Paddock killed 59, how many North Koreans is Trump going to kill?

Everyone is screaming foul when Paddock killed 59 innocent people attending a concert. No one bother to ask how many innocent Arabs have been killed by George Bush and Obama. And no one is going to ask how many innocent North Korean farmers, mothers and babies Trump is threatening to kill. I want to ask Trump about his bragging to kill 50m North Koreans, how sick is this man?

Trump is reported in thenewpaper to have said this, Paddock is ‘a sick man, a demented man’…We are looking into him very, very seriously, but we’re dealing with a very, very sick individual.’

The paper also said, ‘What sort of monster would arm himself to the teeth and strafe thousands of concert revellers with countless bullets from his sniper’s nest in his high rise hotel room?’ Would the paper ask, what sort of evil people or country would arm itself to the teeth and threaten to nuke a country with nuclear weapons? What sort of sick country would carpet bomb a country like Vietnam, killing everyone that is alive, indiscriminately? What sort of sick country would kill hundreds of thousands of Arabs and simply called it ‘collateral damages’?

Compare Paddock to the country called USA or the Presidents in the White that ordered the killings of hundreds of thousands and maybe millions, Paddock is an innocent child playing with his small toys. The real evil ones are playing with WMDs and killing hundreds of thousands and now Trump proudly claimed he is going to kill millions of North Koreans.

Anyone feel disgusted? Any American with a little conscience would cry out loud that Trump is going to commit a heinous crime against humanity?

America, you know what is hypocrisy? Do you know how many lives are there in 50m? 

It is 50,000,000 not 59. Get that?


Anonymous said...

Hypocrites are the first to cry foul when others commit killings, human rights violations, currency manipulations, nuclear proliferations etc while they think they have God's given rights to do all these things.

Well, Satan will never admit he is wicked. He preaches evil and tells others that he is the opposite.

Anonymous said...

America, you know what is hypocrisy?

Aiya, of course America knows lah.

But so what if America is a hypocrite? U want or dare to be another Paddock?

So what if PAP screw Sinkies hard hard? U want or dare to be another Chee Soon Juan?

Anonymous said...

U want or dare to be another Paddock?
9:09 am

Aiyo, even if a Sinkie dare or want to be another Paddock, how or where is he/she going to get the guns, let alone automatic ones that can fire hundreds of rounds with just one squeeze of the trigger?

And even if a Sinkie is willing to be another Chee Soon Juan, how many Sinkies is willing to vote for him, let alone make him win an election, or even by election?

Just look at Tan Cheng Bock.

He dare to challenge PAP all the way to be President and can even win votes from Sinkies in last PE, but PAP can always disqualify him so easily. Sinkies can kpkb, Cheng Bock can kpkb, but of what use, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

Sinkies can kpkb, Cheng Bock can kpkb, but of what use, u tell me lah?
9:19 am

Tiok. No use.

And PAP knows that Sinkies cannot do anything other than kpkb, emigrate, or seek political asylum in US like our boy hero Amos. But how many Amos are there among Sinkie teenagers?

Even Hsien Loong's own siblings also cannot do anything other than kpkb and emigrate, so what more Sinkies who are lesser mortals?

Anonymous said...

He dare to challenge PAP all the way to be President...
9:19 am

In this aspect, Cheng Bock is brave like Chee Soon Juan, but he is also stupid like Chee Soon Juan.

And I don't want to elect stupid Sinkies to be President or even as MP.

Anonymous said...

0909 am and 0919 am are the same person. You can check all the past comments and you get the same pattern. The fisrt comment will vomit something from his gutters, not brain, and the second will affirm the first comment's vomit's smell within the next 10 mins. RB can check the two IP Addresses in your records to see if the are the same person. Do all of us a favour please.

Anonymous said...

Tiok, Sinkies cannot do anything.

You think 'lui kong' can or not?

Anonymous said...

No need to waste uncle's time lah. These type of people always hide in the dark, so shameful of what they are doing. Everyone knows one.

Anonymous said...

Teen charged in court after e-scooter crash led middle aged woman to suffer coma, mini-strokes and brain surgeries


Paddock killed 59 in USA.

How many Singaporeans killed or injured by PAP allowing e-scooters to share pavement with pedestrians?

Anonymous said...

