprising at all.

Unlike the Pioneer and old generations who are street smart and enterprising even though they are not highly literate.

I don't use the word educated as literate does not means you are educated.

Educated beans are on a higher plane of species not simply just literate and believe whatsoever the scumbags wrote with their prestigious fake titles to deceive the unthinking.

They have also their hidden Agenda.

Anonymous said...

On financial system, Redbean, Sir I think you are too biased for China.
Most Chinese people once liberated like to do business, gamble & speculate. Its probably in their blood.
So the modern financial system in China at this point is fragile and dangerous, though the nation, its economy & the people have achieved incredible progress and success in the past 30 years. Xi is also a visionary, powerful leader.

But markets & financial system have confounded many brilliant minds. Please investigate history of speculation like Tulip maniac, and many others, where even great mind like Newton lost his shirt. China in past history has its own.

China current financial system with a debt to GDP ratio of nearly 300%, and where banks have lots of debts/loans made based on relationships with very low reported bad debt ratio is actually highly dangerous.
Coupled with the over-confidence in high savings, households actively speculating in properties, a big accident is just waiting to happen.

This kind of fragile system can be covered up for a long time. However, when it becomes opened and transparent it will implode. China is now seriously opening up its financial markets. So the trigger will come.
The system will not crack if economic growth is maintained say above 3% to 5%.
However, once the major infrastructure spending are incurred, the game maybe over.
Though it will remain a very major power.

What happened to Japan; its spectacular growth & influence from 1960 to 1990, and its financial system implosion from 1990 onward, will be instructional for China.

Generally China will be even a bigger Japan.
1990 to 2017...Spectacular growth.
201...to 202...Financial implosion.

Timing is almost everything.
There is a season for everything under the sun.

Btw USA dose not have this problem as long as the US Dollar is the global currency. That is a separate topic.

Anonymous said...

Important point: Domestic debt of a sovereign country actually need not be paid back to domestic holders. There are direct & indirect ways to avoid paying.
By implosion I mean insolvency due to drying up of liquidity which over speculation will always bring about. Like Newton Law of action & reaction. To much excess liquidity (over-confidence) will bring about too little liquidity (fear) in due time. This is God ordained nature's law, in my limited observation & study of human markets' history.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.32, no need to sweat the small stuff.

The truth will surface in the next 20 or 30 years. Just watch and see which economy will implode, the USA or China. Then one of you can stand up on the rostrum and said, I told you so.

In the meantime, what you know, what RB knows, what is real, is waiting to be proven.

You think you are so clever, so right?

Anonymous said...

Us hides its real debt, it is worst than Greece.

Anonymous said...

The US national debt is twenty times higher than is officially reported, approaching $222 trillion, and today's children could soon be paying their parent's debts, reputed American economist Laurence Kotlikoff told RT. TRANSCRIPT of the interview: http://on.rt.com/81u1ac RT LIVE http://rt.com/on-air Subscribe to RT!