According to the movie "Damian" the Evil one was born in a protected family of which the father was very rich and owned a successful corporation. The son had the mark of 666, etc etc. Trump, according to Christian prophecy has all the signs of the Evil One. The most significant one is his own unguarded admission that he screwed many married women and has no qualms in grabing a woman's vagina. The next significant sign is his use of the mother of all bombs to saturate a Syrian airfield based on trumped up evidence that Syria govt used chemical weapons, which was actually caused by US military aircraft bombing a factory in ISIS held territiry.

Anonymous said...

Rb North Korea population is 25 million not 50 million.

Anonymous said...

Interesting picture of the Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock


Anonymous said...

Hello 9:40 am,

Whether vomit, gutter or what not, is not for u to say lah.

It's not your blog, u kpkb and kaypoh for what?

If RB think it is so, he will of course delete it lah, and which he had done before.

So know your place before u comment. Or else u will sound and smell like vomit also.

Anonymous said...

CIA reported (CNA) NK is "very rational". Padock was "demented" according to one rational man who promised to wipe out more than 25 millions population. Prior to the shooting Padock was well respected because he had deep pocket. NK are no class under Goldman suck rating. The are the problems. If readers read korea news, usa news sites, uk news sites, there bound to be reports written on "NK is problem" to usa in assumption. In reality, NK has been struggling to defend its very own survival in order not to be wiped off from world map. Gaddafi, Sadum tried to obey usa s terms to give up wmd, they ended up dead, with all their own families and their people facing death by western bombing.

If NK obey china and usa and russia s plan to denuclearize NK, the fate is likely to be worst than sadum gadaffi combined. That could be the reason why cia said NK was rational.

NK by the same logic should invent far potent weapons than H bomb to deter USA and Japan from mass killing with bombardment. There is no doubt about this fate if NK shows sign of weakening. This fate is coming: china shut down NK joint ventures, and all businesses to strangle NK. NK s dependency on Russia s oil and foods supply will be increasing. Putin had spoken to Abe about direct rail way linking NK to Russia. Therefore, china and russia s strategic partnership will face uncertainty when war breaks out in NK. This is what usa people are hoping to see.

UK papers had reports that Trump and Abe is teaming up and both agreed talk with NK was "meaningless". NK will have to strike when invaded. The likely target is obvious. Hope is not on Abe. But the Party of Hope leads by Koike. If Abe is the winner, then, NK s bomb might land at Japan after so many aiming and dried runs. Trump is not concerned about japanese s safety. But its own fleets might be hit.

With Trump stirring up the expectation, SK has to join in the fight with NK. The war is inevitable when china is doing the push from behind, by stopping supplies to NK which is a major trading partner, in order to keep as a major trading partner with US.

If there is NK war, it will be decisive one because cia said NK is "very rational". It means NK will use H bomb nuclear bombs on Jpan, and the usa fleets. Hopefully chinese stay away from further sanctions in UN. Otherwise, NK can be on "final decisive war".
No chinese will have good laugh with NK as border country.

Anonymous said...

RB can check the two IP Addresses in your records to see if the are the same person.
9:40 am

Even same so what? U can know the identity? Or u can order the ISP to reveal the identity?

I think what matters to RB is whether the comments make sense or is acceptable or not, and delete it if it is not, and not waste time doing useless things like checking IP Addresses as per your stupid suggestion.

By the way, the so called vomit that u mentioned is still there.

agongkia said...

Many do not know that attending concert carry a high risk ,especially those organise by religious group.
Last time my meimei likes to attend concert organise by a scantily dress horse face singer .
Help to contribute idea to prevent loss of life instead of crying over spilt milk.

patriot said...

Donald Trump is on his crusade to fulfill the Wish of his almighty.

He is a pious man like
our Minister Khaw.


patriot said...

Donald Trump is on his crusade to fulfill the Wish of his almighty.

He is a pious man like
our Minister Khaw.


Anonymous said...

Interesting picture of the Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock
October 05, 2017 10:39 am

Looks like he mental masturbated until his head exploded.

Anonymous said...

Uber driver died after feeling unwell while driving, held 2 jobs, worked till 1am daily


How many elderly Singaporeans have died from overwork in PAP's economy?

Anonymous said...

More and more Paddocks are on the rise in USA. This called KARMA or RETRIBUTION!

The USA's governments, even 0before they became united states and before they declared independence from UK, have always been killing, slaughtering, raping, abducting, robbing and murdering millions of powerless and defenceless indigenous peoples all over the world. The use of the Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki killing and maiming millions of innocent Japanese civilians , women and children, should always be at the back of everyone's mind to remind us how dastardly and evilly cruel, ruthless , despicable and heinous the leaders of USA actually have been and still are.

USA is nothing but a EVIL EMPIRE! Period.

Anonymous said...

How much are the NK companies making in China? China can closed them and write NK a blank cheque for a few hundred millions to keep NK going. Sup sup suey.

The Americans think they could incite a break in Sino NK relations? The Americans think the Chinese and Russians are fools. Who is the real stupid one?

Who is more impt to China, NK or USA?

Who is trying to destroy China, NK or USA?

Who is threatening China in the SCS? NK or USA?

Who is treating China as an enemy? NK or USA?

Virgo49 said...

Rex Tilerson -Secretary of State called DT a MORON.

Flately denied by everyone who wants to keep their positions.

MOT, Tilerson will hand in letter.

America is now the beginning of getting their Just Desserts.

Years of killing and sabo Others.

Virgo49 said...

Americans just love vigils.

Americans just loved to be called Heros.

After each mass slaughter of others or their own kind, they will put flowers and candles on the sites of killings.

Flowers shops must have made millions.

Each day on CNN, Fox, they will praised the Heros who survived and the Policemen and soldiers who went there putting on a wayang fully armed to the teeth whereas the killer is already dead and acted like Real Heros.

What hypocrities. Just loved to be warriors and Patriots to kill and kick weaker opponents butts.

Sigh White Creatures

Anonymous said...

Rex Tilerson -Secretary of State called DT a MORON.
October 05, 2017 3:29 pm

Is this why Singaporeans pay our PAP Ministers million dollar salaries?
So that they will not call Ah Loong a MORON.

Anonymous said...

Reuters 4 Oct 17:
US report said Russia is playing double game. In reality is: NK is communist state and Russia is also communists. Kim JU s grand father joined China Mao s Lin Piow forces to fight KMT at south of guangdong. But new chinese leaders are no keen to see Kim JU getting strong. Rumored that chinese wanted the dead brother to take over. If that was the plan, everyone including the NK communists knew what chinese were doing. Putin is a smart communist. Supporting Kim might give him control on china in future and 1 more friend against the US forces, that team up with Nato at Russian borders.

Russia s help for NK will push the resource hungry Kim into partnership with Russia in future. There is no doubt as Kim s still very young.

"A Russian company began routing North Korean internet traffic this month, giving Pyongyang a second connection with the outside world besides China.

Bilateral trade more than doubled to $31.4 million in the first quarter of 2017, due mainly to what Moscow said was higher oil product exports, according to Russia’s ministry for the development of the Far East.

At least eight North Korean ships that left Russia with fuel cargoes this year have returned home despite officially declaring other destinations, a ploy U.S. officials say is often used to undermine sanctions against Pyongyang. "

Anonymous said...

Is it true that Tilerson called DT a moron? I think Tilerson must be frustrated with DT's crazy behaviour and is having a tough time explaining flip flop policies and pacifying allies and 'potential' friends and enemies alike.

If it is true, looks like another resignation is on the cards. Tilerson can deny all he wants, but remember the saying 'there is no smoke without fire'.

Not that surprising considering the number of aides already sick and tired of being in his administration and have resigned.

Anonymous said...

Why so many Pinoys - over 200 alumni of 24 Philippine schools - in Singapore to play badminton? Why can't they play in their own country? What's the PAP game plan ?

24 PHL universities compete in Singapore badminton cup


Anonymous said...

Why so many Pinoys - over 200 alumni of 24 Philippine schools - in Singapore to play badminton?
October 05, 2017 9:15 pm

Must be because it will create more good jobs for our young Singaporeans lah.
PAP right?
With you.
For you.
For Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Fukushima Operator Given Green Light To Restart Nuclear Reactors

For a minute I mistakenly thought the headline read "Ng Yat Chung given green light to continue his corporate career."

Of course I was wrong in what I thought the headline said.

b said...

Only Putin and Xi can stop Kim. They will save the world from brink of ww3. They will later be joined by Trump. The three of them will set the new world order.

b said...

Orwell three super states in the making.

b said...

Will be like singtel, starhub and m1.